added latency tool
[tridge/junkcode.git] / thread_perf.c
2007-07-02 Andrew Tridgelladded fstat testing to thread_perf
2004-01-18 tridgeadded a warning about linking to -lpthread
2004-01-18 tridge#include fix from groggy
2003-10-27 tridgeallow threads to be disabled at compile time
2003-10-26 tridgememory cleanup and neater timing code
2003-10-26 tridgetwo pipe sync - no need for shared mem
2003-10-26 tridgebetter select error checking
2003-10-26 tridgedon't leak fds
2003-10-26 tridgemuch better barrier sync at startup
2003-10-25 tridgeadd a copyright
2003-10-25 tridgeadded dirsingle
2003-10-25 tridgesimple thread vs process perf test