Use cleaner test doubles in test_test_protocol.
[third_party/subunit] / python / subunit / tests /
2009-10-24 Robert CollinsUse cleaner test doubles in test_test_protocol.
2009-10-13 Robert CollinsMove details parsing into a separate class.
2009-10-10 Robert Collinsmultipart details trigger the parser to detect interrup...
2009-10-10 Robert CollinsMove chunking to be \r\n based and create a dedicated...
2009-10-10 Robert CollinsMerge trunk to resolve NEWS.
2009-10-09 Robert CollinsSupport addUnexpectedSuccess.
2009-10-09 Robert CollinsAdd support for addExpectedFailure in the Subunit pytho...
2009-10-08 Robert CollinsWire up addSkip to details.
2009-10-07 Robert CollinsHook addError up to the details protocol.
2009-10-04 Robert CollinsHook addFailure to to details.
2009-10-04 Robert CollinsHook up addSuccess with a details parameter.
2009-09-30 Robert CollinsLicense change to BSD/Apache License 2.0.
2009-09-09 Robert CollinsGet make distcheck working with Jelmers perl-install...
2009-09-08 Robert CollinsMerge python API changes for tagging.
2009-08-30 Robert CollinsChange python API for tags to just consistently call...
2009-08-30 Robert CollinsMerge Martin's regex filter patch.
2009-08-27 Robert CollinsMerge progress model overhaul adding nest progress...
2009-08-08 Robert CollinsExtend the progress model to support a push/pop model.
2009-08-08 Robert CollinsMerge bugfix to expose xfail in python2.7 and above.
2009-08-08 Robert CollinsReview feedback.
2009-08-06 Robert Collinspython: pass xfail outcomes to TestResult.addExpectedFa...
2009-08-05 Robert CollinsAdd --no-passthrough option to most filters.
2009-08-02 Robert CollinsAdd --no-passthrough option to various filters.
2009-07-29 Robert CollinsMerge linear progress support for the protocol definiti...
2009-07-28 Robert CollinsBasic progress support.
2009-07-22 Robert CollinsMerge support for time: tags in the python bindings...
2009-07-22 Robert CollinsAdd TestProtocolClient.time().
2009-07-20 Robert CollinsSupport microsecond times.
2009-07-20 Robert CollinsTeach python to call TestResult.time on time: tags.
2009-07-19 Robert CollinsMerge fix for bug bug 353510, allowing arguments to...
2009-07-18 Robert CollinsSupport arguments in ExecTestCase.
2009-02-28 Robert CollinsUpdate skip support in python to be in line with testtools.
2009-02-23 Robert CollinsRemove the unnecessary and annoying subunit.RemotedTest...
2009-02-21 Robert CollinsMajor new features:
2008-12-14 Robert CollinsReview feedback on the skip/xfail/success comment branch.
2008-12-14 Robert CollinsMerge trunk.
2008-12-13 Robert CollinsMerge tags support.
2008-12-12 Jonathan LangeSplit tracebacks by line, rather than by any whitespace.
2008-12-08 Robert CollinsSwallow time: commands when seen.
2008-12-08 Robert CollinsMerge tags branch to resolve conflicts
2008-12-07 Robert CollinsHandle comments for test success (in wire parser) and...
2008-12-07 Robert CollinsAdd XFAIL support. As with Skip, there is no python...
2008-12-06 Robert CollinsImplement skip support for the protocol server (but...
2008-12-06 Robert CollinsImplement tags support in the protocol server, supporti...
2008-06-19 Jonathan LangeSplit tracebacks by *line* rather than by any whitespace.
2008-05-11 Jonathan LangeMake that the subunit client reports the test id, not...
2008-05-05 Jonathan LangeUse the test ID, not the test description.
2007-03-18 jml@canonical.comApply Jelmer's patch to fix LIBPATH for the C tests.
2007-03-18 jml@canonical.comSlightly more PEP compliant docstring.
2007-03-18 jml@canonical.comApply exarkun's fix to stdout pass-through
2007-02-12 Jean-Paul Calderonehandle stdout lines with no spaces in them from child...
2007-01-14 Jonathan LangeOops. Missed a rename.
2007-01-14 Jonathan LangeOops. Missed this.
2007-01-14 Jonathan LangeMake ExecTestCase test docstrings/paths relative to...
2007-01-14 Jonathan LangeRename sibpath to join_dir, and add a docstring.
2007-01-14 Jonathan LangeMake ExecTestCase test docstring/paths relative to...
2007-01-14 Jonathan LangeAdd sibpath
2007-01-14 Jonathan LangeClean up whitespace
2006-12-22 Jonathan Lange- Return a valid exc_info tuple from RemoteError
2006-12-19 Jonathan LangeReturn a valid exc_info tuple from RemoteError
2006-12-02 Jonathan LangeUse absolute paths so the tests run from trial
2006-04-15 Robert CollinsStart C language bindings.