2013-05-15 David Disseldorptorture: enum snapshots after FSRVP creation async_fsrvp_srv_wip_xp2013
2013-05-14 David Disseldorpselftest: run the FSRVP test suite against s3
2013-05-14 David Disseldorpselftest/s3: add FSRVP configuration
2013-05-14 David Disseldorptorture: use logical fsrvp share name
2013-05-14 David Disseldorpfss: permit FSRVP ops where the caller started smbd
2013-05-14 David Disseldorptest: add fake_snap.pl for snapshot simulation
2013-05-14 David Disseldorpvfs: add vfs_shell_snap module
2013-05-14 David DisseldorpSQ fss: _fss_ExposeShadowCopySet error path cleanup
2013-05-14 David DisseldorpSQ fss: clean up _AddToShadowCopySet error paths
2013-05-14 David Disseldorpfss: log error on conf deletion failure
2013-05-08 David Disseldorpfss: perform case insensitive share name lookup async_rpc_fsrvp_40t_wip
2013-05-08 David Disseldorpfss: return netbios name instead of IP in responses
2013-05-08 David Disseldorpfss: use UNC parser for Get/DeleteShareMapping RPCs
2013-05-08 David Disseldorprpcclient: abort shadow-copy set on commmit failure
2013-05-08 David DisseldorpSQ fsrvp: use DBGC_RPC_SRV for fss_agent code
2013-05-08 David Disseldorpfss: store state after shadow copy set abort
2013-05-08 David Disseldorpfss: add generic UNC parser
2013-05-08 David Disseldorps3/rpc_server: Fix DCERPC request unmarshalling
2013-05-08 David Disseldorps3/rpc_server: add support for mgmt_inq_princ_name
2013-05-08 David Disseldorprpcclient: add mgmt command support
2013-04-23 David Disseldorps3/rpc_server: add skeleton mgmt RPC server
2013-04-18 David Disseldorpwinbind: change nested structure initialization syntax
2013-04-18 David Disseldorpwinbindd: allocate winbindd child state on heap
2013-04-18 David DisseldorpSPLIT: get async winbind child building
2013-04-16 David Disseldorps3-winbind: handle async child dispatch table entries
2013-04-16 David Disseldorps3-winbind: make child_process_request async
2013-04-16 David Disseldorps3-winbind: talloc winbindd request and response structs
2013-04-16 David Disseldorps3-winbind: avoid talloc_tos in fork_domain_child
2013-04-16 David Disseldorpwinbind: add conditional child dispatch type
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpwinbind: separate child response sock write
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpwinbind: only pass needed args to child_read_request
2013-04-15 David DisseldorpSQ snapper: change time type dbus args to signed
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpsnapper: add snap_dir_expand VFS op handler
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpvfs: split gmt token processing into a module
2013-04-15 David DisseldorpSQ snapper: clean up DEBUG statements
2013-04-15 David DisseldorpSQ: use gmt_tok_common wrappers in vfs_snapper
2013-04-15 David DisseldorpSQ snapper: clean up snaphot path<->id conversion
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpsnapper: sort decending for get_shadow_copy_data labels
2013-04-15 David DisseldorpSQ snapper: working snapshot delete support
2013-04-15 David DisseldorpSQ snapper: implement get_shadow_copy_data
2013-04-15 David DisseldorpWIP: add vfs_snapper module
2013-04-15 David Disseldorps3-vfs: split @GMT token filter code into a common .c
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpfsrvp: add tdb path arg to state read/write functions
2013-04-15 David DisseldorpSQ fsrvp: fix commit_sc_with_conn_done error path
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpfsrvp: keep fss agent conn struct across async VFS...
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpdoc: add vfs_btrfs man page
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpfsrvp: use fss server state storage back-end
2013-04-15 David Disseldorptorture: add local fsrvp state tests
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpfsrvp: add rpc server state storage back-end
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpfsrvp: add memory context to fss_global
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpfsrvp: split out srv_fss structs into a separate header
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpfsrvp: add permissions checking for operations
2013-04-15 David Disseldorps3-rpc: set fssd server defaults to external & disabled
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpfsrvp: remove "vfs objects" parameter from snapshot...
