2008-04-23 Steve FrenchUpdate cifs vfs man page to add missing new mount options
2008-04-23 John TerpstraReformat source files, move 'default' info into body...
2008-04-23 Tim PotterAdd some documentation for the 'iprint server' parameter.
2008-04-23 Tim PotterFix some misuse of the smbconfoption element.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFix typo.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFurther updates from one of Jerry's emails.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraUpdating documentation of tdb files some more.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraAnother touch-up.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFixes only.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraAdded IDMAP dump/restore command info.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraRemoval of parameter mistakenly readded into list.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraUpdate changed parameters for 3.0.21.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraTidy up only.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFixing messy man page information.
2008-04-23 Volker LendeckeDocument "passdb expand explicit" properly
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFix typos.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraAdding modification of Jeremy's documenation for for...
2008-04-23 John TerpstraUpdate to include Centrify information.
2008-04-23 Jeremy AllisonMake us follow the newly documented pathname processing...
2008-04-23 Volker LendeckeDocument passdb:expand_explicit
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFix typos.
2008-04-23 Volker LendeckeDocument "reset on zero vc"
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFix paths. Bug#2743.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFix typo. Bug#3127.
2008-04-23 Jeremy AllisonMore corrections.
2008-04-23 Jeremy AllisonFix typos.
2008-04-23 Jeremy AllisonDocument "acl check permissions" for 3.0.21.
2008-04-23 Gerald Carterfemoving outdated registry file to prevent confusion
2008-04-23 Jeremy AllisonAdded acl map full control docs.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraAdd information regarding PDC/BDC roles.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraClean up file.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraClean up file.
2008-04-23 Volker LendeckeDocument recycle:touch_mtime
2008-04-23 John TerpstraRemoving manpages again.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraA slew of fixups that were causing problems for some...
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFix bug report #3225.
2008-04-23 Gerald Carterfixing typo in the 'map readonly = permissions' explana...
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFix Bug #3183.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFixes and reformatting from Bug #3190, plus a clean-up.
2008-04-23 Günther DeschnerDocument idmap_ad plugin and "winbindd nss info".
2008-04-23 John TerpstraDocscovering the rename user script from jmcd.
2008-04-23 Gerald Carterfix typoe in 'map to guest' entry
2008-04-23 Jeremy AllisonChange dfree command to be a share level parameter.
2008-04-23 Jeremy AllisonAdded a few clarifications on map readonly parameter.
2008-04-23 Gerald Carterremove unknown tag
2008-04-23 Gerald Carteradding dpcs for 'eventlog list' and 'svcctl list'
2008-04-23 John TerpstraAdded mape read only parameter to the new parameter...
2008-04-23 John TerpstraAdding map read only docs.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraApply docs patch from
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFix for bug #3180.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFix for Bug #3179.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraUpdated from 2.2 to Samba 3.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraRemove another reference to editreg - a deleted applica...
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFixing bad XML to ascii code conversions by replacing...
2008-04-23 John TerpstraReplace macro with expanded text.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFix for bug #2303.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFix for bug #2692 - Do not use NetBIOS name PIPE.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFix bug #3061. Restart nmbd when editing wins.dat.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraAnother attempt to fix bug #3146.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFix for bug #3139 - remove testprns man page.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFix for bug #3146
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFix for bug #3148
2008-04-23 John TerpstraRemoved statement that it would be problematic to make...
2008-04-23 John TerpstraAdded description of the X flag, removed reference...
2008-04-23 John TerpstraAdd missing domains container. Reported by Arun Sharma...
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFix typo.
2008-04-23 Tim PotterHandle dia not being present more gracefully.
2008-04-23 Alexander BokovoyCode in Samba 3 states "use sendfile = false" so docume...
2008-04-23 John TerpstraAdding missed comment mark-up.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFix typo.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFixing typos.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraAdding documentation for vfs_default_quotas module.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraAdding info regarding account flags.
2008-04-23 Tim PotterRemove CVS directory checked in to svn.
2008-04-23 Gerald Carterfixing up some links in the html documentation
2008-04-23 John TerpstraUpdating parameter changes from 3.0.20 release notes.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFormatting and other fixes to man pages.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraRe-clarification based on feedback.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraClarification based on feedback.
2008-04-23 Gerald Carterremove the printmode documentation since the command...
2008-04-23 Gerald Carteradd note about print admin being deprecated
2008-04-23 Jelmer VernooijMore verbose error message + ignore generated pdf files...
2008-04-23 Jelmer VernooijAdd simple test document used for testing the docs...
2008-04-23 Jelmer VernooijFix spacing issues.
2008-04-23 Jeremy AllisonAdded "acl group control" docs.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFix typo.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraRemoving manpages from the version on Samba.Org.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFurther clarification regarding ldap suffix usage.
2008-04-23 Gerald Carterone more round of clarifications
2008-04-23 Gerald Carterclarifying ldap suffix options
2008-04-23 John TerpstraUpdating RID information.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFixing missing link errors.
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFix typo.
2008-04-23 Gerald Carter* addminf username map script docs
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFix typo reported by Raphael Langerhorst <raphael-lange...
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFix typo.
2008-04-23 Günther DeschnerNames can fail to resolve in %m, not in %L when listeni...
2008-04-23 John TerpstraMore documentation regarding disabling of roamin profil...
2008-04-23 Jelmer VernooijFix italics issues in Subject Index
2008-04-23 John TerpstraFix typo.