2019-03-16 Wayne DavisonUpdate args for cmp_time(). master
2019-01-15 Wayne DavisonFix a comment.
2018-01-28 Wayne DavisonThe patches for 3.1.3. v3.1.3
2018-01-15 Wayne DavisonLatest patches.
2016-10-15 Wayne DavisonAnother patch update.
2016-10-15 Wayne DavisonUpdated to apply to the latest source.
2015-12-21 Wayne DavisonThe patches for 3.1.2. v3.1.2
2015-09-21 Wayne DavisonAdding ssh -4/-6 option heuristic.
2015-08-08 Wayne DavisonThe patches for 3.1.2pre1. v3.1.2pre1
2015-05-01 Wayne DavisonUpdating patches.
2015-05-01 Wayne DavisonAdding kerberos auth for a daemon.
2014-07-31 Wayne DavisonFix make install-strip.
2014-06-22 Wayne DavisonThe patches for 3.1.1. v3.1.1
2014-05-26 Wayne DavisonThe patches for 3.1.1pre2. v3.1.1pre2
2014-04-19 Wayne DavisonMake patches apply cleanly.
2014-04-13 Wayne DavisonAdd back missing check of DEL_NO_DELETIONS flag.
2014-02-24 Wayne DavisonFix param sorting.
2014-01-27 Wayne DavisonThe generator needs to be connected if the receiver...
2014-01-26 Wayne DavisonDave Taht's anti-congestion patch.
2014-01-26 Wayne DavisonThe patches for 3.1.1pre1.
2014-01-23 Wayne DavisonImprove SQLite support by unifying DB updating.
2013-11-25 Wayne DavisonMigrated xattr-read chunking code into main tree.
2013-10-27 Wayne DavisonFix some build and test issues.
2013-09-29 Wayne DavisonThe patches for 3.1.0.
2013-07-28 Wayne DavisonThe patches for 3.1.0pre1. v3.1.0pre1
2013-07-28 Wayne DavisonGet rid of the old support/rsyncdb perl script.
2013-07-20 Wayne DavisonTweak table-create SQL and fetch_mysql().
2013-07-17 Wayne DavisonWork around (kluge) a sqlite crash when cleaning in...
2013-07-12 Wayne DavisonLets use varchar(128) instead of 256.
2013-07-12 Wayne DavisonFix recent bugs in mysql code.
2013-07-11 Wayne DavisonSupport rollback; disconnect sooner; retry sqlite check...
2013-07-09 Wayne DavisonA few more sqlite fixes.
2013-07-02 Wayne DavisonA few more fixes:
2013-07-02 Wayne DavisonLots of DB improvements and fixes:
2013-06-24 Wayne DavisonImprove sqlite locked-db handling.
2013-06-24 Wayne DavisonMisc improvements:
2013-06-16 Wayne DavisonChange dir-making routine in handle_partial_dir().
2013-06-16 Wayne DavisonAdding Dag's direct-IO patch.
2013-06-12 Wayne DavisonThe sum_as_hex() function is now in the main code.
2013-06-12 Wayne DavisonCreate C version of rsyncdb (maintenance) program.
2013-06-09 Wayne DavisonLots of improvements:
2013-06-02 Wayne DavisonNew hashdir layout and simplified updating logic.
2013-06-02 Wayne DavisonFix compilation issues and general update.
2012-09-23 Wayne DavisonFix manpage typo & Updated to apply cleanly.
2012-01-28 Wayne DavisonApplied to the main code as option --outbuf=N|L|B.
2011-12-16 Wayne DavisonSome more changes inspired by Chris Dunlap's work.
2011-12-12 Wayne DavisonFix a buffer overflow and unify sum hexification code.
2011-10-08 Wayne DavisonUpdated to apply cleanly.
2011-08-01 Wayne DavisonAvoid bogus handling of UNREAD_DATA return.
2011-07-04 Wayne DavisonFix hfs_receiver_check() on a relative path.
2011-06-25 Wayne DavisonUpdated to fix a couple compile errors and to apply...
