16 years agoThis is the netlogon schannel client code. Try a
Volker Lendecke [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 15:47:06 +0000 (15:47 +0000)]
This is the netlogon schannel client code. Try a

rpcclient -S pdc -U% -c "samlogon user password"

and it should work with the schannel. Needs testing platforms
different from NT4SP6.

(This used to be commit ecd0ee4d248e750168597ccf79c389513bb0f740)

16 years agono needed anymore
Gerald Carter [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 15:34:12 +0000 (15:34 +0000)]
no needed anymore
(This used to be commit 8fd9450c8363021e23256903578fabbf77083978)

16 years agoFix double free on error and typo
Jelmer Vernooij [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 14:49:34 +0000 (14:49 +0000)]
Fix double free on error and typo
(This used to be commit 84b116f9c007c0f933af82462dff4324ffa53f0f)

16 years agoNext batch of conversions: File names.
Alexander Bokovoy [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 14:38:24 +0000 (14:38 +0000)]
Next batch of conversions: File names.
Fixed some wrong context marks (most of "hide ..." parameters are per-share)
(This used to be commit 0f8d5b210a60a40f95a43daf06d3d8686985ecd1)

16 years agoUse fprintf(f, ...) instead of plain printf() - patch by Ronan Waide
Jelmer Vernooij [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 14:35:14 +0000 (14:35 +0000)]
Use fprintf(f, ...) instead of plain printf() - patch by Ronan Waide
(This used to be commit 49926d706f9d24dbdd7a878e2362a27667175a5c)

16 years agoAuth2, not also Auth3 sends us flags back, although all the callers
Volker Lendecke [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 10:09:32 +0000 (10:09 +0000)]
Auth2, not also Auth3 sends us flags back, although all the callers
ignore it.

(This used to be commit 6ac6b0f4c0df9e09644d8c1f1272c8645642e842)

16 years agoA little clarification in the rpc auth header struct.
Volker Lendecke [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 09:52:57 +0000 (09:52 +0000)]
A little clarification in the rpc auth header struct.

(This used to be commit 9fc3e4bf9fa7845b5d4a7eb4cacfec586045ebd0)

16 years agoPut the core schannel functions to parse_prs.c. They are also used by
Volker Lendecke [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 09:29:47 +0000 (09:29 +0000)]
Put the core schannel functions to parse_prs.c. They are also used by
schannel clients.

(This used to be commit 41e92409e1c6912db05acc80b6c0d5dccd51859b)

16 years agoFixing typo. Metze made me do it!
John Terpstra [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 07:42:54 +0000 (07:42 +0000)]
Fixing typo. Metze made me do it!
(This used to be commit f82b51bb01c5d1f2f798059a49524c2283075b31)

16 years agounix_strupper, unix_strlower: Remove fixed-length static buffer that
Martin Pool [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 07:34:49 +0000 (07:34 +0000)]
unix_strupper, unix_strlower: Remove fixed-length static buffer that
makes these functions fail for strings over 512 characters.  Now we
use convert_string_allocate, which grows a buffer as necessary.
(This used to be commit a55dc493ca212bde22d9e68ea8a4cc16a142c69d)

16 years agoMaking sure this info is not lost. Someone will eventually fix/update/extend/usurp it.
John Terpstra [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 06:56:45 +0000 (06:56 +0000)]
Making sure this info is not lost. Someone will eventually fix/update/extend/usurp it.
(This used to be commit 564d67f30a3af65e0f9f08170bad5dd219e6af05)

16 years agoStrCaseCmp tests: Add some tests in Katakana. Convert strings to
Martin Pool [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 06:50:59 +0000 (06:50 +0000)]
StrCaseCmp tests: Add some tests in Katakana.  Convert strings to
UTF-8 before passing to test harness.
(This used to be commit 79b292de98208571e49648cf88d9b565396151be)

16 years agoCan I suggest this modification to the documentation Makefile? If
Tim Potter [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 06:15:58 +0000 (06:15 +0000)]
Can I suggest this modification to the documentation Makefile?  If
docbook2man fails then we shouldn't charge ahead with the rest of the
target commands and generate more confusing error messages.
(This used to be commit 4e4ed2d25b1717f1a359d495ca03b2efbec89958)

