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ownerRalph Böhme
last changeTue, 25 Aug 2015 14:06:34 +0000 (16:06 +0200)
2015-08-25 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.4 master
2015-08-17 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Call dlclose() in the destructor
2015-08-17 Andreas Schneidertests: Rename s_addr to send_addr
2015-08-17 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix memset() call in new tests
2015-08-17 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix passing pointer of incompatible type
2015-08-17 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix signed comparsion warnings
2015-08-11 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add enviornment variable to specify mtu size
2015-08-11 Andreas Schneidertests: Add tcp sendmsg/recvmsg test
2015-08-11 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix TCP support with sendmsg/recvmsg
2015-08-11 Andreas Schneidertests: Tests for msg_name(len) in sendmsg/revcmsg
2015-08-11 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix testname of sendmsg tests
2015-08-11 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Correctly update the msg_name in recvmsg()
2015-08-11 Andreas Schneidertests: Migrate to new cmocka API
2015-07-15 Andreas SchneiderUpdate TODO
2015-04-20 Andreas SchneiderRegenerate manpage.
2015-04-20 Jelmer Vernooijdoc: Add a specific date to manpage
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3 years ago master