2007-04-26 Andrew Tridgellmerge from peter
2007-04-26 Peter Somogyimerged tridge's branch
2007-04-26 Andrew Tridgellmoved status to ctdb_control
2007-04-26 Peter Somogyimade ofed-1.0 (and 1.1) compatible + fixed warnings
2007-04-26 Andrew Tridgelladded a ctdb control message, and tool
2007-04-26 Andrew Tridgellmerge from ronnie
2007-04-24 Andrew Tridgelladd version printout
2007-04-24 Andrew Tridgellfit some more windows across a screen
2007-04-23 Andrew Tridgellpopt not needed in lockwait code
2007-04-23 Ronnie Sahlbergadd pdu's that the client can use to query the ctdb...
2007-04-23 Peter Somogyifixed ctdb/ib bug at reject event
2007-04-23 Ronnie Sahlbergsplit the 32bit idr field into two.
2007-04-23 Ronnie Sahlbergadd a comment that sometimes sending remote calls strai...
2007-04-22 Andrew Tridgelladded max_redirect_count status field
2007-04-22 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-04-22 Andrew Tridgellfixed the reverse of the last bug - handle the case...
2007-04-22 Andrew Tridgellmark authoritative records
2007-04-22 Andrew Tridgelldebug changes
2007-04-22 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-04-22 Andrew Tridgell- when handling a record migration in the lmaster,...
2007-04-22 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-04-22 Andrew Tridgelladded a useful tool for dumping a ctdb
2007-04-22 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-04-21 Andrew Tridgellupdate the vnn as well when getting the connection...
2007-04-21 Andrew Tridgellmerge from samba4
2007-04-21 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridges tree
2007-04-21 Andrew Tridgell- prevent sending dmaster requests to ourselves
2007-04-21 Andrew Tridgellmerge fixes from samba4
2007-04-21 Andrew Tridgellmerge tdb updates from samba4
2007-04-20 Peter Somogyiuse talloc_vasprintf
2007-04-20 Peter Somogyiremoving my dirt from tridge's code
2007-04-20 Peter Somogyimerged tridge's branch
2007-04-20 Peter SomogyiSimplified code in ctdb_init_transport.
2007-04-20 Peter Somogyi- ctdb/ib minor bugfixes (error case)
2007-04-20 Andrew Tridgell- expanded status to include count of each call type
2007-04-20 Andrew Tridgelladded ctdb_status tool
2007-04-20 Andrew Tridgell- fixed a problem with packets to ourselves. The packet...
2007-04-19 Andrew Tridgellmerged fix from volker (thanks!)
2007-04-19 Andrew Tridgellminor debug changes
2007-04-19 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-04-19 Volker LendeckeThe remote node needs to get the IMMEDIATE_MIGRATION...
2007-04-19 Peter SomogyiMerged tridge's ctdb branch.
2007-04-19 Andrew Tridgellfixed a bug found by volker - initialse the record...
2007-04-19 Andrew Tridgell- split out ctdb_ltdb_lock_fetch_requeue() into a simpler
2007-04-19 Andrew Tridgell- added a --torture option to all ctdb tools. This...
2007-04-19 Andrew Tridgellmerge from ronnie
2007-04-19 Ronnie sahlberg the checks for srcnode and destnode from the client...
2007-04-19 Andrew Tridgellmerge from ronnie
2007-04-19 Ronnie sahlbergremove a comment that is no longer valid
2007-04-19 Andrew Tridgelldon't need these structures any more
2007-04-19 Ronnie sahlbergadd some tests in the daemon that a REQ_CALL that a...
2007-04-19 Ronnie sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-04-19 Ronnie sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-04-19 Andrew Tridgellmuch simpler fetch code!
2007-04-19 Andrew Tridgell- fully separate the client version of ctdb_call from...
2007-04-19 Andrew Tridgell- make he packet allocation routines take a mem_ctx...
2007-04-19 Ronnie sahlbergctdbd does no longer take a --daemon parameter since...
2007-04-19 Ronnie sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-04-19 Andrew Tridgellavoid a deadlock the fetch_lock code. The deadlock...
2007-04-18 Andrew Tridgell- use separate directories for the tdb files by default
2007-04-18 Andrew Tridgellmerged the db_dir changes from volker. Changed them...
2007-04-18 Ronnie sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-04-18 Volker LendeckeAdd --dbdir to ctdbd. Necessary for shared operation...
2007-04-18 Andrew Tridgellthis fixes a timeout error spotted by volker
2007-04-18 Andrew Tridgellmerged cleanup from ronnie
2007-04-18 Andrew Tridgellvalidate dmaster on a client fetch request
2007-04-18 Ronnie sahlbergwe dont need the structure ctdb_reply_shutdown since...
2007-04-18 Ronnie sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-04-18 Andrew Tridgellsimpler shutdown process. The reply is not actually...
2007-04-18 Andrew Tridgelluse shutdown in more tests
2007-04-18 Andrew Tridgellmake sure we don't double free in the async lock handler
2007-04-18 Ronnie sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-04-18 Andrew Tridgell- merge from ronnie, and use wait instead of sleep...
2007-04-18 Ronnie sahlbergadd/finish the ctdb_shutdown() function.
2007-04-18 Andrew Tridgellmerge fetch1 changes from ronnie
2007-04-18 Ronnie sahlberginitial shutdown function where a client can request...
2007-04-18 Andrew Tridgellstarted adding a cleaner daemon finish method
2007-04-18 Ronnie sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-04-18 Andrew Tridgellbit less verbose when client exits
2007-04-18 Andrew Tridgell- merge volkers debug changes
2007-04-18 Ronnie sahlbergenhance fetch1 test to verify that a lock is released...
2007-04-17 Ronnie sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-04-17 Volker LendeckeClean up the call_states correctly
2007-04-17 Volker LendeckeBe less verbose
2007-04-17 Volker LendeckeSome more debug and two memleak fixes
2007-04-17 Volker Lendecketypo
2007-04-17 Volker LendeckeAdd timestamps to debug output.
2007-04-17 Andrew Tridgelladd debug tracing to fetch_lock
2007-04-17 Andrew Tridgellmore DEBUG() calls
2007-04-17 Andrew Tridgellmoved cmdline.c to common code
2007-04-17 Andrew Tridgelluse the common cmdline code in ctdbd
2007-04-17 Andrew Tridgellfixed a missing idr remove, and check the types after...
2007-04-17 Andrew Tridgellmake sure we notify ctdb when a node dies
2007-04-17 Andrew Tridgellmerge from volker and ronnie
2007-04-17 Ronnie sahlbergmerge from volker to prevent some valgrind errors
2007-04-17 Ronnie sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-04-17 Volker LendeckeZERO_STRUCT writes one byte too many here.
2007-04-17 Andrew Tridgellupdate destination in a redirect reply
2007-04-17 Andrew Tridgellstop the client looping (temporary measure)
2007-04-17 Andrew Tridgellstart using ctdb_ltdb_lock_fetch_requeue()