Allow customisation of argument parser class used, so we can write failing tests...
[third_party/subunit] / filters /
2013-11-17 Thomi RichardsAdded new script file, modified to install...
2013-08-25 Robert Collins* Most filters will now accept a file path argument...
2013-08-25 Robert CollinsRetabbed subunit2gtk.
2013-08-25 Robert CollinsBetter PEP8 in subunit-tags script.
2013-06-16 Robert Collins* `subunit-stats` no longer outputs encapsulated stdout...
2013-04-08 Robert CollinsRelease 0.0.11, depending on the new testtools StreamRe...
2013-03-06 Robert CollinsFixes from getting testrepository running with v2.
2013-03-03 Robert CollinsPort existing filters to v2.
2013-02-27 Robert CollinsUpdate subunit-ls.
2013-02-26 Robert CollinsUpdate subunit-filter to consume and emit v2.
2013-02-25 Robert CollinsAdd basic 1to2 and 2to1 filters.
2012-05-03 Robert CollinsMake _make_tag_filter public.
2012-05-02 Robert Collins* Tags can now be filtered. (Jonathan Lange, #664171)
2012-04-26 Jonathan LangeMerge trunk
2012-04-20 Jonathan LangePut stuff in functions.
2012-04-20 Jonathan LangeRestore regex filtering.
2012-04-20 Jonathan LangeRe-use slightly more code.
2012-04-20 Jonathan LangeRe-use more common code.
2012-04-20 Jonathan LangeMerge updates from tag-collapsing-rigor.
2012-04-20 Jonathan LangeFactor subunit-filter some more.
2012-04-20 Jonathan LangeMerge tag collapsing thing.
2012-04-12 Jonathan LangeProgress, of a sort.
2012-04-10 Jonathan LangeMake sure all of our predicates support tags.
2012-03-27 Jonathan LangeMerge lp:~jml/subunit/to-csv -- Add subunit2csv script...
2012-03-27 Jonathan LangeFactor out subunit-notify
2012-03-27 Jonathan LangeRename main() and give it a docstring.
2012-03-27 Jonathan LangeFactor out JUnitXML
2012-03-27 Jonathan LangeMore fiddling about.
2012-03-27 Jonathan LangeTry to factor out the filter code.
2012-03-25 Jonathan LangeRename csv_result to CsvResult.
2012-03-25 Jonathan LangeMerge trunk.
2012-02-01 Jonathan LangeMerge trunk
2012-01-31 Jonathan LangeAdd a CSV filter.
2011-11-07 Jelmer VernooijMerge support for newer location of {Extended,Python26...
2011-10-31 Robert CollinsMerge trunk work that had gotten diverged.
2011-10-06 Jonathan LangeMerge Stewart Smith's branch to add timestamps to shell...
2011-07-04 Jonathan LangeAdd "subunit-filter -F" to set all the flags that remov...
2011-06-30 John Arbash MeinelTurn the -F handler into a callback that adds args.
2011-06-30 John Arbash MeinelAdd -F to suppress everything that isn't a failure...
2011-06-30 John Arbash MeinelRemove -F since it seemed controversial
2011-06-30 John Arbash MeinelMerge trunk tip, resolve NEWS.
2011-06-30 John Arbash MeinelMerge trunk r142 and resolve conflicts.
2011-05-23 Robert Collins* ``subunit-ls`` now handles a stream with time: instru...
2011-05-20 Robert CollinsUnbreak subunit-filter with no fixup option given.
2011-05-01 Robert CollinsMartins fix for failures on windows.
2011-04-27 Robert CollinsMerge python 3K changes.
2011-04-26 Jelmer VernooijMerge addition of --fixup-expected-failures argument...
2011-04-25 Jelmer VernooijMove read_test_filter to python/subunit.
2011-04-11 Jelmer VernooijFilter errors as well.
2011-04-11 Jelmer VernooijSupport --fixup-expected-failures argument to subunit...
