Make Build ETA column clickable, resizeable and sortable like the others.
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2008-04-08 Tim PotterFix error handling in initial connection.
2008-04-07 Tim PotterAdd some doco about object returned by initial subscrib...
2008-03-30 Tim PotterUpdate docs.
2008-03-30 Tim PotterAdd missing callbacks for MODE_LOGS and logchunk callba...
2008-03-29 Tim PotterAdd callbacks for build steps plus some more docs.
2008-03-28 Tim PotterFix syntax error.
2008-03-28 Tim PotterFix typo in constant.
2008-03-28 Tim PotterAdd callbacks for first two levels of subscription...
2008-03-28 Tim PotterInitial checkin of code to connect to remote PB service.