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ownerJelmer Vernooij
last changeMon, 29 Dec 2014 21:10:14 +0000 (13:10 -0800)
2014-12-29 Ian LeeUpdate docs for configuration master
2014-12-29 Ian LeeMerge branch 'issue-315'
2014-12-29 Simon KennedyUpdate documentation to match config file location...
2014-12-29 Ian LeeMerge pull request #361 from jcrocholl/issue-357
2014-12-29 Ian LeeOnly an annotated function if in the first layer of...
2014-12-29 Ian LeeUpdate tests for issue #357
2014-12-29 Ian LeeAllow spaces around equals sign of an annotated functio...
2014-12-23 Ian LeeMerge pull request #360 from jcrocholl/issue-316
2014-12-23 Ian LeeSpecify the default ignore list in the help options.
2014-12-21 Ian LeeMerge branch 'issue-304'
2014-12-21 Ian LeeDont include html_static_path, suppresses warning when...
2014-12-21 Ian LeeAdd more test cases for E402; issue #304
2014-12-21 Ian LeeUpdate E402 error message emitted
2014-12-21 Ian LeeAllow try/except/else/finally keywords intermixed with...
2014-12-18 Ian LeeUpdate documentation to match function.
2014-12-18 Ian LeeMerge pull request #353 from jcrocholl/issue319
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