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpfsrvp: add fss_agent rpc server
2013-04-15 David Disseldorplibsmbconf: add smbconf_create_set_share
2013-04-15 David DisseldorpSQ btrfs: add base_path arg to btrfs_snap_delete_send
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpvfs: add snapshot create/delete calls to vfs_btrfs
2013-04-15 David DisseldorpSQ: vfs add base_path argument to snap_delete_send
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpvfs: add snapshot create/delete hooks
2013-04-15 David Disseldorppidl: add [async] function property
2013-04-15 David Disseldorppidl:s3-rpc: make pidl rpc server api calls async
2013-04-15 David Disseldorps3-rpc: make rpcint_dispatch async
2013-04-15 David Disseldorps3-rpc: make api_rpcTNP async
2013-04-15 David Disseldorps3-rpc: make api_pipe_request async
2013-04-15 David Disseldorps3-rpc: make process_request_pdu_send async
2013-04-15 David Disseldorps3-rpc: convert process_complete_pdu and callers async
2013-04-15 David Disseldorps3-rpc: split process_complete_pdu from process_incomin...
2013-04-15 David DisseldorpXXX add lp_enable_copychunk to toggle copychunk support
2013-04-15 David Disseldorps3-vfs: add vfs_btrfs module
2013-04-15 Jeremy AllisonFix warnings with mismatched sizes in arguments to...
2013-04-15 Jeremy AllisonRemove locking across the lifetime of the copychunk...
2013-04-15 Jeremy AllisonMove copychunk locking to be local to the read/write...
2013-04-15 Jeremy AllisonAdd additional copychunk checks.
2013-04-15 Jeremy AllisonMove handle checking code to copychunk_check_handles().
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpsmb2_ioctl: copychunk request max output validation
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpsmb2_ioctl: track copychunk response output state
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpsmb2_ioctl: copychunk CHECK_READ and CHECK_WRITE
2013-04-15 David Disseldorptorture: copychunk test suite improvements
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpsmb2_ioctl: only pass through to VFS on a valid fsp
2013-04-15 David Disseldorptorture: replace ioctl failure returns with helper...
2013-04-15 David Disseldorptorture: add locking tests for copychunk
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpsmb2_ioctl: perform locking around copychunk requests
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpsmbd: split out file_fsp_get from file_fsp_smb2
2013-04-15 David Disseldorptorture: skip FSCTL_SRV_ENUM_SNAPS test when not supported
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpselftest: enable samba3.smb2.ioctl tests against s3fs
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpsmb2_ioctl: remove ioctl error response assumptions
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpsmb2_ioctl: add support for FSCTL_SRV_COPYCHUNK
2013-04-15 David Disseldorps3-vfs: add copy_chunk vfs hooks
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpsmb2_ioctl: add FSCTL_SRV_REQUEST_RESUME_KEY support
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpsmb2_ioctl: split ioctl handler code on device type
2013-04-15 David Disseldorpsmb2_ioctl: split ioctl handlers into separate funtions
2013-04-15 Andreas Schneidertorture: Fix copy and paste error.
2013-04-02 Richard SharpeMake sure that we only propogate the INHERITED flag...
2013-04-02 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Do not pass CPP="" to pidl, skip the env variabl...
2013-04-02 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Remove the forced use of only the first part...
2013-04-02 Andrew Bartlettscripting: No longer install samba_upgradeprovision
2013-04-02 Andrew Bartlettscripting/samba_upgradedns: Only look for IPv4/IPv6...
2013-04-02 Andrew Bartlettsamba-tool classicupgrade: Do not print the admin passw...
2013-04-02 Andrew Bartletts4-dbcheck: Allow forcing an override of an old @MODULE...