talloc: use the system pytalloc-util for python3 as well
[sfrench/samba-autobuild/.git] / lib / tevent /
2017-01-11 Stefan Metzmacherwscript: remove executable bits for all wscript* files
2017-01-11 Stefan Metzmacherlib/tevent: remove unused release-script.sh
2016-12-08 Lukas Slebodniktevent: remove shebang from tevent.py
2016-10-05 Stefan Metzmachertevent: version 0.9.31 tevent-0.9.31
2016-10-04 Volker Lendecketevent: Add tevent_req_reset_endtime
2016-10-04 Volker Lendecketevent: Make talloc_free safe when threaded_contexts...
2016-10-04 Volker Lendecketevent: Add tevent_common_wakeup_fd()
2016-10-04 Volker Lendecketevent: Rename wakeup fds
2016-10-04 Volker Lendecketevent: Add tevent_update_timer()
2016-10-04 Volker Lendecketevent: Factor out tevent_common_insert_timer
2016-09-16 Volker Lendecketevent_tutorial: Fix tevent_thread referencing
2016-09-15 Volker Lendecketevent_tutorial: Fix typos
2016-09-06 Michael Adamtevent: fix confused documentation
2016-09-01 Volker Lendecketevent: Fix some typos
2016-08-23 Stefan Metzmachertevent: version 0.9.30 tevent-0.9.30
2016-08-23 Volker Lendecketevent: Use eventfd for signal/thread wakeup
2016-08-23 Volker Lendecketevent: Move a variable declaration into a while block
2016-08-23 Volker Lendecketevent: Move rundown of the event pipe
2016-08-23 Volker Lendecketevent: Simple test for threaded immediates
2016-08-23 Volker Lendecketevent: reorder tevent_context for cache locality
2016-08-23 Volker Lendecketevent: Add threaded immediate activation
2016-08-23 Volker Lendecketevent: Move the async wakeup pipe to common
2016-08-23 Volker Lendecketevent: Fix a typo
2016-08-20 Volker Lendecketevent: Fix a typo
2016-07-28 Stefan Metzmachertevent: version 0.9.28 tevent-0.9.29
2016-07-22 Volker Lendecketevent: Add overflow protection to tevent_req_create
2016-07-22 Volker Lendecketevent: Save 140 bytes of .text in tevent_req_create
2016-07-22 Volker Lendecketevent: Save 32 bytes of .text in tevent_req_create
2016-07-14 Michael AdamRevert "tevent: avoid -Wtautological-compare errors...
2016-07-14 Michael Adamtevent: avoid -Wtautological-compare errors with gcc6
2016-07-12 Nikolai Kondrashovtevent: Clarify apparently useless conditions
2016-07-04 Garming Samtevent: typo in documentation
2016-05-29 Jeremy Allisonlib: tevent: Use struct sockaddr_storage to cope with...
2016-05-12 Michael Adamtevent:testsuite: fix O3 errors unused result of write
2016-05-12 Michael Adamtevent:testsuite: fix O3 errors unused result for read
2016-05-12 Michael Adamtevent:signal: fix -O3 error unused result of read
2016-05-12 Michael Adamtevent:signal: fix -O3 error unused result of write
2016-05-12 Michael Adamtevent:threads: fix -O3 error unused result of write
2016-03-24 Douglas Bagnalltevent.h: use HAVE___ATTRIBUTE__ instead of __GNUC__
2016-02-19 Stefan Metzmachertevent: version 0.9.28 tevent-0.9.28
2016-02-18 Jeremy Allisonlib: tevent: Fix memory leak reported by Pavel Březina...
2016-02-15 Stefan Metzmachertevent: version 0.9.27 tevent-0.9.27
2016-02-07 Nathan HuffFix ETIME handling for Solaris event ports.
2016-02-06 Michael Adamtevent: remove outdated comment about type argument...
2016-02-06 Michael Adamtevent: remove unneeded type argument from DLIST_CONCAT...
2016-02-06 Michael Adamtevent: remove uneeded type argument from DLIST_DEMOTE()
2016-02-06 Michael Adamtevent: remove unneeded type argument from DLIST_ADD_END
2016-01-13 Jelmer Vernooijtevent: Only set public headers field when installing...
2015-11-18 Jelmer VernooijSet LD_LIBRARY_PATH during tests.
2015-11-18 Jeremy Allisonlib: tevent: Whitespace cleanup.
2015-11-18 Jeremy Allisonlib: tevent: Fix bug in poll backend - poll_event_loop_...