16 years agobin/smbcontrol needs to be built to run tpot's new tests of it.
Martin Pool [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 06:05:12 +0000 (06:05 +0000)]
bin/smbcontrol needs to be built to run tpot's new tests of it.
(This used to be commit 16b09179152748abbfb7894d328890991f6e8c57)

16 years agoanother forgotten merge sitting on my laptop from app_head; only stall open_printer...
Gerald Carter [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 06:02:56 +0000 (06:02 +0000)]
another forgotten merge sitting on my laptop from app_head; only stall open_printer when 2k client opens with admin privs & fix reply for ChangeId printer data reply
(This used to be commit c7c3d42cd5954b040ee7027886ea8d9d0f2da9a5)

16 years agoIgnore .po and .po32 files.
Martin Pool [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 06:01:15 +0000 (06:01 +0000)]
Ignore .po and .po32 files.
(This used to be commit f01d94b027e0ca1530b2e50782a34c22706c643c)

16 years agoTests for smbcontrol.
Tim Potter [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 05:57:00 +0000 (05:57 +0000)]
Tests for smbcontrol.
(This used to be commit 7bf68a533ee76ffebf77c4d09abf42079579646f)

16 years agoIgnore testtmp directory.
Tim Potter [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 05:55:33 +0000 (05:55 +0000)]
Ignore testtmp directory.
(This used to be commit 862e3ee421efc92ebfcb17eabe06efea3a64999f)

16 years agopoptify smbcontrol
Tim Potter [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 05:53:31 +0000 (05:53 +0000)]
poptify smbcontrol
(This used to be commit f75d4b90caa51cb2815c1be2de5f2058ec32e73d)

16 years agoRewrite of smbcontrol - it was a bit of a mess. It should now be much
Tim Potter [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 05:52:01 +0000 (05:52 +0000)]
Rewrite of smbcontrol - it was a bit of a mess.  It should now be much
nicer to use and more hackable.

 - converted to popt

 - text message destinations (except for broadcast smbd) are resolved
   using files in piddir so the string 'winbindd' is now a destination

 - added --timeout option to specify timeout value

 - deleted complicated handling of debug args as separate command line
   arguments: use shell quoting instead

 - deleted interactive mode as punishment for using strtok() (-:

 - much improved command line argument checking

Some of this stuff was broken before I started (print notify,
profiling) but the basics still work (ping, pool-usage, debug,
(This used to be commit 269f838dee257ee9badcae190f2c70b898676bc5)

16 years agoSet character set to default (UTF-8) before running tests.
Martin Pool [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 05:31:39 +0000 (05:31 +0000)]
Set character set to default (UTF-8) before running tests.
(This used to be commit b20d8b49701b532d4770197c5d08fa092234bf8e)

16 years agot_push_ucs2, t_strcmp: Run tests only once by default, rather than
Martin Pool [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 05:22:17 +0000 (05:22 +0000)]
t_push_ucs2, t_strcmp: Run tests only once by default, rather than
10000 times.  (In theory they should be pure functions....)  You can
specify a parameter to repeat them if you want to e.g. measure
(This used to be commit 92acecd28c3374abcadbff0ab9cb765411f453f4)

16 years agoforgotten merge left on disk; remove extra SAFE_FREE()
Gerald Carter [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 04:38:56 +0000 (04:38 +0000)]
forgotten merge left on disk; remove extra SAFE_FREE()
(This used to be commit 4d42067cb89220a1b275bc8408c9c1ba2ef7766a)

16 years agoInstall libsmbclient.h from $(srcdir)
Tim Potter [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 04:20:29 +0000 (04:20 +0000)]
Install libsmbclient.h from $(srcdir)
(This used to be commit d396f57678056af6b0c384df324f94992cca85d0)

16 years agoAutoconfiscate the name of the winbind shared library file. Under
Tim Potter [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 04:05:42 +0000 (04:05 +0000)]
Autoconfiscate the name of the winbind shared library file.  Under
IRIX this is libns_winbind - everyone else is libnss_winbind.

