2006-12-02 Jonathan LangeClarify the line-handling logic
2006-12-02 Jonathan LangeUse absolute paths so the tests run from trial
2006-10-10 Jonathan LangeCorrect spelling: recieved -> received.
2006-10-10 Jonathan Langescons droppings
2006-05-02 Robert CollinsRemove stale import from shell/SConsscript.
2006-04-17 Robert CollinsSimplify test running, combine shell and python tests...
2006-04-17 Robert CollinsFinish stage one conversion to scons.
2006-04-16 Robert Collinscppunit patch and c++ README.
2006-04-15 Robert CollinsAdd patch for check.
2006-04-15 Robert CollinsMake C bindings installable with DESTDIR support.
2006-04-15 Robert CollinsUpdate README to mention bindings more clearly.
2006-04-15 Robert CollinsFinish C child bindings.
2006-04-15 Robert CollinsStart C language bindings.
2006-04-14 Robert CollinsAdd a patch for ShUnit 1.3 to use subunit if desired.
2006-04-14 Robert CollinsBasic shell subunit bindings working.
2006-04-14 Robert CollinsTest the output of subunit_start_test.
2006-04-14 Robert CollinsStart shell bindings.
2005-11-30 Robert CollinsImplement IsolatedTestSuite.
2005-11-30 Robert CollinsFlush stdout and stderr before exiting in IsolatedTestC...
2005-09-03 Robert Collinsfix a hidden bug where child processes would not exit...
2005-08-28 Robert Collinsflesh out readme
2005-08-28 Robert Collinsremove double buffering from IsolatedTestCase
2005-08-28 Robert Collinsimplement an IsolatedTestCase that runs itself in a...
2005-08-28 Robert Collinsuse a subprocess test case in the test suite
2005-08-28 Robert Collinscreate an ExecTestCase
2005-08-28 Robert Collinsturn the story example into a TestResult user
2005-08-28 Robert Collinsmake the client of TestProtocolServer expect something...
2005-08-28 Robert Collinscreate a client concept for the TestProtocolServer
2005-08-27 Robert Collinspassing a pipe to the protocol works
2005-08-27 Robert CollinsaddError follows unittest api
2005-08-27 Robert CollinsaddError call matches unittest api
2005-08-27 Robert CollinsaddTest now mirrors unittest api
2005-08-27 Robert Collinsconvert startTest to pass a RemotedTestCase object
2005-08-27 Robert Collinscreate a RemotedTestCase class
2005-08-27 Robert Collinsdoh, add the test suite
2005-08-27 Robert Collinsfinish core server protocol implementation
2005-08-27 Robert Collinsimplement failure and success
2005-08-27 Robert Collinsprotocol start, connection loss, passthrough to test...
2005-08-27 Robert Collinsdesign up a protocol with kfish