Flush global tags too.
[third_party/subunit] / configure.ac
2012-02-01 Jonathan LangeMerge trunk
2011-12-08 Jonathan LangeMake version guessing more reliable (mgz)
2011-11-07 Jelmer VernooijMerge support for newer location of {Extended,Python26...
2011-10-31 Robert CollinsMerge trunk work that had gotten diverged.
2011-06-12 Robert CollinsRelease 0.0.7.
2010-07-02 Robert CollinsRelease 0.0.6.
2010-01-19 Robert CollinsRelease 0.0.5
2009-12-17 Robert CollinsBump configure version for development cycle.
2009-12-17 Robert CollinsRelease 0.0.4.
2009-12-17 Robert CollinsUse m4_define and m4_defn rather than AC_DEFUN as per...
2009-12-15 Robert CollinsTarballs should not claim to be 0.0.3 :)
2009-12-07 Robert CollinsMerge trunk.
2009-12-07 Robert CollinsDo not use gcc specific flags on non-gcc builds.
2009-11-22 Trond NorbyeFix review comments
2009-11-05 Trond NorbyeDon't add GCC options to non gcc compilers
2009-10-10 Robert CollinsMerge trunk to resolve NEWS.
2009-10-09 Robert CollinsConvert the CPPUnit patch to a library usable with...
2009-10-03 Robert CollinsMove the C++ Listener from a patch against cppunit...
2009-09-30 Robert CollinsFix packaging bugs found when packaging 0.0.2 for Debia...
2009-09-09 Robert CollinsGet make distcheck working with Jelmers perl-install...
2009-07-20 Robert CollinsBump version and add NEWS file.
2009-05-08 Robert CollinsMerge autoconf transition and jaunty build updates.
2009-05-08 Robert CollinsSwitch to autoconf.