This simplifies the Makefile a bit and also fixes the 'nsswitch' target
under IRIX.
(This used to be commit 69c392bc127bf69876f4dedae8c3a6976219d448)

16 years agoWinbind client for AIX. Written by Steve Roylance.
Tim Potter [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 03:51:52 +0000 (03:51 +0000)]
Winbind client for AIX.  Written by Steve Roylance.
(This used to be commit e37d025e6724196925c43c8ce558064ed5c072c5)

16 years agoEnsure print queue array is zeroed out before returning.
Jeremy Allison [Wed, 9 Apr 2003 00:00:50 +0000 (00:00 +0000)]
Ensure print queue array is zeroed out before returning.
(This used to be commit 337cac7810369430045d7a136176bd57e55adcde)

16 years agoreworked to not malloc PATH_MAX long strings
Simo Sorce [Tue, 8 Apr 2003 17:34:16 +0000 (17:34 +0000)]
reworked to not malloc PATH_MAX long strings
corrected path_name creation
(This used to be commit f4be4e70a12edae83b9b89622ca5077a7d3d5602)

16 years agoUpdate smbmount to include unicode and lfs capabilities options -- smbfs supports...
Alexander Bokovoy [Tue, 8 Apr 2003 15:38:09 +0000 (15:38 +0000)]
Update smbmount to include unicode and lfs capabilities options -- smbfs supports this already
(This used to be commit a003a5f052a9ef7ad14f6f79157669d1bbd37f96)

16 years agosome more debugging in case of failure
Simo Sorce [Tue, 8 Apr 2003 10:46:46 +0000 (10:46 +0000)]
some more debugging in case of failure
(This used to be commit 9374f8692f6587b5f773c72b7847b64edeee9614)

16 years agoIntegrate abartlet's t_push_ucs2 test into test framework:
Martin Pool [Tue, 8 Apr 2003 08:05:01 +0000 (08:05 +0000)]
Integrate abartlet's t_push_ucs2 test into test framework:

 - Build t_push_ucs2 as part of check-programs, the prerequisite for
   "make check".

 - t_push_ucs2.c: Load configuration from /dev/null so that we get a
   unix_charset of UTF-8 and can do meaningful UCS2 tests.  Better

 - Add a test to which tries conversion UTF8->UCS2->UTF8
   and checks the results.  Do this for English, Latin-1, and Katakana

 - Add Python module with symbolic names for a handful of UNICODE
(This used to be commit 275e095c92ac74815ab9e388a0e83cdb7ddd85f3)

16 years agoFinish conversion of Printing parameters
Alexander Bokovoy [Tue, 8 Apr 2003 05:44:49 +0000 (05:44 +0000)]
Finish conversion of Printing parameters
(This used to be commit 6515b0cff8b0fec25010e5b33b6e7009356146fa)

16 years agoMerge from
Martin Pool [Tue, 8 Apr 2003 05:01:18 +0000 (05:01 +0000)]
Merge from

Update for new ComfyChair interface.
(This used to be commit 9de9899165fbf403e369d8ebadd171ffdde8c3b7)

16 years agoPatch from Steve Langasek <>
John Terpstra [Tue, 8 Apr 2003 04:44:26 +0000 (04:44 +0000)]
Patch from Steve Langasek <>

fix up two issues in
pam_smbpass.  The first, more important issue is adding support for the
(apparently new) LOCAL_SET_PASSWORD flag to local_password_change(),
without which pam_smbpass is a complete and utter no-op.  The second,
lesser issue is that with the advent of ldapsam, it's possible for
pam_smbpass to generate a SIGPIPE that isn't handled by the calling
application.  The most basic signal wrapping is put in place to prevent

Beyond that, the only thing in the patch is a bit of reformatting to
make pam_smb_passwd.c look a bit more like the rest of the code in CVS.
(This used to be commit 7cb5af35273097f913bff6894fe03050a18e1def)

16 years agoAdded some preprocessor tricks to stop TRUE and FALSE from continually
Tim Potter [Tue, 8 Apr 2003 04:07:22 +0000 (04:07 +0000)]
Added some preprocessor tricks to stop TRUE and FALSE from continually
creeping back in to the source.  Use True and False instead.
(This used to be commit 5a5a7ce7479a56ca2d472658511a47c9147c0d5b)

16 years agoMerge from 3_0: Build a lookup table of valid DOS characters just
Martin Pool [Tue, 8 Apr 2003 03:01:02 +0000 (03:01 +0000)]
Merge from 3_0: Build a lookup table of valid DOS characters just
once, when init_iconv is first called.  Use this in check_dos_char
rather than doing the conversion every time.  Much faster.
(This used to be commit e8f1399323745a93ba9df97553effcf2d7629850)

16 years agoWe never actually got an 'ads' auth module, so don't send the auth subsystem
Andrew Bartlett [Mon, 7 Apr 2003 23:45:22 +0000 (23:45 +0000)]
We never actually got an 'ads' auth module, so don't send the auth subsystem
off on a wild probing spree looking for it.

