devel-scripts: ask with WRIT_REP by default
[sfrench/samba-autobuild/.git] / source4 / scripting / devel / getncchanges
2013-01-21 Matthieu Patoudevel-scripts: ask with WRIT_REP by default
2013-01-21 Matthieu Patoudevel-getncchange: try to find the dest_dsa automatically
2013-01-01 Stefan Metzmachers4:scripting/python: always treat the highwatermark...
2011-08-05 Matthieu Patous4-scripting: allow to specify the number max of iterat...
2010-09-29 Andrew Tridgells4-devel: added new options to getncchanges script
2010-09-20 Jelmer VernooijMerge branch 'v4-0-stable' into newmaster
2010-09-20 Kamen Mazdrashkis4-devel-getncchanges: Add common Samba options as...
2010-08-23 Andrew Tridgells4-devel: added a getncchanges developer script