2004-09-29 tridgems_fnmatch test program
2004-09-29 tridgetalloc.txt
2004-09-29 tridgestandalone version of talloc
2004-09-16 tridgemaxgroups
2004-09-14 tridgefixed segv reporting
2004-09-12 tridgeallow run multiple commands in rpcecho
2004-09-12 tridgemy ntlm2 intercept tool
2004-08-29 tridgeadded the TestSleep() call to the win32 version of...
2004-07-03 tridgechanged default options for sendmail
2004-06-16 tridgeadded server auth
2004-06-15 tridgefixed command line in client
2004-06-05 tridgefixed typo noticed by
2004-05-30 tridgeadded support for rpc over tcp in echo test
2004-05-16 tridgeuseful igmp tool
2004-05-09 tridgea system for getting a new copy of gdb on each fork
2004-05-01 tridgeadded sign/seal and auth capabilities
2004-04-19 tridgemerge from socklib cvs
2004-04-11 tridgeswitch nsstest to LGPL
2004-03-30 tridgesimple distributed lock speed tester
2004-03-28 tridgebug fixes
2004-03-28 tridgeextract data from an IOLMaster machine
2004-03-27 tridgea little serial to tcp converter
2004-03-09 tridgeexpand usage for -S
2004-03-09 tridgedelete a binary
2004-03-09 tridgeadded sendfile support with -S option
2004-03-04 tridgefixed the "2 users using mail.runner" problem
2004-02-13 tridgelock scaling test
2004-02-11 tridgecheck system/user split
2004-02-10 tridgefixed llseek
2004-02-09 tridgesimple igmp packet generation
2004-02-01 tridgesome useful AIX progs
2004-01-18 tridgeadded a warning about linking to -lpthread
2004-01-18 tridge#include fix from groggy
2004-01-15 tridgelots of uncommitted junkcode
2004-01-15 tridgehandle new lines
2004-01-15 tridgeminor bugfixes
2004-01-15 tridgeadded size_t
2004-01-15 tridgecommit some old fixes
2004-01-15 tridgebugfix from Anthony Towns <>
2004-01-15 tridgebetter gzip detection
2004-01-08 tridgeuseful gzip extraction utility
2003-12-16 tridgesimple script for pulling photos from a camera
2003-12-14 tridgeallow the binding string to be specified on the command...
2003-12-08 tridgesome ldap samba interface scripts
2003-11-27 tridgea little open preload
2003-11-25 mbpFix glitch in making population vectors
2003-11-25 mbpDoc
2003-11-25 mbpTry using Psyco. It's great!
2003-11-25 mbpBuild the original list of words in order by size by...
2003-11-25 mbpProgramming problem from Stephane
2003-11-19 tridgewin32 side of new tests
2003-11-14 tridgeupdate makefile
2003-11-14 tridgeconverted to using a Makefile, which saves fiddling...
2003-10-27 tridgeallow threads to be disabled at compile time
2003-10-26 tridgememory cleanup and neater timing code
2003-10-26 tridgetwo pipe sync - no need for shared mem
2003-10-26 tridgebetter select error checking
2003-10-26 tridgedon't leak fds
2003-10-26 tridgemuch better barrier sync at startup
2003-10-25 tridgeadd a copyright
2003-10-25 tridgeadded dirsingle
2003-10-25 tridgesimple thread vs process perf test
2003-10-25 tridgeadded thread malloc benchmark
2003-09-23 tridgeflush after each line
2003-09-17 tridgecheck for main prog
2003-09-17 tridgeadded stdio.h
2003-09-17 tridgeremove setgroups/getgroups hack
2003-09-16 tridgeuse direct syscall
2003-09-16 tridgeuse ./ in so path
2003-09-16 tridgeadded some docs
2003-09-14 tridgeuse direct syscall
2003-09-14 tridgemax allowed groups
2003-09-11 tridgeinitgroups utility
2003-09-09 tridgenicer output in writefiles.c
2003-08-31 tridgedon't write to stdout on remote end
2003-08-31 tridgefix tmp path
2003-08-31 tridgeadded verbosity stuff and mail_sendmail_hook
2003-07-30 tridgefixed a signed/unsigned bug in i
2003-07-16 tridgefix for gcc-3
2003-07-10 tridgecommit some odds and ends from december
2003-06-19 tridgebetter error reporting
2003-05-22 tridgestandalone nsstest prog
2003-05-22 tridgemuch more up to date version of cvs history code
2003-05-20 tridge- added MAIL_RUNNER_CONF
2003-04-10 tpotWin32 DCERPC server for testing large request and respo...
2003-02-17 tridgesimple geteuid test
2003-02-13 tridgeget the starting conditions right
2003-02-08 tridgeadded unpacked link
2003-02-08 tridgeadded unpacked link
2003-02-07 tridgesimple ppp over ssh setup
2003-01-18 tridgepatch to make -h work when no config is setup
2003-01-14 tridgetivo time client
2003-01-10 tridgeuseful filter
2002-12-21 tridgebetter shingles code
2002-12-21 tridgesimple shingles code
2002-12-20 tridgeadd dual hashes note
2002-12-03 tridgeupdated to latest librsync code
2002-12-02 tridgethis is the original rproxy code, which is still useful...
2002-11-22 tridgefixed a segv
2002-11-12 tridgeuseful util