2015-08-25 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.4 master
2015-08-17 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Call dlclose() in the destructor
2015-08-17 Andreas Schneidertests: Rename s_addr to send_addr
2015-08-17 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix memset() call in new tests
2015-08-17 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix passing pointer of incompatible type
2015-08-17 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix signed comparsion warnings
2015-08-11 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add enviornment variable to specify mtu size
2015-08-11 Andreas Schneidertests: Add tcp sendmsg/recvmsg test
2015-08-11 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix TCP support with sendmsg/recvmsg
2015-08-11 Andreas Schneidertests: Tests for msg_name(len) in sendmsg/revcmsg
2015-08-11 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix testname of sendmsg tests
2015-08-11 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Correctly update the msg_name in recvmsg()
2015-08-11 Andreas Schneidertests: Migrate to new cmocka API
2015-07-15 Andreas SchneiderUpdate TODO
2015-04-20 Andreas SchneiderRegenerate manpage.
2015-04-20 Jelmer Vernooijdoc: Add a specific date to manpage
2015-02-25 Andreas Schneidercmake: Drop test results via https.
2015-02-23 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.3
2015-02-23 Andreas SchneiderUpdate ChangeLog
2015-02-18 Andreas Schneiderswrap: If we remove the socket_info also unlink the...
2014-12-16 Andreas Schneidertorture: Increase time to wait for pid file.
2014-10-24 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Do not leak the socket_info we just removed.
2014-10-24 Andreas Schneidercmake: Treat no_sanitize_address attribute warnings...
2014-10-20 Andreas Schneidersrc: Add support for running with address sanitizer.
2014-10-20 Andreas Schneidertorture: Check the return code of kill().
2014-10-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix the loop for older gcc versions.
2014-10-01 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.2.
2014-10-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add support for eventfd with unsigned count...
2014-10-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add a trace message for swrap_socket().
2014-10-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Implement fcntl() to catch F_DUPFD.
2014-10-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Include the function name in the debug output.
2014-09-03 Andreas Schneidertests: Add missing breaks in sockaddr assert functions.
2014-09-03 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix out of bound access.
2014-09-02 Andreas Schneidertests: Pass the sockaddr structure to system functions.
2014-09-02 Andreas Schneiderecho_srv: Silence alignment warnings.
2014-09-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Silence alignment warnings.
2014-09-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix type punning warnings when loading functions.
2014-09-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix access to struct members in log messages.
2014-09-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix whitespace errors.
2014-09-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Update copyright notice.
2014-09-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Wrap fopen to detect stale file descriptors.
2014-09-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Use swrap_address in swrap_accept().
2014-09-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Remove unused sockaddr_dup() function.
2014-09-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Use swrap_address in the socket_info struct.
2014-09-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Use a sockaddr_un for the unix path in socket_info.
2014-09-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Rename swrap_pcap_dump_packet().
2014-09-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Rename swrap_pcap_get_fd().
2014-09-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Rename swrap_marshall_packet().
2014-09-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Rename swrap_packet_init().
2014-09-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Rename socket_wrapper_pcap_file().
2014-09-01 Andreas Schneiderecho_srv: Fix type punning warnings.
2014-09-01 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix type punning warnings.
2014-09-01 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix type punning warnings.
2014-09-01 Andreas Schneidercmake: Set strict aliasing and strict overflow checks.
2014-08-15 Jakub HrozekAdd #define __APPLE_USE_RFC_3542 to CFLAGS
2014-08-15 Jakub HrozekDefine _GNU_SOURCE on one place only.
2014-07-29 Jakub HrozekProvide a compatible declaration of CMSG_ALIGN
2014-07-29 Jakub HrozekSO_PROTOCOL is platform-dependent
2014-07-09 Michael Adamswrap: fix another discard const warning in swrap_bind()
2014-07-09 Michael Adamswrap: fix discard const warning in swrap_bind()
2014-07-09 Michael Adamswrap: fix discard const warning in swrap_remove_stale()
2014-07-09 Michael Adamswrap: fix build when neither HAVE_STRUCT_IN_PKTINFO...
2014-07-09 Michael Adamtorture: add HAVE_IPV6 guard to torture_server_address()
2014-07-09 Andreas Schneidercmake: Add more build warnings and errors.
2014-07-09 Michael Adamfix .gitignore for vi backup files
2014-07-09 Andreas Schneiderdoc: Add a socket_wrapper manpage.
2014-06-05 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.1
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Disable incomplete bind checks for EADDRINUSE.
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneidertests: Disable addr_in_use bind test while the swrap...
2014-06-02 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.0.
2014-06-02 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix conflicting variable name on Solaris.
2014-06-02 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix building without bindresvport().
2014-06-01 Michael Adamtests: add new test test_bind_ipv4_addr_in_use()
2014-06-01 Michael Adamtests: extend the ipv6 bind test
2014-06-01 Michael Adamtests: greatly extend the ipv4 bind test
2014-06-01 Michael Adamswrap: check whether an address:port is already in...
2014-06-01 Michael Adamswrap: implement check_addr_port_in_use()
2014-06-01 Michael Adamswrap: fix AF_UNSPEC special case in swrap_bind()
2014-06-01 Michael Adamswrap: extend input checks in swrap_bind()
2014-06-01 Andreas SchneiderUpdate the todo list.
2014-06-01 Andreas Schneidertests: Avoid using getenv() to retrieve the path.
2014-06-01 Michael Adamswrap: add check for rpc/rpc.h - needed on freebsd...
2014-05-31 Andreas Schneidertests: Add tests for bindresvport().
2014-05-31 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add support for bindresvport().
2014-05-31 Andreas Schneidertests: Add tests for bind().
2014-05-31 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add missing family check in bind().
2014-05-31 Andreas Schneidertests: Add test that getsockname is correct after socket().
2014-05-31 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Setup myname in swrap_socket() for getsockname().
2014-05-31 Andreas Schneidertorture: Wait for the pidfile and then start the tests.
2014-05-31 Andreas Schneiderecho_srv: Write pidfile after we setup the listeners.
2014-05-28 Michael AdamREADME.install: improvements and fixes.
2014-05-27 Michael AdamAdd README.install - instructions for building and...
2014-05-27 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix possible format string attack.
2014-05-27 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Make sure cmbuf is not NULL.
2014-05-27 Andreas Schneiderswrap: We need to pass a pointer-pointer to not leak...
2014-05-26 Andreas Schneidertests: Add more tests for socket options.
2014-05-26 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Support more socket options in getsockopt().
2014-05-26 Andreas Schneiderecho_srv: Add support for IP_SENDSRCADDR.
2014-05-26 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Call swrap_msghdr_filter_cmsghdr in swrap_sendms...
2014-05-26 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add swrap_msghdr_filter_cmsg_pktinfo().