autobuild: Add options to set mail host and send e-mail with logs
[sfrench/samba-autobuild/.git] / lib /
2015-04-08 Andreas Schneiderwaf: Fix systemd detection
2015-03-31 David Disseldorpreplace: check for dirname() and basename()
2015-03-30 Amitay Isaacstdb: Do not build test binaries if it's not a standalon...
2015-03-30 Michael Adamtorture: add torture_assert_not_null[_goto]
2015-03-30 Michael Adamtorture: add torture_assert_int_not_equal_goto
2015-03-27 Günther Deschnerkrb5_wrap: fix documentation for smb_krb5_principal_get...
2015-03-27 Günther Deschnerkrb5_wrap: add smb_krb5_principal_set_type().
2015-03-27 Günther Deschnerlib/krb5_wrap: use krb5_const_principal in smb_krb5_get...
2015-03-27 Günther Deschnerlib/krb5_wrap: use krb5_const_principal in smb_krb5_cre...
2015-03-26 Jelmer VernooijMove to third_party/
2015-03-26 Jelmer VernooijMerge into
2015-03-26 Jelmer VernooijMove waf into third_party/.
2015-03-26 Volker Lendeckeloadparm: Fix CID 1273054 Improper use of negative...
2015-03-26 David Disseldorpreplace: clean-up strlcpy and add note on return value
2015-03-26 Jeremy Allisonlib: tdb: Use sigaction when testing for robust mutexes.
2015-03-25 Jeremy Allisondocs: Mark 'client use spnego principal' as deprecated...
2015-03-25 Andreas SchneiderRevert "lib: tdb: Use sigaction when testing for robust...
2015-03-25 Stefan Metzmacherlib/util: fix the default code path for debug_set_setti...
2015-03-24 Jeremy Allisonlib: tdb: Use sigaction when testing for robust mutexes.
2015-03-23 Volker Lendeckelib: Remove unused [un]map_file
2015-03-23 Volker Lendeckelib: load_case_tables() -> smb_init_locale()
2015-03-23 Volker Lendeckelib: Remove load_case_tables_library()
2015-03-23 Volker Lendeckelib: Convert [up|low]case.dat to C
2015-03-23 Volker Lendeckelib: Fix CID 1272834 Unchecked return value
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Add GPFS tracing backend
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittgpfswrap: Add wrappers for tracing API
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittgpfswrap: Move gpfswrap to lib/util
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Add lttng backend
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Add systemd backend
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittparam: Mark syslog and syslog_only as deprecated
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Remove now unused syslog variables from debug_se...
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Simplify Debug1
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Use backends instead of explicitly logging to...
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Remove codepath to open file in Debug1
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Set backends from logging parameter in smb.conf
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittparam: Add new 'logging' parameter
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Add syslog backend
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Add file backend
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Add infrastructure for supporting multiple backends
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Move mapping from level to syslog priority to...
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Move logging to callback to separate function
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Always store short version of prog_name in debug...
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Remove some unneeded function declarations
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Remove FORMAT_BUFR_MAX, use FORMAT_BUFR_SIZE...
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittbuild: Move systemd checks to lib/util
2015-03-23 Volker Lendeckelib: Move get_iconv_handle() call down
2015-03-23 Michael Adamlib/crypto: fix header guard for crypto.h
2015-03-20 Stefan Metzmacherldb:wscript: remove allow_warnings=True for ldb_sample
2015-03-20 Stefan Metzmacherldb:tests/sample_module: don't be lazy and use ldb_msg_...
2015-03-19 Jelmer VernooijUpdate to use mirrors of third party...
2015-03-17 Jeremy Allisonlib: talloc: tests - add test_pthread_talloc_passing...
2015-03-17 Jeremy Allisonlib: docs: talloc: Add a threads tutorial and samples...