2011-04-09 Wayne DavisonOptimize transliterate logic a bit.
2011-04-09 Wayne DavisonMaking backup-dir-dels depend on backup-deleted.
2011-04-09 Wayne DavisonAdding backup-deleted patch adapted from bug 7889
2011-04-09 Wayne DavisonAvoid useless newline tweaking.
2011-04-05 Wayne DavisonUpdated to apply cleanly.
2011-04-05 Wayne DavisonApplied preallocate patch to the trunk.
2011-03-26 Wayne DavisonMore OS X patch tweaks.
2011-03-17 Wayne DavisonSome fixes derived from Mike's latest patch and a set_f...
2011-03-15 Wayne DavisonAdapted for
2011-03-14 Wayne DavisonFix a couple compile issues.
2011-03-12 Wayne DavisonFix setting of fileflags value for an abbreviated hlink...
2011-02-22 Wayne DavisonUpdated patches to work with the latest code.
2011-02-22 Wayne DavisonThe main code now excludes xattrs on devices for OS X.
2011-01-04 Wayne DavisonRevised version was applied to 3.1.0dev source.
2010-11-06 Wayne DavisonUse do_ftruncate() for the added call too.
2010-11-06 Wayne DavisonHandle do_ftruncate() change and avoid extra stat().
2010-11-06 Wayne DavisonHandle do_ftruncate() change.
2010-11-06 Wayne DavisonGetting rid of cache fiddling.
2010-10-12 Wayne DavisonRemoving applied patch.
2010-09-18 Wayne DavisonAvoid setting creation time on root dir of HFS+ volume.
2010-09-18 Wayne DavisonUpdated patches to work with the latest master.
2010-06-19 Wayne DavisonCommitting Uri Simchoni's improved ssl patch.
2010-04-24 Wayne DavisonUpdated patches to work with the latest trunk.
2010-02-11 Wayne DavisonFix alignment issue on 64-bit. Solution from Steve...
2010-02-06 Wayne DavisonChange "long" to "uint32" in the create_time struct.
2009-12-30 Wayne DavisonUpdated patches to work with the current trunk.
2009-12-29 Wayne DavisonFix configure check for fallocate().
2009-12-29 Wayne DavisonHave configure check if fallocate() actually links...
2009-12-08 Wayne DavisonUpdated patches to work with the current trunk.
2009-11-12 Wayne DavisonTweaked a couple sentences.
2009-10-21 Wayne DavisonAdded write-devices.diff patch from Darryl Dixon.
2009-10-21 Wayne DavisonGot rid of unneeded ./prepare-source instruction.
2009-10-21 Wayne DavisonAdding group-auth patch; updating patches.
2009-05-24 Wayne DavisonAdding --list and --check options to xsums perl script.
2009-05-23 Wayne DavisonAdding filter-attribute-mods patch; updating patches.
2009-03-13 Wayne DavisonUpdated patches to work with the current trunk.
2009-01-13 Wayne DavisonUse "use warnings" rather than -w on the #! line.
2009-01-13 Wayne DavisonApplying uid/gid fix from trunk.
2008-12-29 Wayne DavisonThe patches for 3.0.5. v3.0.5
2008-11-16 Wayne DavisonThe patches for 3.0.5pre2. v3.0.5pre2
2008-10-11 Wayne DavisonThe patches for 3.0.5pre1. v3.0.5pre1
2008-10-11 Wayne DavisonFixed a problem when --crtimes was combined with -...
2008-09-13 Wayne DavisonAdding --chown=USER:GROUP alias for simple usecases...
2008-09-06 Wayne DavisonThe patches for 3.0.4. v3.0.4
2008-08-02 Wayne DavisonThe patches for 3.0.4pre2. v3.0.4pre2
2008-07-28 Wayne DavisonAdded the munge-links.diff patch.
2008-07-28 Wayne DavisonAdded the dparam.diff patch.
2008-07-25 Wayne DavisonThe patches for 3.0.4pre1. v3.0.4pre1
2008-07-25 Wayne Davison- Added the ability to match a range of ID numbers.