2020-11-13 Stefan Metzmacherpacket-netlogon: use SEC_CHAN_* values from packet... ws-metze-current
2020-11-11 Stefan MetzmacherSMB2_RDMA_TRANSFORM_SIGNING SMB2_RDMA_TRANSFORM_SIGNIN ws-metze/20201111
2020-11-11 Stefan Metzmacherepan/dissectors/packet-smb2.c SMB2_WRITE_FLAG_WRITE_UNB...
2020-11-11 Stefan MetzmacherREGENERATE epan/dissectors/packet-kerberos.c => pushd...
2020-11-11 Stefan Metzmacherdummy
2020-11-11 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "TODO - test build - packet-kerberos: let decryp...
2020-11-11 Stefan MetzmacherTODO - test build - packet-kerberos: let decrypt_krb5_d...
2020-11-11 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "LATER... ei_kerberos_kdc_session_key ..."
2020-11-11 Stefan MetzmacherLATER... ei_kerberos_kdc_session_key ...
2020-11-11 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "LATER... ei_kerberos_kdc_session_key ..."
2020-11-11 Stefan MetzmacherLATER... ei_kerberos_kdc_session_key ...
2020-11-11 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "UNUSED enc_key_id_{equal,hash}"
2020-11-11 Stefan MetzmacherUNUSED enc_key_id_{equal,hash}
2020-11-11 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "TODO packet-kerberos: decrypt_krb5_with_cb...
2020-11-11 Stefan MetzmacherTODO packet-kerberos: decrypt_krb5_with_cb avoid kerber...
2020-11-11 Stefan Metzmacherpacket-nmf: TODO more
2020-11-11 Stefan Metzmacherpacket-nmf: initial commit
2020-11-11 Stefan Metzmacherepan/dissectors/packet-xml.c no printf
2020-11-11 Stefan Metzmacherepan/dissectors/packet-xml.c try to decrypt data, but...
2020-11-11 Stefan Metzmachermore epan/dissectors/packet-xml.c
2020-11-11 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "DEBUG epan/dissectors/packet-xml.c"
2020-11-11 Stefan MetzmacherDEBUG epan/dissectors/packet-xml.c
2020-11-11 Stefan Metzmacherepan/dissectors/packet-xml.c o:BinarySecurityToken...
2020-11-11 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "fix old idl"
2020-11-11 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "sq h2"
2020-11-11 Stefan Metzmachersq h2
2020-11-11 Stefan Metzmacherfix old idl
2020-11-11 Stefan Metzmacherepan/dissectors/pidl/
2020-11-11 Stefan Metzmacherprepare-pidl-patch
2020-11-11 Stefan Metzmacherepan/dissectors/packet-dcerpc.c dcerpc-hardening part1...
2020-11-11 Aurelien Aptelwiretap: add support for ETL traces
2020-11-11 Stefan Metzmacherfix for netmon 3.x captures
2020-11-11 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "BROKEN: HACK setup decryption keys for kerberos...
2020-11-11 Stefan MetzmacherBROKEN: HACK setup decryption keys for kerberos session...
2020-11-11 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "reassamble TODO"
2020-11-11 Stefan Metzmacherreassamble TODO
2020-11-11 Stefan Metzmacherwmem: allow wmem_destroy_list to ignore a NULL list.
2020-11-11 Stefan Metzmacherfix no marker pdu fragmentation epan/dissectors/packet...
2020-11-11 Stefan Metzmacherepan/dissectors/packet-iwarp-mpa.c tcp_dissect_pdus
2020-11-11 Hideaki HAYASHIepan: BGP Prefix-SID attribute SRv6 SID support
2020-11-10 Gerald CombsRTPS: Fixup our coherent set map.
2020-11-10 Martin Nyhusbt-dht: don't iterate on strings in values
2020-11-10 Chuck CraftQt: enable sorting for Help->About tables
2020-11-10 Jaap KeuterRTCP: try to continue dissection with partial SRTCP...
2020-11-10 Martin Mathiesonparsing enterprises file: comment and slightly simplify
2020-11-09 Pau Espin Pedrolrlcmac: Fix EGPRS UL data block TLLI endianess
2020-11-09 Gerald CombsWSUG: Add a note about verifying downloads.
2020-11-08 Gerald CombsKafka: Fixup returned offsets and initialize variables.
