2008-04-23 Herb Lewisupdate manpage for profiling-level option
2008-04-23 Karolin SeegerAdd documentation for new net sam subcommand deleteloca...
2008-04-23 Gerald Carterfix a few typos pointed out by James
2008-04-23 Gerald Carteradd docs on idmap_ad:schema_mode
2008-04-23 Karolin SeegerAdd some missing whitespaces.
2008-04-23 Karolin SeegerFix typos in idmap_rid manpage.
2008-04-23 Simo SorceAuth info for idmap_ldap
2008-04-23 Jeremy AllisonDocument the fact this doesn't work with "security...
2008-04-23 Gerald Carter"reset on zero vc" is a global option. Make docs
2008-04-23 Volker LendeckeFix idmap manpages. Thanks to Karolin Seeger! :-)
2008-04-23 Gerald CarterJeremy says not to set the length. Just use defaults
2008-04-23 Simo SorceDocument the net sam options
2008-04-23 Andrew BartlettClarify that you don't want to use %m in 'add machine...
2008-04-23 Jeremy AllisonAdd docs for readahead vfs module.
2008-04-23 Jeremy AllisonUpdate docs for #4486.
2008-04-23 Jelmer VernooijUse default autoconf extension, add some ignore files.
2008-04-23 Simo SorceDocument the ldapsam:editposix parametrical option
2008-04-23 Simo SorceFix idmap_ad sgml
2008-04-23 Simo SorceCopy&Paste leftover for the example description, fix it.
2008-04-23 Simo Sorceman page for IDMAP_AD
2008-04-23 Simo Sorcemention idmap domains
2008-04-23 Simo Sorceformatting
2008-04-23 Simo SorceExplain it in another way, that will not set up false...
2008-04-23 Gerald Carteradd stubs for idmap_{ad,rid}.8
2008-04-23 Gerald Carteradd idmap_nss man page
2008-04-23 Gerald Carterfix a typo in idmap_ldap man page
2008-04-23 Gerald Cartermore idmap doc updates
2008-04-23 Gerald CarterFill in the idmap_ldap man page and clean up a few...
2008-04-23 Gerald Carterfill in the idmap_tdb man page
2008-04-23 Gerald Carteradd more idmap alloc smb.conf entries
2008-04-23 Gerald Carteradd references id idmap uid/gid to the new idmap parameters
2008-04-23 Gerald Cartermore idmap option updates
2008-04-23 Gerald Carterfix bad ending tag
2008-04-23 Gerald Carterman page updates for new idmap options (still a work...
2008-04-23 Jim McDonoughAdd nfs4:chown option, and a few formatting changes.
2008-04-23 Volker LendeckeTypo found by Tom Bork -- thanks
2008-04-23 Jim McDonoughA few updates to the gpfs manpage. Clarify some langua...
2008-04-23 Jim McDonoughAdd manpage for gpfs module. Thanks to Chetan Shringarpure
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFix reference to vfs_audit - pointed out by der Tom.
2008-04-23 Herb Lewisadd documentation for debug prefix timestamp
2008-04-23 James PeachAdd chflags to the list of audited operations and sort...
2008-04-23 Volker LendeckeMore doc fixes by Tom Bork -- thanks :-)
2008-04-23 Volker LendeckeFix doc defaults report by Tom Bork -- Thanks :-)
2008-04-23 Jeremy AllisonUpdate manpage to add "minsize" parameter.
2008-04-23 James PeachApparantly putting a newline in the "wrong" place can...
2008-04-23 James PeachRemove bogus mention of ACLs. Note that quota units...
2008-04-23 James PeachDocument tdbtool.
2008-04-23 James PeachI can't spell "choice". Twice.
2008-04-23 James PeachDocument eventlogadm. The synopsis does not format...
2008-04-23 James PeachMake sure all the modules are referred to as vfs_module...
2008-04-23 James PeachRename module manpages for consistency.
2008-04-23 James PeachDocument the full_audit VFS module.
2008-04-23 James PeachDocument the extd_audit module.
2008-04-23 James PeachFix cut'n'paste error.
2008-04-23 James PeachDocument the catia VFS module.
2008-04-23 James PeachFix cut'n'pasted command summary.
2008-04-23 James PeachDocument the cap VFS module.
2008-04-23 James PeachMake capitalisation consistent.
2008-04-23 James PeachDocument the prealloc VFS module.
2008-04-23 James PeachDocument the commit VFS module.
2008-04-23 James PeachDocument cacheprime VFS module.
2008-04-23 James PeachDocument netatalk VFS module.
2008-04-23 James PeachDocument shadow_copy module.
2008-04-23 James PeachDocument fam_notify module.
2008-04-23 James PeachDocument the recycle VFS module.
2008-04-23 James PeachRestore missing refentry tag.
2008-04-23 James PeachFix cut'n'paste error.
2008-04-23 James PeachFix cut'n'paste error.
2008-04-23 James PeachDocument fake_perms module.
2008-04-23 James PeachDocument default_quota module.
2008-04-23 James PeachDocument audit vfs module.
2008-04-23 James PeachDocument the readonly VFS module.
2008-04-23 Gerald Carteradding template file for individual manpages
2008-04-23 Volker LendeckeAfter merging the notify stuff to 3_0_25, check in...
2008-04-23 Volker LendeckeTalked to Jerry on irc, he does not see what might...
2008-04-23 Volker LendeckeDocs for "printjob username"
2008-04-23 Jelmer VernooijFix use with newer versions of xsltproc.
2008-04-23 Samba Release... fix the broken generation of the smb.conf.5.html page
2008-04-23 Steve Frenchminor updates to linux client user guide
2008-04-23 Steve FrenchAdd documentation for linux cifs client
2008-04-23 Volker LendeckeRemove a section assuming multiple password backends
2008-04-23 Volker LendeckeSome smbconf fixes from Karolin Seeger <
2008-04-23 Gerald CarterAdding docs for new 'winbind normalize names' option.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFix typos reported in Bug#4358
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFixing bad info regarding UNIX file and directory acces...
2008-04-23 Gerald CarterBUG 4343: Clarify the intent of ldapsam:trusted = yes
2008-04-23 Andrew BartlettFix debian bug #404702 and clarify some points about...
2008-04-23 James PeachShould use entity-encoded newlines.
2008-04-23 James Peachnroff .fi and .nf directive need to be at the beginning...
2008-04-23 James PeachAllow make to echo the execution of most commands....
2008-04-23 James PeachOnly search for dia for those targets that actually...
2008-04-23 Jim McDonoughAlso update the HOWTO with the createcomputer informati...
2008-04-23 Jim McDonoughAdd ads-only options for net ads join
2008-04-23 John TerpstraMore cleanups to be done.
2008-04-23 Gerald Carterclarify when the 'add machine script' is applicable
2008-04-23 John TerpstraEdits by monyo.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFix ambiguity and erroneous info regarding name manglin...
2008-04-23 John TerpstraMore fixes.
2008-04-23 Volker LendeckeDocs fix for r19820
2008-04-23 Volker LendeckeFix Bug 4240. Thanks to Karolin <> for...