s3:libnet_join: call do_JoinConfig() after we did remote changes on the server
[sfrench/samba-autobuild/.git] / docs-xml /
2017-06-27 Bernhard M. Wiedem... docs-xml: Sort input file list
2017-06-16 Stefan Metzmacherdocs-xml: change the default for "map untrusted to...
2017-06-16 Stefan Metzmacherdocs-xml: document "map untrusted to domain = auto"
2017-06-16 Stefan Metzmacherdocs-xml: improve documentation of "map untrusted to...
2017-06-15 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Claim version in g_lock
2017-06-13 Stefan Metzmacherdocs-xml/smbdotconf: deprecated "profile acls"
2017-05-26 Andreas SchneiderRevert "param: Add 'mit kdc config' option to smb.conf"
2017-05-25 Gary Lockyerdocs: configuration options for extra password hashes
2017-05-11 Karolin Seegerdocs: Remove old docs.
2017-05-10 Karolin Seegerdocs: Rename Samba3-Developers-Guide to Samba-Developer...
2017-05-08 Christof Schmittdocs-xml: Document net tdb command
2017-04-29 Andreas Schneiderparam: Add 'mit kdc config' option to smb.conf
2017-04-29 Andreas Schneiderparam: Add 'mit kdc command' to change the default.
2017-04-21 Jeremy Allisonlib: modules: Change XXX_init interface from XXX_init...
2017-04-17 Andreas Schneiderdocs: Update idmap_rid manpage
2017-04-13 Noel Powerparam: Check for valid values of 'name resolve order...
2017-04-08 Uri Simchonidocs: fixup smbclient rename -f option
2017-03-29 Andrew Bartlettauth: Add hooks for notification of authentication...
2017-03-29 Gary Lockyerauth_log: Add JSON logging of Authorisation and Authent...
2017-03-28 Uri Simchonimanpages: update smbclient manpage with rename -f option
2017-03-26 Uri Simchonivfs_fruit: document added zero_file_id parameter
2017-03-24 Jeremy Allisons3: smbd: Change "strict sync" paramter from "no" to...
2017-03-22 Volker Lendeckeidmap_rfc2307: Clarify the documentation a bit
2017-03-16 Volker Lendeckedocs: Deprecate "auth methods"
2017-03-16 Volker Lendeckedocs: Deprecate "map untrusted to domain"
2017-03-13 Garming Samtypo: uppon -> upon
2017-03-13 Chris LambCorrect "ommited" typos.
2017-03-12 Uri Simchonidoc: update "ea support" section of the smb.conf manpage
2017-03-07 Ralph Boehmemanpages/vfs_fruit: document global options
2017-03-03 Andreas Schneiderdocs: Improve the idmap_hash manpage
2017-03-02 Uri Simchonivfs_fruit: drop "ea support" from the manpage
2017-03-01 Ralph Boehmevfs_fruit: only veto AppleDouble files with fruit:resou...
2017-03-01 Ralph Boehmedocs/vfs_fruit: document known limitations with fruit...
2017-02-22 Edward Bettsfix spelling of 'unchangeable'
2017-02-22 Chris LambCorrect "hexidecimal" typos.
2017-02-22 Chris LambCorrect "explicity" typos.
2017-02-22 Chris LambCorrect "encyption" typos.
2017-02-22 Chris LambCorrect "seperate" typos.
2017-02-22 Chris LambCorrect "follwing" typos.
2017-02-22 Chris LambCorrect "existence" typos.
2017-02-22 Chris LambCorrect "formated" typos.
2017-02-22 Chris LambCorrect "descriptior" typos.
2017-02-22 Chris LambCorrect "perfom" typos.
2017-02-22 Chris LambCorrect "overriden" typos.
2017-02-20 Karolin Seegerdocs: Fix typo in man smb.conf.
2017-02-15 David Disseldorpdocs/vfs_ceph: document user_id parameter
2017-02-10 Ralph Boehmes3/util: mvxattr, a tool to rename extended attributes
2017-02-10 Douglas Bagnalldocs/smbconf: update log level list in man page
2017-02-09 Karolin Seegerdocs: Add missing spaces in man smb.conf.
2017-01-30 David Mulders3:winbindd: document "winbind:ignore domains"
2017-01-27 Ralph Boehmedocs: impact of a global "smb encrypt=off" on a share...