Andrew Bartlett
(This used to be commit 7c7c5594b3dfd460d09bccd409ccbf64c6b42338)

16 years agoSome comment updates, notably that I haven't seen the group membership arrays
Jim McDonough [Mon, 7 Apr 2003 20:34:46 +0000 (20:34 +0000)]
Some comment updates, notably that I haven't seen the group membership arrays
yet (the ones that are rid-only).
(This used to be commit 0a5b5d00db42de868c72ec3d9d1d747c9ef391e4)

16 years agoUpdated status.
John Terpstra [Mon, 7 Apr 2003 19:25:28 +0000 (19:25 +0000)]
Updated status.
(This used to be commit d3cf0eac0a69873622012e0dd1be9db52c4e7df0)

16 years agoBUGS.txt -> Bugs Appendix in HOWTO collection
Jelmer Vernooij [Mon, 7 Apr 2003 18:26:58 +0000 (18:26 +0000)]
BUGS.txt -> Bugs Appendix in HOWTO collection
(This used to be commit 1e1ef7a7b52f34ab784a7bac570235de221a64b6)

16 years agoremove unnened and wrong instructions
Simo Sorce [Mon, 7 Apr 2003 18:05:35 +0000 (18:05 +0000)]
remove unnened and wrong instructions
(This used to be commit 671579874e51b28ffdfc094cdf34a0090567e0cc)

16 years agofix wrong string handling
Simo Sorce [Mon, 7 Apr 2003 18:03:02 +0000 (18:03 +0000)]
fix wrong string handling
thanks to Stefan (metzte) Metzmacher
(This used to be commit 99c2e11ccfe04867e84b467b0e82de8415c1dcee)

16 years agoDecode the PAC! This patch just decodes it and then frees it, so it's just
Jim McDonough [Mon, 7 Apr 2003 18:01:40 +0000 (18:01 +0000)]
Decode the PAC!  This patch just decodes it and then frees it, so it's just
for doc purposes right now (you can see it in the debug logs).
(This used to be commit 046c2087a11b9ce7a02aece34ffb129ce0d66b08)

16 years agomake installclientlib depend on the shared-linked or statically-linked version
Jelmer Vernooij [Mon, 7 Apr 2003 17:36:59 +0000 (17:36 +0000)]
make installclientlib depend on the shared-linked or statically-linked version
of libsmbclient, depending on what is possible - pointed out by Paul Green
(This used to be commit 69e37469c4de6c3716ebb65e477009b9f4da54ea)

16 years agoDon't make installclientlib depend on the shared-linked version of libsmbclient ...
Jelmer Vernooij [Mon, 7 Apr 2003 16:44:08 +0000 (16:44 +0000)]
Don't make installclientlib depend on the shared-linked version of libsmbclient - we need it to work on other platforms as well
(This used to be commit 77b1589188ba27b107f11232b7b7df4dea364948)

16 years agoSome layout fixes + typo
Jelmer Vernooij [Mon, 7 Apr 2003 15:02:51 +0000 (15:02 +0000)]
Some layout fixes + typo
(This used to be commit c4a02bf35bc399c1926aee158c5215c180f393ae)

16 years agoRegenerate docs
Jelmer Vernooij [Mon, 7 Apr 2003 14:08:35 +0000 (14:08 +0000)]
Regenerate docs
(This used to be commit c61de5bbac37fa130a939fb9da4cf114855cab02)

16 years agoRegenerate docs
Jelmer Vernooij [Mon, 7 Apr 2003 14:01:19 +0000 (14:01 +0000)]
Regenerate docs
(This used to be commit 3d61303ea9783e01796a90e74efb3457ef76497f)

16 years ago- Add &author.mimir; entity
Jelmer Vernooij [Mon, 7 Apr 2003 13:51:11 +0000 (13:51 +0000)]
- Add &author.mimir; entity
- Several smaller layout and typo fixes
(This used to be commit 96aa93ea4f56ef069c3127547296581f8e0ce3bd)

