descriptionDMAPI HSM server
ownerAndrew Tridgell
last changeTue, 26 Aug 2008 10:45:07 +0000 (20:45 +1000)
2008-08-26 rootapi updates master
2008-08-26 Andrew Tridgellfixed compilation errors
2008-08-25 Andrew Tridgellstarted moving to a pluggable backend
2008-08-18 Andrew Tridgellzero length means whole file
2008-08-18 Andrew Tridgelladded -D switch for detailed DMAPI info
2008-08-18 Andrew Tridgellbetter disable location
2008-08-18 Andrew Tridgellchange attribute name
2008-08-18 Andrew Tridgelldon't delay during token recovery
2008-08-18 Andrew Tridgelladded comments
2008-08-18 Andrew Tridgelladded some comments
2008-08-18 Andrew Tridgelldocument options
2008-08-17 Andrew Tridgelladded an optional recall delay
2008-08-17 Andrew Tridgellget rid of zombies
2008-08-17 Andrew Tridgellallow fork per message
2008-08-17 Andrew Tridgelldocument startup
2008-08-17 Andrew Tridgellwait for DMAPI sevice to start on startup, and on ESTALE
10 years ago master