LCA2011 version
[tridge/junkcode.git] / rpcecho-win32 /
2005-01-19 tridgeadded testing of enums to the win32 version of rpcecho
2004-09-12 tridgeallow run multiple commands in rpcecho
2004-08-29 tridgeadded the TestSleep() call to the win32 version of...
2004-06-16 tridgeadded server auth
2004-06-15 tridgefixed command line in client
2004-05-30 tridgeadded support for rpc over tcp in echo test
2004-05-01 tridgeadded sign/seal and auth capabilities
2003-12-14 tridgeallow the binding string to be specified on the command...
2003-11-19 tridgewin32 side of new tests
2003-11-14 tridgeupdate makefile
2003-11-14 tridgeconverted to using a Makefile, which saves fiddling...
2003-04-10 tpotWin32 DCERPC server for testing large request and respo...