up io error count if not exiting
[tridge/junkcode.git] / genstruct /
2002-06-30 tridgefixed a structure parse bug
2002-06-28 tridgecleaner syntax, more portable
2002-06-27 tridgea bit more robust structure parsing
2002-06-27 tridgeless verbose genstruct.pl output
2002-06-27 tridgefixed handling of unsigned values
2002-06-27 tridgetake advantage of cpp to do a lot of the grunt work
2002-06-25 tridgenicer nullterm code
2002-06-24 tridgemuch nicer internal structure!
2002-06-24 tridgemore robust includes handling
2002-06-23 tridgemuch faster C parsing
2002-06-23 tridgefaster canonicalisation of C files
2002-06-23 tridgeadded some comments and docs
2002-06-23 tridgesped up structure dumping
2002-06-22 tridgeadded enum support
2002-06-21 tridgesome speed improvements
2002-06-21 tridgefixed a pointer size bug
2002-06-21 tridgefixed a dynanmic bug
2002-06-20 tridgemore bug fixes
2002-06-19 tridgemuch more generic string handling
2002-06-19 tridgeerror checking and more tests
2002-06-19 tridgeadded some error checking
2002-06-19 tridgeignore some files
2002-06-19 tridgemuch better test code
2002-06-16 tridgeminor updates
2002-06-16 tridgestructure generation code