fixed for newer perl
[tridge/junkcode.git] / trd /
2001-07-31 tridgeadded MAX_DEVS
2001-07-31 tridgeadded dummy disk
2001-07-29 tridgefixed compile
2001-07-29 tridgeallocate if necessary in make_request
2001-07-29 tridgeswitched to make_request structure
2001-07-29 tridgeadded unknown ioctl printk
2001-07-28 tridgefixed blocksizes for minor devices
2001-07-28 tridgepatch from ted
2001-07-27 tridgeinit msg in k
2001-07-27 tridgechanged to using get_free_page to allow for big ramdisk...
2001-07-26 tridgedon't need bootmem.h any more
2001-07-26 tridgeadded support for minor devices
2001-07-24 tridgeadded README
2001-07-23 tridgeput back trd released message
2001-07-23 tridgechanged chunk size to 1M
2001-07-23 tridgeadded chunked vmalloc to allow for larger ramdisks
2001-07-23 tridgeadded BLKGETSIZE
2001-07-23 tridgefirst version