16 years agoAdd note about patch from sun that improves performance on Solaris.
Jelmer Vernooij [Mon, 7 Apr 2003 13:46:13 +0000 (13:46 +0000)]
Add note about patch from sun that improves performance on Solaris.
(Thanks Joe Meslovich).
(This used to be commit 1db51176f4a6c676d041abd47db6c4026ded30f1)

16 years agotallocdump has been removed
Jelmer Vernooij [Mon, 7 Apr 2003 12:30:58 +0000 (12:30 +0000)]
tallocdump has been removed
(This used to be commit af07c2642d1ddd04e169772985801d8a5c559d83)

16 years agoFix build of static libsmbclient
Jelmer Vernooij [Mon, 7 Apr 2003 11:46:44 +0000 (11:46 +0000)]
Fix build of static libsmbclient
(This used to be commit 8f2975cc94c766b184bbbca276d5a05801dc835a)

16 years agoOnly warn about short packets if we are already 'doing signing'.
Andrew Bartlett [Mon, 7 Apr 2003 09:35:35 +0000 (09:35 +0000)]
Only warn about short packets if we are already 'doing signing'.

Andrew Bartlett
(This used to be commit 9656b8709128f24dd63094d504a6646f99933c57)

16 years agoCreate a pidfile, even when running in interactive mode.
Tim Potter [Mon, 7 Apr 2003 07:12:25 +0000 (07:12 +0000)]
Create a pidfile, even when running in interactive mode.
(This used to be commit 1d7400e679df136f03daf79788ea998c5a787f89)

16 years agoUpdate HOWTO link.
John Terpstra [Mon, 7 Apr 2003 06:57:57 +0000 (06:57 +0000)]
Update HOWTO link.
(This used to be commit 8e96bb33c02ecab7243b177d1182409188624ef6)

16 years agoprivilaged -> privileged
Tim Potter [Mon, 7 Apr 2003 06:43:16 +0000 (06:43 +0000)]
privilaged -> privileged

(This changes the location of the winbindd privileged pipe)
(This used to be commit f111f10076c7797e5fd39edcc0aad7d860bb5ac5)

16 years agoRemove duplicate "tallocdump" message from tdb messaging system. The
Tim Potter [Mon, 7 Apr 2003 06:13:36 +0000 (06:13 +0000)]
Remove duplicate "tallocdump" message from tdb messaging system.  The
same functionality exists as "pool-usage".

Move initialisation of this and dmalloc messages inside message_init().
(This used to be commit af6ecafcbbf65dbedc49b3a86da39ce608bdadac)

16 years agoAdded description for lookupdomain SAMR function.
Tim Potter [Mon, 7 Apr 2003 05:59:46 +0000 (05:59 +0000)]
Added description for lookupdomain SAMR function.
(This used to be commit 6d19788352ca16fe771961ead7bb9da074eff13e)

16 years agoRestore previous behaviour to update on pdb_unix (auto-upgrade to new account)
Andrew Bartlett [Mon, 7 Apr 2003 04:52:30 +0000 (04:52 +0000)]
Restore previous behaviour to update on pdb_unix (auto-upgrade to new account)
(This used to be commit 0509cbc59174354b7c57206a07f7bd222cc87db4)

16 years agoAdding Rafal's docs on InterdomainTrusts.
John Terpstra [Mon, 7 Apr 2003 00:22:38 +0000 (00:22 +0000)]
Adding Rafal's docs on InterdomainTrusts.
(This used to be commit 5af34d90c314ef840a42b87f2d8b6c89bc2471aa)

16 years agoAddinf InterdomainTrusts.sgml
John Terpstra [Mon, 7 Apr 2003 00:22:03 +0000 (00:22 +0000)]
Addinf InterdomainTrusts.sgml
(This used to be commit 5214eb7d6a6098c7b06819224bc3325a3df0e309)

16 years agoConvert more parameters to new smb.conf(5) style. Document found occurences of non...
Alexander Bokovoy [Sun, 6 Apr 2003 22:14:01 +0000 (22:14 +0000)]
Convert more parameters to new smb.conf(5) style. Document found occurences of non-documented parameters in doc-status
(This used to be commit 3a9784d8b2318af4d9b349edd1aba4065d25da23)

