Refactor the dns_open_connection code so that duplicate code is removed and ensure...
[sfrench/samba-autobuild/.git] / lib / socket_wrapper /
2016-03-21 Andreas Schneiderlib: Update socket_wrapper to version 1.1.6
2015-10-16 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Build *_wrapper without -DNDEBUG for in-tree use
2015-09-08 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Bump version to 1.1.4
2015-09-08 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Call dlclose() in the destructor
2015-09-08 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix signed comparsion warnings
2015-09-08 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add environment variable to specify mtu size
2015-09-08 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix TCP support with sendmsg/recvmsg
2015-09-08 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Correctly update the msg_name in recvmsg()
2015-02-23 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Bump version to 1.1.3
2015-02-23 Andreas Schneiderswrap: If we remove the socket_info also unlink the...
2015-02-23 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Do not leak the socket_info we just removed.
2015-02-23 Andreas Schneidersrc: Add support for running with address sanitizer.
2015-02-23 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix the loop for older gcc versions.
2014-12-08 Andreas Schneidersocket_wrapper: Add missing prototype check for eventfd.
2014-10-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Bump version to 1.1.2.
2014-10-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add support for eventfd with unsigned count...
2014-10-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add a trace message for swrap_socket().
2014-10-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Implement fcntl() to catch F_DUPFD.
2014-10-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Include the function name in the debug output.
2014-10-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Silence alignment warnings.
2014-10-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix type punning warnings when loading functions.
2014-10-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix access to struct members in log messages.
2014-10-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix whitespace errors.
2014-10-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Update copyright notice.
2014-10-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Wrap fopen to detect stale file descriptors.
2014-10-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Use swrap_address in swrap_accept().
2014-10-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Remove unused sockaddr_dup() function.
2014-10-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Use swrap_address in the socket_info struct.
2014-10-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Use a sockaddr_un for the unix path in socket_info.
2014-10-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Rename swrap_pcap_dump_packet().
2014-10-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Rename swrap_pcap_get_fd().
2014-10-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Rename swrap_marshall_packet().
2014-10-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Rename swrap_packet_init().
2014-10-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Rename socket_wrapper_pcap_file().
2014-10-02 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix type punning warnings.
2014-10-02 Jakub HrozekProvide a compatible declaration of CMSG_ALIGN
2014-10-02 Jakub HrozekSO_PROTOCOL is platform-dependent
2014-10-02 Michael Adamswrap: fix another discard const warning in swrap_bind()
2014-10-02 Michael Adamswrap: fix discard const warning in swrap_bind()
2014-10-02 Michael Adamswrap: fix discard const warning in swrap_remove_stale()
2014-10-02 Michael Adamswrap: fix build when neither HAVE_STRUCT_IN_PKTINFO...
2014-07-31 Andreas Schneiderwaf: socket_wrapper should check for HAVE_FUNCTION_ATTR...
2014-06-05 Michael Adamlib: Bump socket_wrapper version to 1.1.1.
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Disable incomplete bind checks (and tests) for...
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderlib: Bump socket_wrapper version to 1.1.0.
2014-06-05 Michael Adamswrap: check whether an address:port is already in...
2014-06-05 Michael Adamswrap: implement check_addr_port_in_use()
2014-06-05 Michael Adamswrap: fix AF_UNSPEC special case in swrap_bind()
2014-06-05 Michael Adamswrap: extend input checks in swrap_bind()
2014-06-05 Michael Adamswrap: add check for rpc/rpc.h - needed on freebsd...
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add support for bindresvport().
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add missing family check in bind().
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Setup myname in swrap_socket() for getsockname().
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Make sure cmbuf is not NULL.
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: We need to pass a pointer-pointer to not leak...
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Support more socket options in getsockopt().
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Call swrap_msghdr_filter_cmsghdr in swrap_sendms...
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add swrap_msghdr_filter_cmsg_pktinfo().
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add swrap_sendmsg_filter_cmsg_socket().
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add swrap_sendmsg_copy_cmsg().
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add swrap_sendmsg_filter_cmsghdr().
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Implement support for IP_RECVDSTADDR on BSD.
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Check if the in_pktinfo structure is available.
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Silence a warning on OpenIndiana.
2014-06-05 Pino Toscanoswrap: Properly cache the handle also in LIBC_SO case.
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Truncate the address if the buffer is to small.
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Process control messages in recvmsg().
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Call swrap_msghdr_socket_info in swrap_recvmsg_a...
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add swrap_msghdr_socket_info().
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add swrap_msghdr_add_pktinfo().
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add swrap_msghdr_add_cmsghdr().
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add IP_PKTINFO support in setsockopt.
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderwaf: Add check for HAVE_STRUCT_IN6_PKTINFO.
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Correctly set the bind iface address on connect().
2014-06-05 Pino Toscanoswrap: use LIBC_SO from GNU libc, if available
2014-05-09 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Update version to 1.0.2.
2014-05-09 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fall back to RTLD_NEXT if we can't find libc.
2014-05-09 Jakub WilkFix some typos.
2014-05-09 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Use the loaded libc open() directly.
2014-05-09 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Do not leak memory in swrap_recvmsg_after().
2014-04-17 Andreas Schneiderlib: Remove socket wrapper python module.
2014-04-17 Andreas Schneiderlib: Change socket_wrapper to preloadable version.
2014-04-02 Stefan Metzmacherlib/socket_wrapper: explicitly use allow_warnings=True
2014-04-02 Stefan Metzmacherlib/socket_wrapper/tests: add missing #include "torture...
2014-01-09 Matthias Dieter... samba:python - Py_RETURN_NONE remove compatibility...
2013-12-07 Christian Ambachlib/socket_wrapper fix compilation when libreplace...
2013-11-13 Stefan MetzmacherMerge branch 'master' of ctdb into 'master' of samba
2013-05-28 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Remove autoconf build system
2012-08-21 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Remove special case for the build farm
2012-08-06 Christian Ambachlib/socket_wrapper: writev returns ssize_t, not int
2012-07-06 Andrew Bartletts4-selftest: Test samba-tool domain dcpromo
2012-05-13 Andrew Bartlettlib/socket_wrapper only enable python_socket and socket...
2012-03-16 Jelmer VernooijRemove more unnecessary shebang lines in python files.
2012-02-07 Jelmer Vernooijpysocketwrapper: fix behaviour to be consistent with...
2011-11-25 Michael Adamsocket_wrapper: use libreplace headers based on "#ifdef...
2011-11-25 Michael Adamsocket_wrapper: simplify include path for replace.h
2011-11-19 Matthias Dieter... socket_wrapper/py_socket_wrapper.c - include Python...
2011-11-17 Amitay Isaacssocket_wrapper: Added python interface to socket_wrapper
2011-09-29 Stefan Metzmachersocket_wrapper: correctly handle dup()/dup2() ref counting
2011-09-29 Stefan Metzmachersocket_wrapper: pass down the fd explictly from the...