2014-11-20 Robert CollinsRelease 1.5.0. master
2014-11-17 Thomi RichardsMerge pull request #124 from rbtcollins/show-errors
2014-11-17 Robert CollinsShow import error details.
2014-11-17 Robert CollinsRelease 1.4.0
2014-11-17 Robert CollinsFix setUpClass upcalls on Python 2.6.
2014-11-15 Robert CollinsRelease 1.3.0.
2014-11-15 Robert CollinsBuild universal wheels.
2014-11-15 Robert CollinsFix to work without six installed.
2014-11-15 Robert CollinsFix skipping setUpClass with self.skipException
2014-11-15 Robert CollinsRelease 1.2.1.
2014-11-15 Robert CollinsUse a PEP-440 dev version instead of snapshot-.
2014-11-15 Robert CollinsExpress our required unittest2 version.
2014-11-15 Robert CollinsOpening 1.2.1 for development.
2014-11-15 Robert CollinsRelease 1.2.0.
2014-11-15 Robert CollinsExpand test matrix to include Python 3.4 and pypy3
2014-11-15 Robert CollinsPin Pygments below 2.0 for our 3.2 build.
2014-11-13 Robert CollinsUse unittest2 TestProgram implementation.
2014-11-10 Jelmer VernooijMerge pull request #117 from jelmer/all-all
2014-11-08 Jelmer VernooijUpdate testtools.compat.__all__.
2014-11-07 Robert CollinsMake discover run the same tests as 'make test'.
2014-11-06 Robert CollinsImprove support for discovery on testtools.tests.
2014-11-02 Robert CollinsFixup travis. OOPS.
2014-11-01 Robert CollinsDepend on unittest2.
2014-10-31 Robert CollinsWe now publish wheels of testtools.
2014-10-16 Corey GoldbergFixed docstrings in
2014-10-15 Thomi RichardsMake text_content more explicit about the types that...
2014-10-14 Thomi RichardsFix unit tests which failed under pypy due to a change...
2014-09-13 Robert CollinsRelease 1.1.0.
2014-09-12 Thomi RichardsMerge pull request #105 from rbtcollins/bug-1368440
2014-09-11 Robert CollinsFix masking of fixture.setUp errors.
2014-09-02 Robert CollinsOpenning 1.0.1 for development.
2014-09-02 Robert CollinsRelease 1.0.0.
2014-09-02 Thomi RichardsMerge pull request #104 from rbtcollins/systemexit
2014-09-02 Robert CollinsFix handling of uncatchable exceptions.
2014-09-01 rbtcollinsMerge pull request #103 from thomir/fix-skip-decorator
2014-09-01 Thomi RichardsFix issue where using the skip* family of decorators...
2014-08-31 rbtcollinsMerge pull request #102 from rbtcollins/master
2014-08-31 Robert CollinsDocument backwards compatibility policy
2014-08-29 Thomi RichardsMerge pull request #101 from rbtcollins/master
2014-08-29 Robert CollinsDocument release pre-requisites.
2014-08-29 Robert CollinsOpening 0.9.40 for development.
2014-08-29 Robert CollinsUnbreak discovery from 0.9.38.
2014-08-29 Thomi RichardsOpening 0.9.39 for development.
2014-08-29 Thomi RichardsBumped version number for release.
2014-08-28 Robert CollinsBackport fix for load_tests in package modules.
2014-08-28 Robert CollinsImplement discover import error detection on 2.6.
2014-08-27 rbtcollinsMerge pull request #97 from jml/api-links
2014-08-27 Jonathan LangeFix broken links to old documentation
2014-08-26 Jonathan LangeGo back to capitalized testtools for now.
2014-08-26 Jonathan LangeFix rST error in `StreamResult`
2014-08-26 Jonathan LangeInitial cut of API changes
2014-08-26 Jonathan LangeIgnore all the things
2014-08-26 Jonathan LangeSome minor tweaks
2014-08-24 Robert CollinsOpening 0.9.38 for development.
2014-08-24 Robert CollinsRelease 0.9.37.
2014-08-24 Robert CollinsHonour stdout on TestProgram more fully.
2014-08-24 Robert CollinsHandle content objects better
2014-08-22 Robert CollinsOpening 0.9.37 for development.
2014-08-22 Robert CollinsRelease 0.9.36
2014-08-21 Robert CollinsError if setUp or tearDown are called twice.
2014-08-21 Robert CollinsRevert back to explicit test identification.
2014-08-21 Jonathan LangeMerge pull request #88 from Veebers/minor_doc_fixes
2014-08-18 Christopher LeeRemove newline in url that broke the link in the docs.
2014-06-10 Jonathan LangeMerge pull request #85 from robotfuel/master
2014-05-27 Chris Gagnonabandoned pull request revived to comply with comments...
2014-05-27 Chris GagnonMerge
2014-05-26 Jonathan LangeMerge pull request #82 from thomir/fix-expectedFailure
2014-05-16 Jonathan LangeMerge pull request #83 from thomir/add-text-content...
2014-05-15 Thomi RichardsRaise a TypeError when text_content is passed bytes...
2014-05-02 Jonathan LangeMerge pull request #78 from jogo/master
2014-03-10 Thomi RichardsAdded failing test for python 3.4 unittest.expectedFail...
2014-02-15 Joe GordonAdd optional message to assert(Not)In
2014-01-29 Robert CollinsOpening 0.9.36 for development.
2014-01-29 Robert CollinsFix automation harder.
2014-01-29 Robert CollinsRelease 0.9.35.
2014-01-29 Robert CollinsUse a credentials file rather than global keyring.
2014-01-29 Robert CollinsDon't try to release 'NEXT'.
2013-12-09 Thomi RichardsAdd expectThat method to testtools.TestCase.
2013-12-09 Daniel WatkinsBuild docs as part of the Travis build.
2013-12-04 Daniel WatkinsAdd assert_that NEWS entry.
2013-12-04 Daniel WatkinsCopy assertThat docstring on to assert_that.
2013-12-04 Daniel WatkinsAdd assert_that function documentation.
2013-12-04 Daniel WatkinsMove assertThat tests to separate module and apply...
2013-12-04 Daniel WatkinsCreate assert_that function and use it from TestCase...
2013-12-04 Jonathan LangeMerge pull request #71 from OddBloke/python24_25_removal
2013-12-04 Daniel WatkinsAdd NEWS entry for Python 2.4/2.5 code path removal.
2013-12-04 Daniel WatkinsUse explanatory functions for gnarly exception handling...
2013-12-04 Daniel WatkinsUse super correctly.
2013-12-03 Daniel WatkinsRemove workaround for getincrementaldecoder not being...
2013-12-03 Daniel WatkinsRemove documentation suggestion that we support anythin...
2013-12-03 Daniel WatkinsRevert "Workaround 2.4 threading bug in test_spinner."
2013-12-03 Daniel WatkinsUse a context manager as suggested by a comment.
2013-12-03 Daniel WatkinsDon't support Python 2.4 test method naming.
2013-12-03 Daniel WatkinsRemove Python 2.4 deprecation warning special-casing.
2013-12-03 Daniel WatkinsRemove (always skipped) test for string exceptions.
2013-12-03 Daniel WatkinsRemove another Python 2.4 special case.
2013-12-03 Daniel WatkinsRemove and relocate some now un-needed compatibility...
2013-12-03 Daniel WatkinsWe no longer need to handle Python 2.4's KeyboardInterr...
2013-12-03 Daniel WatkinsRemove trailing whitespace.
2013-12-03 Daniel WatkinsWe no longer need to handle string exceptions in TestCase.