16 years agoRegenerate docs
Jelmer Vernooij [Sun, 6 Apr 2003 18:42:44 +0000 (18:42 +0000)]
Regenerate docs
(This used to be commit 5a2aaa3d5b039776314067aee953921e7865dc4d)

16 years agoUse entities
Jelmer Vernooij [Sun, 6 Apr 2003 17:34:48 +0000 (17:34 +0000)]
Use entities
(This used to be commit d65bb6fade27c8e97697d4cb0e5741d0dfbe4dc8)

16 years agoFix the handling of smb.conf in libsmbclient.
Richard Sharpe [Sun, 6 Apr 2003 17:22:41 +0000 (17:22 +0000)]
Fix the handling of smb.conf in libsmbclient.

The right thing to do is to try for the user's local one in ~/.smbc/smb.conf,
and if that fails, try the one in dyn_CONFIGFILE, and if that fails, keep
going with the defaults but log a message.
(This used to be commit 15fa48d19d178cf8bf214ea02f6c7a4c38890f71)

16 years agofix commit
Simo Sorce [Sun, 6 Apr 2003 16:01:18 +0000 (16:01 +0000)]
fix commit
(This used to be commit ad1a2ab0d6330a0b0fbce7b30ec5f6f502133921)

16 years agoClean up error messages on cli pipe disconnection, including adding the message
Andrew Bartlett [Sun, 6 Apr 2003 13:19:49 +0000 (13:19 +0000)]
Clean up error messages on cli pipe disconnection, including adding the message
for broken-due-to-bad-sig.

Andrew Bartlett
(This used to be commit b010b6c2dc400a97eb2ad038cd1fdb34bbde2ef0)

16 years agoFix some mixture of FLAG_GLOBAL|FLAG_SHARE in synonyms
Alexander Bokovoy [Sun, 6 Apr 2003 13:16:28 +0000 (13:16 +0000)]
Fix some mixture of FLAG_GLOBAL|FLAG_SHARE in synonyms
(This used to be commit e46177acecef375aaea35704a513d9e7f8bf04a8)

16 years agoUpdate doc-status
Alexander Bokovoy [Sun, 6 Apr 2003 13:15:15 +0000 (13:15 +0000)]
Update doc-status
(This used to be commit 92b6c389c2881094ac89b422d0fb8d88e4651e96)

16 years agoFix the interface of pull_ucs2_charcnv() to take a (char **) arg, not a (void **)
Andrew Bartlett [Sun, 6 Apr 2003 13:11:29 +0000 (13:11 +0000)]
Fix the interface of pull_ucs2_charcnv() to take a (char **) arg, not a (void **)
(This used to be commit dc04b732baa0848e391baf7f148218a10e0af032)

16 years agoSMB signing updates - this gets NTLMSSP signing workin to the point where I
Andrew Bartlett [Sun, 6 Apr 2003 13:08:07 +0000 (13:08 +0000)]
SMB signing updates - this gets NTLMSSP signing workin to the point where I
just need to get the verifiction code working - we get back a signiture from
the server, and just can't verify it yet.

This also brings the short-packet checks into common code, and breaks the
connection if the server sends a signed reply, on an established connection,
that fails the test.

This breaks our read/write code at the moment, as we need to keep a list
of outstanding packets.

(signing is not enabled by default, unless the server demands it)

Not for 3.0 till I fix the outstanding packet list.

Andrew Barlett
(This used to be commit 808d1fcf20153970d587cb631a08607beb09703a)

16 years agoConvert 'Security' section of smb.conf to new format
Alexander Bokovoy [Sun, 6 Apr 2003 13:07:44 +0000 (13:07 +0000)]
Convert 'Security' section of smb.conf to new format
(This used to be commit 85eadec0838bdcb5604d5cf66b204ee610e2ad7a)

16 years agoFix memory leak of the key.
Andrew Bartlett [Sun, 6 Apr 2003 13:00:46 +0000 (13:00 +0000)]
Fix memory leak of the key.
(This used to be commit 9daf41c41f901b46d6016c6ec63773d0b7cec617)

16 years agoDon't bail if we have a badly formed record, just move on to the next one.
Andrew Bartlett [Sun, 6 Apr 2003 12:59:53 +0000 (12:59 +0000)]
Don't bail if we have a badly formed record, just move on to the next one.
(This used to be commit febd966b10b23238c93444256b8ad30b50b20ef8)