2020-11-08 Martin MathiesonOpensafety: fix some item lengths
2020-11-08 Gerald Combs[Automatic update for 2020-11-08]
2020-11-08 Nardi IvanQUIC: improve migration support
2020-11-07 Gerald Combsepan: Limit our bits in decode_bits_in_field.
2020-11-07 Gerald Combswiretap: Update pcapng systemd timestamp handling.
2020-11-07 Martin MathiesonFix some more item lengths.
2020-11-07 João ValverdeIPv6: Try to fix CID 1468890
2020-11-06 Martin MathiesonFix some more item lengths.
2020-11-06 John BankierSMB: Dissection of Dynamic Access Control specific...
2020-11-05 John ThackerRPM+CI: Update and fix for Fedora 33, CentOS 8, OpenSUS...
2020-11-05 Jaap Keutergiop: free the buffer where its at
2020-11-05 John ThackerRTCP: Initialize padding_item
2020-11-05 Jaap Keutergiop: don't use packet scope for allocating a buffer...
2020-11-05 Pau Espin Pedrolrlcmac: Handle properly LI=0 in GPRS data blocks and...
2020-11-05 Huang QiangxiongProtobuf: fix bug about parsing negative enum value...
2020-11-05 Gerald CombsTools+test: Call python3 explicitly.
2020-11-05 Stig Bjørlykkewslua: Return nil from Dissector.get() when not found
2020-11-05 ishaangandhiIPv6: Add dissector for Compact Routing Header (CRH)
2020-11-05 Jaap KeuterRTCP: expert item on non-final packet padding flag
2020-11-05 Guy Harrisgiop: don't use packet scope for allocating a buffer...
2020-11-04 Gerald CombsTools: Allow cherry pick lines in
2020-11-04 Gerald CombsImage: Add another icon library link.
2020-11-04 Uli HeilmeierQT: progress UI: Fix TextLabel string to loading
2020-11-04 Alexis La GoutteQUIC: Fix typo
2020-11-03 Stig Bjørlykkedocbook: Fix example to run tests containing dumpcap
2020-11-03 Uli HeilmeierGitlab: Tweak Bug issue template
2020-11-03 Uli HeilmeierGitlab: Fix label for FeatureRequest issue template
2020-11-03 Uli HeilmeierGitlab: Add issue template for Websites
2020-11-02 Taisuke SasakiISIS: Add Purge Originator ID TLV (rfc6232)
2020-11-02 Orgad ShanehACDR: Fix dissection of control packets
2020-11-02 Dr. Lars VölkerSOME/IP: Cleanup of length field parsing (BUG FIX)
2020-11-02 Nardi IvanSTUN: fix heuristic over TCP
2020-11-02 Martin MathiesonSpeed up ethernet entry (manuf and wka) parsing.
2020-11-02 John Thackerrpm-setup: Find opus development package for OpenSUSE
2020-11-02 Andre LuyerNettrace: correct conversion from ISO 8601 to time...
2020-11-02 Chuck Craftwin32: fix MR180 - broke "-i -" input pipe
2020-11-02 Thiyagarajan PSupport to dissect Gate Announcement
2020-11-02 Masaru Tsuchiyamaremove empty zorder (fix warning)
2020-11-02 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Support ampersand in funnel menu and button
2020-11-01 Martin Kaiserrx: simpler check for a known type
2020-11-01 Uli HeilmeierRTCP: Extended Reports: check for padding
2020-11-01 Martin MathiesonUnistim: Set the length and type of IP address fields...
2020-11-01 Gerald Combs[Automatic update for 2020-11-01]
2020-11-01 John ThackerAdd bcg729 to the optional RPMs installed when building
2020-11-01 Gerald CombsCMake: Don't restrict ENABLE_CCACHE.
2020-10-31 Nardi IvanQUIC: fix connection lookup for Version Negotiation...
2020-10-31 Nardi IvanQUIC: allow dissection of sessions forcing version...
2020-10-31 Sylvain Munautusbvideo: Fix dissection of PROBE infos structure
2020-10-31 Martin MathiesonGSM A: Uncertainty speed is only 1 byte.
2020-10-30 Pedro Jose... IEEE 802154: Improve support for vendor specific IEs
2020-10-30 Martin MathiesonOAMPDU: Fix the length of an item.
2020-10-30 Masaru Tsuchiyamaenable compression options only when gbNewFileAuto...