2009-04-29 martinmSequence analysis is only for UM channels for now.
2009-04-28 etxrabTry to fix the build bot.
2009-04-28 etxrabSignals and IE's updated to V8.1.1 (2009-04).
2009-04-28 etxrabDissect IMSI.
2009-04-28 martinmTry to cast away win64 buildbot problem.
2009-04-28 martinmAvoid calling strlen() lots of unnecessary times when...
2009-04-28 wmeierfind_dlg: handler_id returned from g_signal_connect...
2009-04-28 wmeierreg_handoff: if (!initialized) ... not req'd; Also...
2009-04-28 guyAdd packet-pw-common.h to the distribution.
2009-04-27 guypcap_to_wtap_map is not used outside wiretap/pcap-commo...
2009-04-27 guyNettl format != libpcap format && nettl format != pcap...
2009-04-27 guyMove pseudo-header routines from libpcap.c to pcap...
2009-04-27 anonsvngit-svn-id: anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@28183...
2009-04-27 jmayerpropset
2009-04-27 rbalintFrom Artem Tamazov: SAToP and CESoPSN MPLS PW support.
2009-04-27 etxrabUse GTK+ 2.16.1-1
2009-04-27 etxrabBug fixes.
2009-04-27 wmeierfollow_stream: Oops: revert making functions static.
2009-04-27 wmeierfollow_stream: Don't load follow text twice when initia...
2009-04-27 tuexenUse named constant.
2009-04-27 martinmAllow RAR UL Request field to be broken down (as in...
2009-04-27 tuexenFix a comment.
2009-04-27 guyHave the libpcap and pcap-NG code share the LINKTYPE_...
2009-04-27 guyUse GLib's G_MAXUINT16 as the largest value that fits...
2009-04-27 tuexenRemove duplicate code.
2009-04-27 tuexenAdd -n option to dumpcap. It will save the capture...
2009-04-27 tuexenImprove handling of strings longer than 64KB.
2009-04-27 tuexenTrying to make the Windows compiler happy.
2009-04-26 guyMore casts to deal with 64-bit size_t.
2009-04-26 guyCast both parts of a FILETIME to guint32, as I think...
2009-04-26 guyAdd code that should work on Windows to get current...
2009-04-26 tuexen(Try to) fix the 64-bit issues.
2009-04-26 tuexenDon't declare now when not used.
2009-04-26 tuexenWindows does not support gettimeofday(). Use 0 as a...
2009-04-26 tuexenconstify some args of libpcap_write_enhanced_packet_block()
2009-04-26 tuexenFix names.
2009-04-26 tuexenAdd functions to write several pcapng blocks.
2009-04-26 gerald[Automatic manuf and enterprise-numbers update for...
2009-04-26 etxrabMore IE decoding and bug fixes.
2009-04-26 tuexenMake ringbuffer.[ch] file format agnostic.
2009-04-26 tuexenClean up some comments I forgot to remove.
2009-04-26 guyDon't do pointer casting - some version of GCC complain...
2009-04-25 guyThere's no guarantee that "ll" is the right modifier...
2009-04-25 tuexen- add support for interface statistic block
2009-04-25 etxrabMore IE decoding.
2009-04-25 etxrabUpdate GSM MAP to V8.9.0 (2009-04).
2009-04-24 etxrabTry to get the security context right.
2009-04-24 stigFrom Artem Tamazov (bug 3436):
2009-04-24 wmeiervms.c: undo an incorrect const committed in SVN #28144.
2009-04-24 wmeierrange.c: ep_strbuf_new("") ==> ep_strbuf_new(NULL);
2009-04-24 wmeier[Trivial] Constify a few things
2009-04-24 stigFixed reassembly, which broke in r25195.
2009-04-24 stigThe dissector does not use any bytes.
2009-04-24 stigImproved reading Apple's PacketLogger files:
2009-04-24 stigAdded tvb_format_stringzpad_wsp().
2009-04-23 etxrabFrom Wade Hennessey:
2009-04-23 etxrab- GSM MAP: incorrect decoding of getPassword operation .
2009-04-23 stigAdded PacketLogger to dump_open_table_base to be able...
2009-04-23 geraldAdd missing files to the distribution.
2009-04-22 geraldDon't rename the "ChmodBPF" directory to "Startup"...
2009-04-22 wmeierproto.c: proto_registrar_dump...() fixes/changes:
2009-04-22 etxrabTry to fix more unused code warnings.
2009-04-22 guyFix a warning in the RANAP dissector.
2009-04-22 etxrabUse #.OMIT_ASSIGNMENT
2009-04-22 etxrabTry to fix unused code warnings.
2009-04-22 etxrabTry to fix unused code warnings.
2009-04-22 geraldFrom Mark Cave-Ayland: Fix a crash in the PCNFSD dissector.
2009-04-22 etxrabFix a typo.
2009-04-22 etxrab- Dissect transportlayeraddress
2009-04-22 etxrab- Try to get rid of the unused code warnings.
2009-04-22 wmeiersmpp: Fix potential crash(es): Mark hf[] entries with...
2009-04-22 morrissFrom Anders: add the OPCUA plugin to the Windows distri...
2009-04-22 guyMore file-offset fixes.
2009-04-22 guyssize_t is UN*X-only; don't use it.
2009-04-22 guyLLP64 fix.
2009-04-22 guySigned vs. unsigned fix.
2009-04-22 guyBleah, some dissectors still insist on using structures...
2009-04-22 guyClean up some 64-bit issues.
2009-04-22 guyMore float-constant-not-double-constant fixes.
2009-04-21 guyGet rid of trailing tab.
2009-04-21 wmeiercheckAPIs: check for 'const' in value_string definition.
2009-04-21 wmeierReplace some non-ascii characters in comment
2009-04-21 wmeierinfiniband.h: Verify addt'l fields against spec; reformat
2009-04-21 etxrabMove ranap to dirty dissectors for now.
2009-04-21 geraldFrom Artem Tamazov: Fix compilation for Visual C++...
2009-04-21 etxrab- Reintroduce heuristic dissector
2009-04-21 guyTurn on -Wshorten-64-to-32 by default, and fix some...
2009-04-21 etxrabFix a typo.
2009-04-21 etxrabIntroduce call dissector_try_port_new() to be used...
2009-04-21 wmeierinfiniband: Fix various issues mostly relating to proto...
2009-04-21 martinmAlso show number of RAR bodies/entries in stats.
2009-04-21 jakeSimplify headerfields a bit.
2009-04-21 jakeConstify some more value_strings.
2009-04-21 jakeConstify some more value_strings.
2009-04-20 geraldRemove some backslashes that were inadvertently continu...
2009-04-20 guySquelch some warnings.
2009-04-20 etxrabMore IE decoding, expect messages to be integrity prote...
2009-04-20 jakeFix build without HAVE_LIBGCRYPT.
2009-04-20 guyMore constification to fix warnings.
2009-04-20 jakeAdd Naoyoshi Ueda to authors list.