16 years agostrequal() returns True for equal, not an int
Andrew Tridgell [Sun, 6 Apr 2003 12:28:50 +0000 (12:28 +0000)]
strequal() returns True for equal, not an int
(This used to be commit b96590ad092e32259ce24a20a6a8a30d98dfae7d)

16 years agodon't rely on realloc() working on NULL
Andrew Tridgell [Sun, 6 Apr 2003 12:28:00 +0000 (12:28 +0000)]
don't rely on realloc() working on NULL
(This used to be commit bd00355c1d5ca4ce77fa28c53ea46834365f22d7)

16 years agoIf the string does not convert back, print the buggy result.
Andrew Bartlett [Sun, 6 Apr 2003 12:01:44 +0000 (12:01 +0000)]
If the string does not convert back, print the buggy result.
(This used to be commit 98f76325542c0ab2e0bbcf082a15c6f8db27e37c)

16 years agoFix, and add a test to show a bug I'm having with push_ucs2.
Andrew Bartlett [Sun, 6 Apr 2003 11:19:26 +0000 (11:19 +0000)]
Fix, and add a test to show a bug I'm having with push_ucs2.

Andrew Bartlett
(This used to be commit a60fd29b43537935500f40a32fec553f2b52c0d3)

16 years agoThis commit make winbindd copy winbindd_idmap.tdb into idmap.tdb on the
Simo Sorce [Sun, 6 Apr 2003 09:35:16 +0000 (09:35 +0000)]
This commit make winbindd copy winbindd_idmap.tdb into idmap.tdb on the
first run if idmap.tdb is not found, and then eventually convert it to the
new format.
This is done to unify winbind and idmap databases and to make a backup of
winbindd_idmap.tdb in case you want to downgrade (of course it will not be
This is needed because idmap.tdb contains also local mappings, not only
foreign domains mappings.

Added some other fixes/improvements

(This used to be commit cf17261519fd8775500f9b9d6caa2bc462e04633)

16 years agoMake more portable by having it work on both Linux and FreeBSD
Richard Sharpe [Sun, 6 Apr 2003 02:46:10 +0000 (02:46 +0000)]
Make more portable by having it work on both Linux and FreeBSD
under sh and bash.
(This used to be commit 4070ff1c6907c0cc3a86db735e7df25352dfb625)

16 years agoFix building on platforms without ldap
Jelmer Vernooij [Sun, 6 Apr 2003 01:08:39 +0000 (01:08 +0000)]
Fix building on platforms without ldap
(This used to be commit 3f78ea7d06ae911f97c0a1a451e67fe00547e873)

16 years agoUpdate for other contributors to.
John Terpstra [Sat, 5 Apr 2003 23:39:01 +0000 (23:39 +0000)]
Update for other contributors to.
(This used to be commit d12a1bb8260673a5c280960b21957e68b241e540)

16 years agoFilling in some more blanks.
John Terpstra [Sat, 5 Apr 2003 23:27:16 +0000 (23:27 +0000)]
Filling in some more blanks.
(This used to be commit 157a5525d371b6c90d9d634eaf3d98fed648569a)

16 years agoFix debug handling in libsmbclient.c.
Richard Sharpe [Sat, 5 Apr 2003 19:41:33 +0000 (19:41 +0000)]
Fix debug handling in libsmbclient.c.

Also, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do not include bashism and Cisms in shell
(This used to be commit 7f6367aac8c5440e1d4e97b26571b205140488ae)

16 years agoFix typos / layout
Jelmer Vernooij [Sat, 5 Apr 2003 14:08:20 +0000 (14:08 +0000)]
Fix typos / layout
(This used to be commit fb20589e7c043ab1306051e80ca3f7476b1c6c58)

16 years agosome more idmapping :)
Simo Sorce [Sat, 5 Apr 2003 08:53:23 +0000 (08:53 +0000)]
some more idmapping :)
(This used to be commit 5ac94535d7b7ce0cc0d44b9a77d6e42ddfd0cd26)

16 years agoMore edits on profile management.
John Terpstra [Sat, 5 Apr 2003 07:33:29 +0000 (07:33 +0000)]
More edits on profile management.
(This used to be commit 7dac688c4d296433a62cc8665aab90ce387f6599)

