talloc: use the system pytalloc-util for python3 as well
[sfrench/samba-autobuild/.git] / lib / tdb /
2016-11-30 Stefan Metzmachertdb: version 1.3.12 tdb-1.3.12
2016-11-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Fix mutexes on FreeBSD
2016-11-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Only mmap the mutex area if not already mmap'ed
2016-11-29 Volker Lendecketdb: NULL out tdb->mutexes in tdb_mutex_munmap
2016-08-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Use tdb_storev in tdb_append tdb-1.3.11
2016-08-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Add tdb_storev
2016-08-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Add tdb_trace_1plusn_rec_flag_ret
2016-08-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Vectorize _tdb_store
2016-08-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Vectorize tdb_update_hash
2016-08-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Allow _v variant in tdb_update_hash_cmp
2016-08-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Remove unnecessary checks
2016-08-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Do an overflow check
2016-08-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Fix a signed/unsigned hickup
2016-08-23 Amitay Isaacstdb: Fix format-nonliteral warning
2016-07-28 Stefan Metzmachertdb: version 1.3.10 tdb-1.3.10
2016-07-14 Volker Lendecketdb: Don't malloc for every record in traverse
2016-07-03 Bob Campbelltdb: avoid many fcntl calls when incrementing seqnum
2016-06-29 Jeremy Allisons3: tdb: On some platforms pthread_mutex_trylock()...
2016-05-12 Michael Adamtdb:torture: fix -O3 error unused result of write
2016-05-12 Michael Adamtdb:torture: fix -O3 error unused result code of read
2016-04-12 Volker Lendecketdb mutex check: Fix CID 1358473 Uninitialized scalar...
2016-04-11 Stefan Metzmachertdb: version 1.3.9 tdb-1.3.9
2016-04-11 Uri Simchonitdb: rework cleanup logic in tdb_runtime_check_for_robu...
2016-03-29 Ralph Boehmetdb: avoid a race condition when checking for robust...
2016-03-22 Jeremy Allisonlib:tdb: Remove use of strcpy in tdb test.
2016-02-16 Michael Adamtdb: eliminate deprecation warnings in python tests
2016-01-13 Jelmer Vernooń≥tdb: Only set public headers field when installing...
2015-12-18 Andrew Bartletttdb: Refuse to load a database with hash size 0
2015-11-06 Mathieu ParentFix various spelling errors
2015-11-05 Stefan Metzmachertdb: version 1.3.8 tdb-1.3.8
2015-09-18 Ralph BoehmeRevert "tdb: Add tdbdump -u"
2015-09-18 Volker Lendecketdb: Add tdbdump -u
2015-07-23 Martin Schwenketdb: Fix broken build with --disable-python
2015-07-21 Stefan Metzmachertdb: version 1.3.7 tdb-1.3.7
2015-07-21 Aurelien Apteltdb python binding: raise KeyError(key) when the key...
2015-07-21 Petr Viktorinpytdb: Add tests for text interface
2015-07-21 Petr Viktorinpyldb: Add a text-based interface for Python 3
2015-07-21 Petr Viktorinpytdb: Use new dict API on Python 3
2015-07-21 Petr Viktorinpytdb: Build for two versions of Python at once
2015-07-21 Petr Viktorinpytdb: Port to Python 3
2015-07-21 Petr Viktorinpytdb: Allow nextkey() to be called
2015-07-16 Uri Simchonitdbrestore: include config.h before any glibc headers
2015-07-08 Volker Lendecketdb: Reproducer for Bug 11381
2015-07-08 Volker Lendecketdb: Fix bug 11381, deadlock
2015-06-12 Stefan Metzmachertdb: version 1.3.6 tdb-1.3.6
2015-04-28 Alexander Drozdovtdb: version 1.3.5 tdb-1.3.5
2015-04-28 Alexander Drozdovtdb: introduce tdb_chainlock_read_nonblock(), a nonbloc...
2015-04-27 Jelmer VernooijAdd set date to tdb manpages.
2015-03-30 Amitay Isaacstdb: Do not build test binaries if it's not a standalon...
2015-03-26 Jelmer VernooijMove waf into third_party/.
