python: pass xfail outcomes to TestResult.addExpectedFailure, when it is defined.
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2009-05-08 Robert CollinsMerge autoconf transition and jaunty build updates.
2009-05-08 Robert CollinsAdd missing string.h include.
2009-05-08 Robert CollinsSwitch to autoconf.
2009-04-10 Robert CollinsOverhaul README.
2009-04-09 Robert CollinsOverhaul README.
2009-03-30 Robert CollinsMerge polish branch - new check patch, install filters.
2009-03-28 Robert CollinsFix the updated check 0.9.6 patch to pass selftest.
2009-03-28 Robert CollinsAdd check 0.9.6 patch.
2007-04-21 Robert CollinsUpdate the check patch to be more accceptable to upstre...
2007-01-28 Jelmer VernooijFix outdated website and typo in README.
2007-01-17 Jonathan Langewhitespace cleanup
2006-04-17 Robert CollinsSimplify test running, combine shell and python tests...
2006-04-17 Robert CollinsFinish stage one conversion to scons.
2006-04-16 Robert Collinscppunit patch and c++ README.
2006-04-15 Robert CollinsAdd patch for check.
2006-04-15 Robert CollinsMake C bindings installable with DESTDIR support.
2006-04-15 Robert CollinsFinish C child bindings.
2006-04-15 Robert CollinsStart C language bindings.