42 hours ago Wayne DavisonRemove useless comment. master
42 hours ago Wayne DavisonOnly run git describe if .git exists in the $srcdir.
45 hours ago Wayne DavisonStart 3.2.6dev going.
45 hours ago Wayne DavisonDo more path cleaning in add_implied_include(); make...
45 hours ago Wayne DavisonAllow ~/remote/./path with -R if the path has /./ in it.
3 days ago Wayne DavisonWe must use the CSUM_CHUNK size in the non-openssl...
3 days ago Wayne DavisonFix another dot-dir implied arg issue. v3.2.5
3 days ago Wayne DavisonPreparing for release of 3.2.5
3 days ago Wayne DavisonUpdate the NEWS.
3 days ago Wayne DavisonEnsure a dynamically linked xxhash lib is >= 0.8 for...
4 days ago Wayne DavisonRemove some trailing whitespace.
6 days ago Wayne DavisonMake a `--trust-sender` a bit clearer.
7 days ago Wayne DavisonOne more doc tweak.
7 days ago Wayne DavisonAdd packaging note.
7 days ago Wayne DavisonFix handling of a character class with an escaped closi...
7 days ago Wayne DavisonBe a little paranoid.
7 days ago Wayne DavisonA couple manpage tweaks.
8 days ago Wayne DavisonAdd `--trust-sender` option.
8 days ago Wayne DavisonEscape leading tilde char when "~" or with -R.
8 days ago Wayne DavisonFix handling of daemon module names in file-list verifi...
8 days ago Wayne DavisonPreparing for release of 3.2.5pre2 v3.2.5pre2
8 days ago Wayne DavisonFix --relative when copying an absolute path.
8 days ago Wayne DavisonHandle files-from args that span 2 buffers.
8 days ago Wayne DavisonA fix for the zlib fix.
8 days ago Wayne DavisonHandle a "[foo]" arg matching the literal wildcards.
8 days ago Wayne DavisonFix some issues with backslashed wildcards in args.
8 days ago Wayne DavisonHandle a trailing "/." at the end of a source arg.
10 days ago Wayne DavisonUpdate the NEWS.
10 days ago Wayne DavisonFix zlib bug with a large gzip header extra field
10 days ago Wayne DavisonMake sure that --read-batch doesn't try to check args.
2022-08-03 Wayne DavisonSome md-convert doc tweaks.
2022-08-02 Jakub WilkFix typos in NEWS (#339)
2022-08-02 Wayne DavisonPreparing for release of 3.2.5pre1 v3.2.5pre1
2022-08-02 Wayne DavisonTweaks to allow for a release.
2022-08-02 Wayne DavisonMore NEWS.
2022-08-02 Wayne DavisonA few more minor tweaks.
2022-08-01 Wayne DavisonAvoid the getgroups program when cross-compiliing.
2022-08-01 Wayne DavisonMake sure sign is consistend in 2 gid comparisons.
2022-08-01 Wayne DavisonA few more minor changes.
2022-08-01 Wayne DavisonMore improvements to file-list checking
2022-08-01 Wayne DavisonThe latest NEWS.
2022-08-01 Wayne DavisonSome extra file-list safety checks.
2022-07-11 Wayne DavisonA few more minor doc tweaks.
2022-06-20 Wayne DavisonA few minor fixes.
2022-06-19 Wayne DavisonLink to rsyncd.conf page server-setup details.
2022-06-19 Wayne DavisonImprove the filter intro.
2022-06-19 Wayne DavisonImprove filter discussion.
2022-06-19 Wayne DavisonSome proxy improvements (mainly).
2022-06-19 Wayne DavisonSome clarifications about transfer rules.
2022-06-19 Wayne DavisonInclude bsd/strings.h if it exists
2022-06-19 Yuri ChornoivanFix minor typos (#327)
2022-06-18 Wayne DavisonFix configure's "signed char" check
2022-06-18 Wayne DavisonAvoid -pedantic-errors on non-x86 for the moment.
2022-06-02 Wayne DavisonFix grabbing version value in configure.
2022-05-14 Wayne DavisonImprove discussion of old-args in advanced usage.
2022-05-07 Wayne DavisonMake md-convert --test work again.
2022-05-07 Wayne DavisonManpage improvements.
2022-05-07 Wayne DavisonUse the maintainer's timezone for translating the manpa...
2022-05-07 Wayne DavisonSetup for 3.2.5dev.
2022-04-15 Wayne DavisonPreparing for release of 3.2.4 v3.2.4
2022-04-11 Wayne DavisonThe latest news.
2022-04-11 Wayne DavisonAdd debugging comment about read_buf_().
2022-04-11 Simon Dezielsystemd: restart daemon on-failure (#302)
2022-04-11 Yoichi NAKAYAMASpecify log format to avoid malfunctions and unexpected...
2022-04-11 Michal RuprichFix for CVE-2018-25032 in zlib (#306)
2022-04-11 Wayne DavisonHandle linking with a zlib with external read_buf.
2022-03-27 Wayne DavisonPreparing for release of 3.2.4pre4 v3.2.4pre4
2022-03-27 Wayne DavisonAdd new & improved `--copy-devices` option.
2022-03-27 Wayne DavisonSome `--write-device` fixes.
2022-03-26 Wayne DavisonCombine some alt-dest tests.
2022-03-26 Wayne DavisonRename compare-dest test.
2022-03-26 Sam MikesExtract unlink_and_reopen from copy_file (#294)
2022-03-26 Wayne DavisonSome word fixes.
2022-03-13 Wayne DavisonAlso ignore a root-level rrsync file.
2022-03-13 Wayne DavisonAdd FALLTHROUGH comment.
2022-03-10 Wayne DavisonUse ac_includes_default in largefile support test.
2022-03-04 Wayne DavisonTest newer FreeBSD.
2022-03-04 Wayne DavisonMake asm use more selectable
2022-02-22 Wayne DavisonChange usage (--version) output to note when ASM isn...
2022-02-21 Sam MikesFix wording in RSYNC_PORT section (#293)
2022-02-09 Wayne DavisonBuild Cygwin on windows-2022 with newer python. [buildall]
2022-01-27 Wayne DavisonAdd a CAUTION message to --debug=FILTER for trailing...
2022-01-20 Wayne DavisonAdd a couple more `--rsync-path` opts to the test....
2022-01-20 Wayne DavisonSpecify the rsync that should run. [buildall]
2022-01-19 Wayne DavisonPreparing for release of 3.2.4pre3 v3.2.4pre3
2022-01-19 Wayne DavisonTweak rrsync rules in the Makefile.
2022-01-19 Wayne DavisonAdd some arg-escaping tests.
2022-01-19 Wayne DavisonDon't backslash-escape args for a local transfer.
2022-01-19 Wayne DavisonAdd missing ">".
2022-01-18 Wayne DavisonSilence some symlink mode-change failures.
2022-01-18 Wayne DavisonFix a broken link & make a tweak.
2022-01-18 Wayne DavisonFacilitate the next release.
2022-01-18 Wayne DavisonTweak some rrsync rules for cleanup & release.
2022-01-18 Wayne DavisonHandle html link targets in a better way.
2022-01-18 Wayne DavisonFix `--old-args` interaction with a daemon
2022-01-18 Wayne DavisonComplain about --old-args with --protect-args.
2022-01-18 Wayne DavisonMore man & NEWS enhancements, including linking to...
2022-01-16 Wayne DavisonMore man page and NEWS improvements.
2022-01-16 Wayne DavisonFix some typos mentioned in the fossies report.
2022-01-16 Wayne DavisonIt's OK to capitalize rsync at the start of a sentence.