16 years agoSome layout updates
Jelmer Vernooij [Sat, 5 Apr 2003 00:48:15 +0000 (00:48 +0000)]
Some layout updates
(This used to be commit 5827981c0dc8fd7e2af0c4490225566dafe9c334)

16 years agoSome more good stuff from coolo.
Richard Sharpe [Fri, 4 Apr 2003 23:39:16 +0000 (23:39 +0000)]
Some more good stuff from coolo.
(This used to be commit 41b320ffc560117c0184999e30cc69723f40acbe)

16 years agoReplace 'so' by $SHLIBEXT
Jelmer Vernooij [Fri, 4 Apr 2003 23:31:09 +0000 (23:31 +0000)]
Replace 'so' by $SHLIBEXT
(This used to be commit d0a767a7653f3fef846c62e9a0a20bcc68d87559)

16 years agoUse $SHLIBEXT, not .so
Jelmer Vernooij [Fri, 4 Apr 2003 23:11:38 +0000 (23:11 +0000)]
Use $SHLIBEXT, not .so
(This used to be commit 319d41201dcf07fc18a39df4f362aa2a0eb16200)

16 years ago- Add some entities for authors
Jelmer Vernooij [Fri, 4 Apr 2003 23:04:49 +0000 (23:04 +0000)]
- Add some entities for authors
- Layout improvements, fixing links
(This used to be commit 71441d3d7cc7922259302ff23c8fc1c9429d5934)

16 years agoRe-fix regression noticed by Tom Schaefer <> due to
Jeremy Allison [Fri, 4 Apr 2003 21:58:42 +0000 (21:58 +0000)]
Re-fix regression noticed by Tom Schaefer <> due to
correct delete on close semantics change.
(This used to be commit 55d0ab0e307e16389cc470fa04a9d7b44043a4da)

16 years agoSome castiness for Don McCall.
Richard Sharpe [Fri, 4 Apr 2003 21:15:20 +0000 (21:15 +0000)]
Some castiness for Don McCall.
(This used to be commit b03ac852a86cf9f436ad2b994e09fb08dd929674)

16 years agoFix for very subtle POSIX lock interaction race condition found by
Jeremy Allison [Fri, 4 Apr 2003 20:38:25 +0000 (20:38 +0000)]
Fix for very subtle POSIX lock interaction race condition found by
Herb. We need to unlock POSIX locks before notifying pending lock
(This used to be commit eb861e9d0fd79bbd9401ced8e55fe603c2aa7c1e)

16 years agoAdd entities for some common authors
Jelmer Vernooij [Fri, 4 Apr 2003 17:59:54 +0000 (17:59 +0000)]
Add entities for some common authors
(This used to be commit 60979d59b478191b95821dbde97a1b2a9406fc20)

16 years agoClaim some jobs :-)
Jelmer Vernooij [Fri, 4 Apr 2003 16:00:02 +0000 (16:00 +0000)]
Claim some jobs :-)
(This used to be commit 1699a50ef8462513baa372f69ee0ec775b5d9f91)

16 years agoUpdated notes by jht.
John Terpstra [Fri, 4 Apr 2003 15:41:07 +0000 (15:41 +0000)]
Updated notes by jht.
(This used to be commit d14e18e03aa5e17d41d0a3f319f5faad143d5a4d)

16 years agoObsoleted files. All content of value is now in the HOWTO Collection.
John Terpstra [Fri, 4 Apr 2003 15:32:45 +0000 (15:32 +0000)]
Obsoleted files. All content of value is now in the HOWTO Collection.
(This used to be commit 6e97a81a1f135bff4d9b4dbfa72f5d23be9ba197)

16 years agoThis is a merge of the NETLOGON schannel server code from Samba
Volker Lendecke [Fri, 4 Apr 2003 15:21:04 +0000 (15:21 +0000)]
This is a merge of the NETLOGON schannel server code from Samba
TNG. Actually, it exists in the main Samba cvs tree in APPLIANCE_TNG
as I found out later :-)

It adds a new parameter: server schannel = yes/auto/no defaulting to

What does this mean to the user: No requireSignOrSeal registry patch
for XP anymore.

Many thanks for this code to Luke Leighton, Elrond and anybody else I
forgot to mention.

My next thing will be to see if this applies cleanly to 3_0.

Please test and comment!

(This used to be commit e1f953241eb020f19fe657f29afdae28dcf5a03b)