2015-03-26 Jeremy Allisonlib: tdb: Use sigaction when testing for robust mutexes.
2015-03-25 Andreas SchneiderRevert "lib: tdb: Use sigaction when testing for robust...
2015-03-24 Jeremy Allisonlib: tdb: Use sigaction when testing for robust mutexes.
2015-03-17 Volker LendeckeDocs: Remove some ntdb references
2015-03-10 Volker Lendecketdb: Fix CID 1034842 Resource leak
2015-03-10 Volker Lendecketdb: Fix CID 1034841 Resource leak
2014-12-19 Stefan Metzmachertdb: version 1.3.4 tdb-1.3.4
2014-12-19 Stefan Metzmachertdb/toos: allow transactions with TDB_MUTEX_LOCKING
2014-12-19 Stefan Metzmachertdb/test: add tdb1-run-mutex-transaction1 test
2014-12-19 Stefan Metzmachertdb: allow transactions on on tdb's with TDB_MUTEX_LOCKING
2014-12-02 Stefan Metzmachertdb: version 1.3.3 tdb-1.3.3
2014-12-02 Stefan Metzmachertdb/test: TDB_CLEAR_IF_FIRST | TDB_MUTEX_LOCKING, O_RDO...
2014-11-29 Stefan Metzmachertdb: version 1.3.2 tdb-1.3.2
2014-11-26 Volker Lendecketdb: Fix tdb_runtime_check_for_robust_mutexes()
2014-11-20 Stefan Metzmachertdb: allow tdb_open_ex() with O_RDONLY of TDB_FEATURE_F...
2014-09-30 Volker Lendecketdb: Fix a comment
2014-09-24 Volker Lendecketdb: Improve wording in a comment
2014-09-19 Martin Schwenketdb: tdb.h needs bool type
2014-09-16 Michael Adamtdb: change version to 1.3.1 tdb-1.3.1
2014-09-16 Stefan Metzmachertdb:tools: fix a compiler warning
2014-08-18 David Disseldorptdbtorture: print details when run with -n 1
2014-06-26 Michael Adamtdb: defragment the freelist in tdb_allocate_from_freel...
2014-06-26 Michael Adamtdb: add "freelist_size" sub-command to tdbtool
2014-06-26 Michael Adamtdb: use tdb_freelist_merge_adjacent in tdb_freelist_size()
2014-06-26 Michael Adamtdb: add tdb_freelist_merge_adjacent()
2014-06-26 Michael Adamtdb: add utility function check_merge_ptr_with_left_rec...
2014-06-26 Michael Adamtdb: simplify tdb_free() using check_merge_with_left_re...
2014-06-26 Michael Adamtdb: add utility function check_merge_with_left_record()
2014-06-26 Michael Adamtdb: improve comments for tdb_free().
2014-06-26 Michael Adamtdb: factor merge_with_left_record() out of tdb_free()
2014-06-26 Michael Adamtdb: fix debug message in tdb_free()
2014-06-26 Michael Adamtdb: reduce indentation in tdb_free() for merging left
2014-06-26 Michael Adamtdb: increase readability of read_record_on_left()
2014-06-26 Michael Adamtdb: factor read_record_on_left() out of tdb_free()
2014-06-20 Michael Adamtdb:build: improve detection of srcdir.
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb/tools: Allow tdbtool to r/o open mutexed tdbs tdb-1.3.0
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb/tools: add -m option to tdbtorture
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb/test: add marklock deadlock test
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb/test: add mutex related tests
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb: add TDB_MUTEX_LOCKING support
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb: introduce tdb->hdr_ofs
2014-05-22 Stefan Metzmachertdb: introduce TDB_SUPPORTED_FEATURE_FLAGS
2014-05-22 Stefan Metzmachertdb: use asprintf() to simplify tdb_summary()
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb/test: add UNMAP command to external-agent.c
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb/test: add PING command to external-agent.c
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb/test: add shutdown_agent() helper function
2014-05-22 Stefan Metzmachertdb/test: add a "skip()" macro.
2014-05-22 Stefan Metzmachertdb/test: correctly use stderr, not stdout, in fail()
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb/tools: explicitly use TDB_NOLOCK in tdbdump
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb/tools: add -l option to tdbtool