talloc: use the system pytalloc-util for python3 as well
[sfrench/samba-autobuild/.git] / lib / talloc / ABI /
2017-02-25 Stefan Metzmachertalloc: version 2.1.9 talloc-2.1.9
2017-02-25 Stefan Metzmacherpytalloc: add pytalloc_GenericObject_{steal,reference...
2016-07-28 Stefan Metzmachertalloc: version 2.1.8 talloc-2.1.8
2016-05-05 Stefan Metzmachertalloc: version 2.1.7 talloc-2.1.7
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpytalloc: Add pytalloc_BaseObject_PyType_Ready() wrapper
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartletttalloc: Bump version number
2015-11-05 Stefan Metzmachertalloc: version 2.1.5 talloc-2.1.5
2015-10-09 Adrian Cochranetalloc: Increment minor version due to added talloc_tes...
2015-07-21 Stefan Metzmachertalloc: version 2.1.3 talloc-2.1.3
2015-03-09 Stefan Metzmachertalloc: version 2.1.2 talloc-2.1.2
2014-05-16 Stefan Metzmachertalloc: version 2.1.1 talloc-2.1.1
2013-11-13 Stefan MetzmacherMerge branch 'master' of ctdb into 'master' of samba
2013-09-08 Volker Lendecketalloc: Add talloc_pooled_object
2012-10-05 Simo SorceAdd memory limiting capability to talloc
2011-09-15 Stefan Metzmachertalloc: change version to 2.0.7 talloc-2.0.7
2011-08-10 Jelmer Vernooijpytalloc: Regenerate ABI file.
2011-08-10 Jelmer Vernooijpytalloc: Use consistent prefix for functions, add...
2011-08-09 Andrew Tridgelltalloc: prepare for 2.0.6 release
2011-01-05 Stefan Metzmachertalloc: change version to 2.0.5 after a critical bugfix
2010-12-03 Stefan Metzmachertalloc: add ABI/talloc-2.0.4.sigs
2010-04-20 Andrew Tridgelltalloc: there is no ambiguity when freeing a ptr with...
2010-04-18 Andrew Tridgellbuild: more adjustments for the ABI type name maps
2010-04-18 Andrew Tridgells4-waf: rebuild signature files with the api type maps
2010-04-18 Andrew Tridgelltalloc-waf: added ABI checking for talloc