Support the extended TestResult details API on TestResultFilter (but not yet on predi...
[third_party/subunit] / filters /
2009-10-25 Robert CollinsSupport the extended TestResult details API on TestResu...
2009-09-30 Robert CollinsLicense change to BSD/Apache License 2.0.
2009-09-08 Robert CollinsAlso document Perl.
2009-08-30 Robert CollinsMerge Martin's regex filter patch.
2009-08-27 Robert CollinsMerge progress model overhaul adding nest progress...
2009-08-27 Robert CollinsMerge subunit2junitcml --output-to option.
2009-08-08 Robert CollinsAdd a --output-to option to subunit2junitxml, to allow...
2009-08-08 Robert CollinsExtend the progress model to support a push/pop model.
2009-08-06 Martin PoolBuild regexp filter as a closure not using globals
2009-08-06 Martin PoolHelp message for --with/without
2009-08-06 Martin PoolClean up and rename subunit-filter --with
2009-08-05 Martin PoolAdd subunit-filter --match and --anti-match options
2009-08-05 Robert CollinsAdd --no-passthrough option to most filters.
2009-08-05 Robert CollinsFix indents.
2009-08-03 Robert CollinsFix optparse sense inversion in new option.
2009-08-02 Robert CollinsAdd --no-passthrough option to various filters.
2009-08-01 Robert CollinsMerge subunit2junitxml, a filter to convert subunit...
2009-08-01 Robert CollinsMerge subunit2gtk, a filter to show subunit activity...
2009-08-01 Robert CollinsReview feedback.
2009-08-01 Robert CollinsAdd subunit2junitxml.
2009-07-29 Robert CollinsMerge linear progress support for the protocol definiti...
2009-07-29 Robert CollinsFix gtk support more.
2009-07-29 Robert CollinsHandle python 2.5 a bit better in subunit2gtk.
2009-07-29 Robert CollinsAdd subunit2gtk
2009-07-28 Robert CollinsHook in progress bars for subunit2pyunit.
2009-07-22 Robert CollinsMerge support for time: tags in the python bindings...
2009-07-20 Robert CollinsPrint subunit-ls times as floats for easier scripting.
2009-07-20 Robert CollinsSupport microsecond times.
2009-07-20 Robert CollinsAdd support for showing test durations in subunit-ls
2009-05-08 Robert CollinsMerge autoconf transition and jaunty build updates.
2009-05-08 Robert CollinsSwitch to autoconf.
2009-03-30 Robert CollinsMerge polish branch - new check patch, install filters.
2009-03-27 Robert CollinsInstall filters
2009-03-08 Robert CollinsReview feedback on filters.
2009-03-01 Robert Collinssubunit-filter can now filter skips too.
2009-02-23 Robert CollinsRemove the unnecessary and annoying subunit.RemotedTest...
2009-02-22 Robert CollinsCreate a ls filter.
2009-02-22 Robert CollinsAdd a subunit-filter filter.
2009-02-21 Robert CollinsMajor new features:
2009-02-15 Robert CollinsReview feedback.
2008-12-14 Robert CollinsMerge trunk.
2008-12-09 Robert Collinssubunit-stats filter added.
2008-12-08 Robert CollinsAdd subunit-tags to alter the tags on a test stream.
2008-12-08 Robert CollinsAdd subunit2pyunit.
2008-12-08 Robert CollinsMerge tags branch to resolve conflicts
2008-12-07 Robert CollinsMake the tap2subunit filter actually work.
2008-12-07 Robert CollinsAdd a tap2subunit filter program.