* `subunit-stats` no longer outputs encapsulated stdout as subunit.
[third_party/subunit] / filters / subunit-stats
2013-06-16 Robert Collins* `subunit-stats` no longer outputs encapsulated stdout...
2013-03-03 Robert CollinsPort existing filters to v2.
2009-09-30 Robert CollinsLicense change to BSD/Apache License 2.0.
2009-08-05 Robert CollinsAdd --no-passthrough option to most filters.
2009-08-03 Robert CollinsFix optparse sense inversion in new option.
2009-08-02 Robert CollinsAdd --no-passthrough option to various filters.
2009-02-21 Robert CollinsMajor new features:
2009-02-15 Robert CollinsReview feedback.
2008-12-14 Robert CollinsMerge trunk.
2008-12-09 Robert Collinssubunit-stats filter added.