On windows, ProtocolTestCase and TestProtocolClient will set their streams to
[third_party/subunit] / NEWS
2010-05-12 Robert CollinsOn windows, ProtocolTestCase and TestProtocolClient...
2010-03-11 Robert CollinsFix incorrect ordering of tags method parameters in...
2010-02-19 Robert CollinsApply trivial doc fix from Brad Hards for c/README.
2010-01-19 Robert CollinsRelease 0.0.5
2010-01-16 Jelmer VernooijMerge SUBUNIT_FORMATTER patch.
2010-01-15 Jelmer VernooijSupport SUBUNIT_FORMATTER environment variable.
2010-01-14 Jelmer VernooijUpdate NEWS about subunit-notify.
2009-12-20 Robert CollinsFix make checkwhen subunit isn't currently installed...
2009-12-17 Robert CollinsRelease 0.0.4.
2009-12-17 Robert CollinsFix the -f switch for subunit2junitxml.
2009-12-15 Robert CollinsMark 0.0.3 as released.
2009-12-15 Robert CollinsAdd experimental multipart support and addExpectFailure...
2009-12-14 Robert CollinsAdd --forward option to subunit2junitxml.
2009-12-14 Robert CollinsMerge junitxml --forward branch.
2009-12-14 Robert CollinsAdd --forward option to subunit2junitxml.
2009-12-13 Robert CollinsRemove reference to deleted helper.
2009-12-11 Robert CollinsUse testtools facilities for the details API.
2009-12-07 Robert CollinsMerge trunk.
2009-12-07 Robert CollinsDo not use gcc specific flags on non-gcc builds.
2009-10-24 Robert CollinsNEWS update.
2009-10-18 Robert CollinsImplement a python TestResult decorator for outcome...
2009-10-10 Robert CollinsMerge trunk to resolve NEWS.
2009-10-09 Robert CollinsConvert the CPPUnit patch to a library usable with...
2009-10-09 Robert CollinsSupport addUnexpectedSuccess.
2009-10-09 Robert CollinsAdd support for addExpectedFailure in the Subunit pytho...
2009-10-04 Robert CollinsStart multipart test outcome support.
2009-10-03 Robert CollinsMove the C++ Listener from a patch against cppunit...
2009-10-02 Robert CollinsAdd skip support to the C client.
2009-09-30 Robert CollinsLicense change to BSD/Apache License 2.0.
2009-09-30 Robert CollinsFix packaging bugs found when packaging 0.0.2 for Debia...
2009-09-19 Robert CollinsMerge diff-subunit installation fix, change diff-subuni...
2009-09-19 Robert CollinsRename diff-subunit to subunit-diff.
2009-09-09 Robert CollinsGet make distcheck working with Jelmers perl-install...
2009-09-08 Robert CollinsMerge python API changes for tagging.
2009-09-08 Robert CollinsAlso document Perl.
2009-09-06 Robert CollinsAdd shell skip test support.
2009-08-30 Robert CollinsChange python API for tags to just consistently call...
2009-08-30 Robert CollinsMerge Martin's regex filter patch.
2009-08-08 Robert CollinsMerge bugfix to expose xfail in python2.7 and above.
2009-08-06 Robert Collinspython: pass xfail outcomes to TestResult.addExpectedFa...
2009-08-05 Martin PoolAdd TestResultFilter filter_predicate option
2009-08-05 Robert CollinsAdd --no-passthrough option to most filters.
2009-08-02 Robert CollinsAdd --no-passthrough option to various filters.
2009-08-01 Robert CollinsMerge subunit2junitxml, a filter to convert subunit...
2009-08-01 Robert CollinsMerge subunit2gtk, a filter to show subunit activity...
2009-08-01 Robert CollinsAdd subunit2junitxml.
2009-07-29 Robert CollinsMerge linear progress support for the protocol definiti...
2009-07-29 Robert CollinsAdd subunit2gtk
2009-07-28 Robert CollinsHook in progress bars for subunit2pyunit.
2009-07-22 Robert CollinsMerge support for time: tags in the python bindings...
2009-07-22 Robert CollinsAdd AutoTimingTestResultDecorator.
2009-07-22 Robert CollinsAdd TestProtocolClient.time().
2009-07-22 Robert CollinsAdd subunit.test_results.HookedTestResultDecorator.
2009-07-20 Robert CollinsTeach python to call TestResult.time on time: tags.
2009-07-20 Robert CollinsBump version and add NEWS file.