2013-06-16 Robert Collins* `subunit-stats` no longer outputs encapsulated stdout...
2013-06-16 Robert Collins* The logic for `` is now importable via...
2013-06-16 Robert CollinsBUG FIXES
2013-05-25 Jelmer VernooijMerge use of AM_PATH_AR in, which fixes...
2013-05-25 Robert CollinsRelease 0.12
2013-05-24 Jelmer VernooijInvoke AM_PATH_AR. Fixes a warning from autoreconf.
2013-05-12 Robert CollinsBUG FIXES
2013-04-08 Robert CollinsRelease 0.0.11, depending on the new testtools StreamRe...
2013-03-31 Robert CollinsSwitch to variable length encoded integers.
2013-03-12 Robert Collins* ```` now replaces sys.stdout to ensure...
2013-03-06 Robert CollinsFixes from getting testrepository running with v2.
2013-03-04 Robert CollinsEnumerate tests before running (permits progress bars).
2013-03-03 Robert CollinsFix up buffering to make pdb usable.
2013-03-03 Robert CollinsConvert to v2.
2013-03-03 Robert CollinsPort existing filters to v2.
2013-02-27 Robert CollinsUpdate subunit-ls.
2013-02-26 Robert CollinsBatch up input in ByteStreamToStreamResult.
2013-02-26 Robert CollinsUpdate subunit-filter to consume and emit v2.
2013-02-25 Robert CollinsAdd basic 1to2 and 2to1 filters.
2013-02-25 Robert CollinsMake streams all binary and fix incorrect ordering...
2013-02-25 Robert CollinsMore docs.
2013-02-25 Robert CollinsAdd an implementation of parser and generator for v2...
2013-02-24 Robert CollinsMissing word.
2013-02-22 Robert CollinsStart on an encoder.
2013-02-22 Robert CollinsFix CRC32 in example.
2013-02-22 Robert CollinsTypo fix.
2013-02-22 Robert CollinsDocument new wire protocol.
2013-02-07 Robert CollinsRelease 0.0.10.
2013-02-07 Robert Collins* make_stream_binary is now public for reuse. (Robert...
2013-01-27 Robert CollinsTweak Python3 support to help testrepository get 3...
2012-12-17 Robert CollinsActually document the version in NEWS.
2012-12-17 Robert CollinsRelease 0.0.9.
2012-12-17 Robert CollinsAlso include tests in PyPI tarball, for folk that want...
2012-12-17 Robert CollinsDocument subunit2csv's existence.
2012-12-17 Robert Collins* Test ids which include non-ascii unicode characters...
2012-12-17 Robert Collins* All the source files are now included in the distribu...
2012-12-17 Robert Collins* The ``failfast`` option to ```` will now...
2012-05-10 Robert CollinsFix distcheck (again).
2012-05-09 Robert CollinsAlso dist ``python/subunit/``. (Robert Collins)
2012-05-09 Robert Collins* ``python/subunit/tests/`` was not included...
2012-05-07 Robert CollinsRelease 0.0.8.
2012-05-07 Robert Collins* Python2.6 support was broken by the fixup feature.
2012-05-07 Robert CollinsPython3.1 support from Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis.
2012-05-07 Robert CollinsHandle text stdin and stdout streams.
2012-05-07 Robert Collins* Python3 support regressed in trunk.
2012-05-07 Robert CollinsIgnore __pycache__.
2012-05-03 Robert CollinsMake _make_tag_filter public.
2012-05-02 Robert CollinsRestore forwarding of all time calls through TestResult...
2012-05-02 Robert Collins* Tags can now be filtered. (Jonathan Lange, #664171)
2012-04-26 Jonathan LangeAlways forward time events from TestResultFilter.
2012-04-26 Benji Yorkmake time pass through filtered tests
2012-04-26 Jonathan LangeFix up some XXX comments.
2012-04-26 Jonathan LangeMerge trunk
2012-04-26 Jonathan LangeMerge tag-collapsing-rigor.
2012-04-20 Jonathan LangeUse the TagsMixin on the predicate so local and global...
2012-04-20 Jonathan LangeFactor a TagsMixin out of TagCollapsingDecorator
2012-04-20 Jonathan LangePut stuff in functions.
2012-04-20 Jonathan LangeRestore regex filtering.
2012-04-20 Jonathan LangeRe-use slightly more code.
2012-04-20 Jonathan LangeRe-use more common code.
2012-04-20 Jonathan LangeMake the integration test include local tags as well.
2012-04-20 Jonathan LangeMerge updates from tag-collapsing-rigor.
2012-04-20 Jonathan LangeFlush global tags too.
2012-04-20 Jonathan LangeFactor subunit-filter some more.
2012-04-20 Jonathan LangeMerge tag collapsing thing.
2012-04-20 Jonathan LangeCollapse tags outside of tests too.
2012-04-20 Jonathan LangeMake sure tags directives are sent before addSuccess...
2012-04-20 Jonathan LangeProperly scope tag collapsing
2012-04-20 Jonathan LangeMake sure tags are sent before result.
2012-04-19 Jonathan Langedon't rely on current_tags, implement it ourselves.
2012-04-19 Jonathan LangeComments.
2012-04-12 Jonathan LangeProgress, of a sort.
2012-04-10 Jonathan LangeAdd tests that exercise the subunit-filter filter.
2012-04-10 Jonathan LangeExtract a helper.p
2012-04-10 Jonathan LangeComposition is better than inheritance.
2012-04-10 Jonathan LangeMake sure all of our predicates support tags.
2012-04-10 Jonathan LangeAllow the predicate to filter tags.
2012-04-10 Jonathan LangeA layer of abstraction that can help us.
2012-04-10 Jonathan LangeFlakes
2012-04-10 Jonathan LangeFactor out the "fixup expected failures" thing so they...
2012-04-10 Jonathan LangeExtract out a filter base class that just deals with...
2012-03-27 Jonathan LangeMerge lp:~jml/subunit/to-csv -- Add subunit2csv script...
2012-03-27 Jonathan LangeFactor out subunit-notify
2012-03-27 Jonathan LangeAdd a post-run hook.
2012-03-27 Jonathan LangeTry to reduce double negatives and be more explicit...
2012-03-27 Jonathan LangeNot XML
2012-03-27 Jonathan LangeRename main() and give it a docstring.
2012-03-27 Jonathan LangeFactor out JUnitXML
2012-03-27 Jonathan LangeDocstrings and renaming.
2012-03-27 Jonathan LangeMore fiddling about.
2012-03-27 Jonathan LangeMore tweaking of boundaries.
2012-03-27 Jonathan LangeTry to factor out the filter code.
2012-03-25 Jonathan LangeRename csv_result to CsvResult.
2012-03-25 Jonathan LangeDon't write anything until startTestRun is called.
2012-03-25 Jonathan LangeTighter testing.
2012-03-25 Jonathan LangeDon't bother testing the script because no one has...
2012-03-25 Jonathan LangeTest for csv output.
2012-03-25 Jonathan LangeResolve XXX about testtools support for tags.
2012-03-25 Jonathan LangeMerge trunk.
2012-03-25 Jonathan LangeUpdate to behave correctly with tags.