2015-11-05 Stefan Metzmachertevent: version 0.9.26 tevent-0.9.26
2015-11-05 Jeremy Allisonlib: tevent: docs: Add tutorial on thread usage.
2015-11-05 Jeremy Allisonlib: tevent: tests: Add a second thread test that does...
2015-11-05 Jeremy Allisonlib: tevent: Initial test of tevent threaded context...
2015-11-05 Jeremy Allisonlib: tevent: Initial checkin of threaded tevent context...
2015-06-12 Stefan Metzmachertevent: version 0.9.25 tevent-0.9.25
2015-06-12 Stefan Metzmacherpytevent: add a TeventTimer_Object_ref helper structure...
2015-06-12 Stefan Metzmacherpytevent: remove const warnings using discard_const_p()
2015-06-12 Stefan Metzmacherpytevent: remove dead code TEVENT_DEPRECATED is never...
2015-06-12 Stefan Metzmachertevent.h: propose tstream_ versions of read_packet_send...
2015-06-12 Stefan Metzmachertevent/testsuite: make sure we cleanup tevent_fd struct...
2015-06-10 Petr Viktorinpytevent: Build for two versions of Python at once
2015-06-10 Petr Viktorinpytevent: Port to Python 3
2015-06-10 Petr Viktorinpytalloc: Improve timer wrapper, and test it
2015-06-10 Petr Viktorinpytevent: Define missing TeventFd_Type object
2015-06-10 Petr Viktorinpytevent: Better error and reference handling
2015-06-02 Stefan Metzmachertevent: fix access after free in tevent_common_check_si...
2015-05-20 Stefan Metzmachertevent: add a note to tevent_add_fd()
2015-04-29 Gordon Rosslib: tevent: Fix compile error in Solaris ports backend.
2015-04-21 Volker Lendecketevent: Fix CID 1035381 Unchecked return value
2015-03-26 Jelmer VernooijMove waf into third_party/.
2015-03-04 David Disseldorptevent: version 0.9.24 tevent-0.9.24
2015-03-03 Jeremy Allisontevent: Ignore unexpected signal events in the same...
2015-02-27 Michael Adamtevent: version 0.9.23 tevent-0.9.23
2015-02-15 Jeremy AllisonAdd Solaris ports as a tevent backend.
2015-01-24 Richard SharpeUpdate the tevent_data.dox tutrial stuff to fix some...
2015-01-22 Petr ViktorinRemove use of the "staticforward" macro
2014-09-30 Stefan Metzmachertevent: version 0.9.22 tevent-0.9.22
2014-09-30 Stefan Metzmachertevent: remove unused exit_code in tevent_select.c
2014-09-30 Stefan Metzmachertevent: remove unused exit_code in tevent_poll.c
2014-09-18 Volker Lendeckelib: Polish echo_server
2014-06-20 Michael Adamtevent:build: improve detection of srcdir
2014-06-07 Jeremy Allisonlib: tevent: make TEVENT_SIG_INCREMENT atomic.
2014-04-04 Lukas Slebodniktevent: Update flags in tevent pkgconfig file
2014-04-02 Volker Lendeckedlinklist: Fix a typo
2014-04-02 Stefan Metzmacherlib/tevent/tests: add missing #include "torture/local...
2014-01-17 Stefan Metzmachertevent: version 0.9.21 tevent-0.9.21
2014-01-17 Stefan Metzmachertevent: add tevent_req_set_cleanup_fn()
2014-01-17 Stefan Metzmachertevent: add/use tevent_req_destructor
2014-01-17 Stefan Metzmachertevent: add doxygen comments for tevent_num_signals...
2014-01-17 Volker Lendecketevent: Add prototypes
2014-01-17 Volker Lendecketevent: Only build "std_fallback_to_poll" when epoll...
2014-01-17 Stefan Metzmachertevent: fix crash bug in tevent_queue_immediate_trigger()
2013-12-26 Simo SorceDo not return a value from a void function.
2013-12-17 Volker Lendecketevent: Fix CID 1138326 Unchecked return value
2013-12-11 Stefan Metzmachertevent: version 0.9.20 tevent-0.9.20
2013-12-11 Stefan Metzmachertevent: give the user the chance to ask for TEVENT_NUM_...
2013-12-11 Stefan Metzmachertevent: change TEVENT_SA_INFO_QUEUE_COUNT from 64 to 256
2013-12-11 Stefan Metzmachertevent: tevent_epoll_set_panic_fallback() can be a...