See the instructions for using GIT with the Samba source trees in the Samba Wiki

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List all projects in 'ddiss/'
Project Description Owner Last Change
ddiss/ctdb.git ddiss' public CTDB repository David Disseldorp 8 years ago
ddiss/fstests.git David Disseldorp 6 years ago
ddiss/linux.git ddiss' Linux kernel repository David Disseldorp 2 years ago
ddiss/rapido.git Rapido: Quick Kernel Testing... David Disseldorp 5 years ago
ddiss/samba-autobuild/.git Unnamed repository; edit this... David Disseldorp 12 months ago
ddiss/samba-web.git ddiss' public Samba Website... David Disseldorp 5 years ago
ddiss/samba.git ddiss' public Samba repository David Disseldorp 12 months ago
ddiss/walkley Walkley - a Linux Kernel Libra... David Disseldorp 6 months ago