added storage of extended ltdb header information
[vlendec/samba-autobuild/.git] / ctdb / include / ctdb_private.h
2006-12-18 Andrew Tridgelladded storage of extended ltdb header information
2006-12-01 Andrew Tridgellmerge from ab
2006-12-01 Alexander BokovoyProvide an alternative CTDB_NO_MEMORY_NULL() for functi...
2006-12-01 Alexander BokovoyMerge from tridge
2006-12-01 Andrew Tridgell- added ctdb_set_flags() call
2006-11-30 Andrew Tridgellneed the header changes too
2006-11-29 Alexander BokovoyMerge from tridge
2006-11-28 Andrew Tridgell- added in idtree for efficient reqid handling
2006-11-28 Andrew Tridgell- added simple (fake) vnn system
2006-11-28 Andrew Tridgell- setup a convenience name field for nodes
2006-11-28 Andrew Tridgell- split up tcp functions into more logical parts
2006-11-27 Andrew Tridgellstarted splitting out transport code