2011-01-28 Jonathan LangeNew 'strict' option to Decoder. (Martin Pool)
2011-01-15 Robert Collins* The help for subunit-filter was confusing about the...
2010-12-08 Robert CollinsMerge filtering support.
2010-08-24 John Arbash Meinel(bug #623642) Add --no-xfail and -F to subunit-filter.
2010-08-05 Jonathan LangeMove the bulk of subunit-ls into an importable Python...
2010-08-04 Jonathan LangeFlakes
2010-08-04 Jonathan LangeMove TestIdPrintingResult from subunit-ls to subunit...
2010-01-25 Jelmer VernooijEliminate tabs used mixed in with spaces.
2010-01-17 Jelmer VernooijAdd --forward option to notify.
2010-01-16 Jelmer VernooijMerge SUBUNIT_FORMATTER patch.
2010-01-15 Robert CollinsFix the default of all for read in subunit2gtk, really...
2010-01-15 Robert CollinsFlush the read pipe after a process hangup is detected...
2010-01-14 Jelmer Vernooijmerge notification filter.
2010-01-14 Robert CollinsShut GTK up about None being returned instead of True...
2010-01-14 Robert CollinsMerge the change to not have a progress name collision...
2010-01-14 Vincent LadeuilMake subunit2gtk works and stop reporting the last...
2010-01-14 Jelmer VernooijAdd subunit script that notifies the test results.
2010-01-11 Jelmer Vernooijmerge subunit2gtk fixes.
2009-12-31 Jelmer VernooijRemove unused imports.
2009-12-31 Jelmer VernooijFix some variable names.
2009-12-17 Robert CollinsFix the -f switch for subunit2junitxml.
2009-12-15 Robert CollinsAdd experimental multipart support and addExpectFailure...
2009-12-14 Robert CollinsAdd --forward option to subunit2junitxml.
2009-12-14 Robert CollinsMerge junitxml --forward branch.
2009-12-14 Robert CollinsAdd --forward option to subunit2junitxml.
2009-12-07 Robert CollinsMerge trunk.
2009-10-25 Robert CollinsTeach filters about details and outcomes.
2009-10-25 Robert CollinsSupport the extended TestResult details API on TestResu...
2009-09-30 Robert CollinsLicense change to BSD/Apache License 2.0.
2009-09-08 Robert CollinsAlso document Perl.
2009-08-30 Robert CollinsMerge Martin's regex filter patch.
2009-08-27 Robert CollinsMerge progress model overhaul adding nest progress...
2009-08-27 Robert CollinsMerge subunit2junitcml --output-to option.
2009-08-08 Robert CollinsAdd a --output-to option to subunit2junitxml, to allow...
2009-08-08 Robert CollinsExtend the progress model to support a push/pop model.
2009-08-06 Martin PoolBuild regexp filter as a closure not using globals
2009-08-06 Martin PoolHelp message for --with/without
2009-08-06 Martin PoolClean up and rename subunit-filter --with
2009-08-05 Martin PoolAdd subunit-filter --match and --anti-match options
2009-08-05 Robert CollinsAdd --no-passthrough option to most filters.
2009-08-05 Robert CollinsFix indents.
2009-08-03 Robert CollinsFix optparse sense inversion in new option.
2009-08-02 Robert CollinsAdd --no-passthrough option to various filters.
2009-08-01 Robert CollinsMerge subunit2junitxml, a filter to convert subunit...
2009-08-01 Robert CollinsMerge subunit2gtk, a filter to show subunit activity...
2009-08-01 Robert CollinsReview feedback.
2009-08-01 Robert CollinsAdd subunit2junitxml.
2009-07-29 Robert CollinsMerge linear progress support for the protocol definiti...
2009-07-29 Robert CollinsFix gtk support more.
2009-07-29 Robert CollinsHandle python 2.5 a bit better in subunit2gtk.