2015-03-17 Volker Lendeckelib: Remove ccan
2015-03-17 Volker Lendecketexpect: Do not depend on ccan
2015-03-17 Volker Lendeckelib: Remove tdb_compat
2015-03-17 Volker Lendeckelib: Remove tdb_fetch_compat
2015-03-17 Volker Lendeckelib: Remove tdb_errorstr_compat
2015-03-17 Volker LendeckeRemove tdb_[first|next]key_compat
2015-03-17 Volker Lendeckelib: Remove tdb_open_compat
2015-03-17 Volker Lendeckelib: Remove ntdb
2015-03-17 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Remove a ntdb reference
2015-03-17 Volker LendeckeRemove ntdb protection from db_open_tdb
2015-03-17 Volker LendeckeRemove ntdb protection from tdb_wrap
2015-03-17 Volker LendeckeDocs: Remove some ntdb references
2015-03-17 Volker Lendeckeparam: Remove "use ntdb" reference
2015-03-17 Volker Lendeckeparam: Remove "use ntdb"
2015-03-17 Volker Lendeckelib: Remove unused util_ntdb.[ch]
2015-03-17 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Remove dbwrap_ntdb
2015-03-17 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Remove ntdb logic from dbwrap_local_open
2015-03-17 Volker LendeckeRemove callers of lp_use_ntdb
2015-03-17 Andrew Bartlettlib/util: Make ECHILD in samba_runcmd_io_handler an...
2015-03-16 Andrew Bartlettparam: Use IDL-based constants for NBT and NBT dgram...
2015-03-16 Andrew Bartlettsmb.conf.5: Mark "dgram port" and "nbt port" as deprecated
2015-03-16 Jelmer Vernooijlib/param: Add hook that allows modification of default...
2015-03-13 Andreas Schneiderreplace: Remove superfluous check for gcrypt header.
2015-03-12 Stefan Metzmacherldb-samba: implement --show-binary for msDS-RevealedUsers
2015-03-11 Lukas Slebodniklib/util: Include DEBUG macro in internal header files...
2015-03-10 Volker Lendecketdb: Fix CID 1034842 Resource leak
2015-03-10 Volker Lendecketdb: Fix CID 1034841 Resource leak
2015-03-10 Volker Lendeckelib: Fix CID 1034840 Resource leak
2015-03-10 Volker Lendeckelib: Fix CID 1034839 Resource leak
2015-03-10 Volker Lendeckelib: Fix CID 1034838 Resource leak
2015-03-10 Volker Lendeckelibreplace: Fix CID 1034926 Destination buffer too...
2015-03-09 Stefan Metzmachertalloc: version 2.1.2 talloc-2.1.2
2015-03-09 Stefan Metzmachertalloc: fix _talloc_total_limit_size prototype
2015-03-08 Jeremy Allisonlib: talloc: Test suite for the new destructor reparent...
2015-03-08 Jeremy Allisonlib: talloc: Allow destructors to reparent the object...
2015-03-08 Jeremy Allisonlib: talloc: Fix bug when calling a destructor.
2015-03-06 Jelmer VernooijBuild python-ntdb bindings if ntdb was found but python...
2015-03-06 Jelmer VernooijRemove 'external' python module support code - use...
2015-03-06 Jelmer VernooijRemove bundled but unused mimeparse.
2015-03-06 Jelmer VernooijRemove unused bundled python-extras module.
2015-03-06 Jelmer VernooijRemove bundled testtools.
2015-03-06 Jelmer VernooijRemove bundled subunit.
2015-03-06 Jelmer VernooijBundle pyiso8601 for iso8601 time/date manipulation.
2015-03-06 Jelmer VernooijInline outputting of subunit in libtorture.
2015-03-04 David Disseldorptevent: version 0.9.24 tevent-0.9.24
2015-03-04 Petr Viktorinpyldb: Add tests for type errors
2015-03-03 Petr Viktorinpyldb: Report errors converting controls list to char**
2015-03-03 Petr Viktorinpyldb: Better error reporting