descriptionThe rsync repository.
ownerWayne Davison
last changeMon, 6 Apr 2020 02:34:27 +0000 (19:34 -0700)
2 hours ago Wayne DavisonSet RSYNC_PORT in the env for a daemon-over-rsh connection. master
4 hours ago Wayne DavisonA quick fix for some perl patch-helper scripts.
4 hours ago Wayne DavisonAnother tweak for a change in git status.
4 hours ago Wayne DavisonTweak some indentation.
4 hours ago Wayne DavisonDon't throw an error if a potential fuzzy dir isn't...
5 hours ago Wayne DavisonUse "exit 1" in atomic-rsync for error exit.
5 hours ago Wayne DavisonSome configure improvements for strict C99 compilers...
6 hours ago Wayne DavisonAdd progress output via SIGINFO and SIGVTALRM
9 hours ago Wayne DavisonNo need to forward --write-devices to a remote sender.
9 hours ago Wayne DavisonAdded the --write-devices option.
11 hours ago Wayne DavisonMake exit_cleanup() use _exit() if called from a signal...
11 hours ago Wayne DavisonEnhance the validation of --block-size for older protocols.
11 hours ago Wayne DavisonMake the --copy-links caveat a little clearer.
12 hours ago Wayne DavisonUse nanosleep if it is available.
7 days ago Wayne DavisonAdd a --copy-as=USER[:GROUP] option
2019-03-19 Wayne DavisonMatch the latest git "clean" text.
2 years ago v3.1.3 Version 3.1.3.
2 years ago v3.1.3pre1 Version 3.1.3pre1.
4 years ago v3.1.2 Version 3.1.2.
4 years ago v3.1.2pre1 Version 3.1.2pre1.
5 years ago v3.1.1 Version 3.1.1.
5 years ago v3.1.1pre2 Version 3.1.1pre2.
6 years ago v3.1.1pre1 Version 3.1.1pre1.
6 years ago v3.1.0 Version 3.1.0.
6 years ago v3.1.0pre1 Version 3.1.0pre1.
8 years ago v3.0.9 Version 3.0.9.
8 years ago v3.0.9pre2 Version 3.0.9pre2.
8 years ago v3.0.9pre1 Version 3.0.9pre1.
9 years ago v3.0.8 Version 3.0.8.
9 years ago v3.0.8pre1 Version 3.0.8pre1.
10 years ago v3.0.7 Version 3.0.7.
10 years ago v3.0.7pre2 Version 3.0.7pre2.
2 hours ago master
8 years ago b3.0.x
14 years ago cvs/branch-2.6.6
14 years ago cvs/bugfix-2.6.5
16 years ago cvs/branch-2.5
18 years ago cvs/branch-before.2.6
18 years ago cvs/branch-mbp-texinfo
18 years ago cvs/branch-2.4
18 years ago cvs/branch-2.3
18 years ago cvs/branch-merge-rsync+-2.4.7
18 years ago cvs/branch-mbp-merge-rsync+
18 years ago cvs/branch-mbp-rsyncplus_merge
19 years ago cvs/branch-mbp-privacy