2017-01-27 John Mulligandocs: Improve description of "unix_primary_group" param...
2017-01-27 Andreas Schneiderrpc_server: Allow to configure the port range for RPC...
2017-01-22 Andrew Bartlettparam: Remove winbindd privileged socket directory...
2017-01-20 Ralph Boehmesmbcontrol: add ringbuf-log
2017-01-20 Ralph Boehmedebug: add "ringbuf" backend logging to a ringbuffer
2017-01-12 Karolin Seegerdocs: Bump version up to 4.7.
2017-01-09 Ralph Boehmes3/smbd: new "mangled names" setting "illegal"
2017-01-02 Volker Lendeckeidmap_ad: Restore querying SFU nss info
2016-12-21 Anoop C Sdocs-xml: Remove duplicate listing of configfile option...
2016-12-20 Andrew Bartletts4-rpc_server: Allow listener for RPC servers to use...
2016-12-16 Andreas Schneiderdocs: Update doc to use absolute path for 'dedicated...
2016-12-15 Andrew Bartletts4-rpc_server: Add back support for lsa over \\pipe...
2016-12-12 Alexander Bokovoysmb.conf: add identity mapping section
2016-12-09 Björn Jackedocs-xml: change samba.org to https://samba.org
2016-12-02 Ralph Boehmemanpages/vfs_fruit: add warning to fruit:resoure=stream
2016-12-02 Ralph Boehmevfs_fruit: fix fruit:resource option spelling
2016-12-02 Alexander Bokovoylogon script: clarify usage for different Samba roles
2016-12-02 Andreas Schneiders3:param: Add an 'include system krb5 conf' option
2016-11-24 Günther Deschnerdocs: fix funny typo in smb.conf manpage wrt Samba...
2016-11-15 Volker Lendeckewbinfo: Use ntlmv2 by default for wbinfo -a
2016-10-14 Raghavendra Talursupport volfile fetch from multiple glusterd nodes
2016-10-04 Uri Simchonismbcquotas: add -m option
2016-09-21 Rowland Pennyremove duplicate lines from 'man smb.conf'
2016-09-21 Ralph Boehmedocs/vfs_fruit: explain when to use vfs_catia
2016-08-31 Ralph Boehmevfs_acl_xattr|tdb: enforced settings when ignore system...
2016-08-31 Ralph Boehmedocs: document vfs_acl_xattr|tdb enforced settings
2016-08-31 Andrew Bartlettdocs: Explain that "reset on zero vc" is an SMB1 feature
2016-08-30 Ralph Boehmevfs_acl_xattr|tdb: add option to control default ACL...
2016-08-24 Volker Lendeckedocs: Fix a typo
2016-08-19 Christof Schmittdocs: Clarify description for cache, lock and state...
2016-08-10 Anoop C SFix a typo in smb.conf man page
2016-08-10 Uri Simchonismbd: add an option to inherit only the UNIX owner
2016-08-09 Uri Simchonis3-param: add kerberos encryption types parameter
2016-08-05 Karolin Seegerdocs: Bump version up to 4.6.
2016-08-04 Marc Muehlfeldman: Wrong option for parameter ldap ssl in smb.conf...
2016-07-28 Rajesh Josephshadow_copy2: update man pages for the newly introduced...
2016-07-22 Stefan Metzmacherdocs-xml/smbdotconf: reference "unix password sync...
2016-07-22 Stefan Metzmacherdocs-xml/smbdotconf: add "password hash gpg key ids...
2016-07-22 Stefan Metzmacherdocs-xml/smbdotconf: reference "unix password sync...
2016-07-22 Stefan Metzmacherdocs-xml:samba-tool.8: document "user syncpasswords...
2016-07-22 Stefan Metzmacherdocs-xml:samba-tool.8: document "user getpassword"...
2016-07-22 Stefan Metzmacherdocs-xml:smbdotconf: default "ntlm auth" to "no"
2016-07-22 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Enable leases by default
2016-07-19 Andrew Bartlettparam: Correct the defaults for "dcerpc endpoint services"
2016-07-04 Garming Samcheck-password-script: Allow AD to execute these scripts
2016-05-26 Jeremy Allisons3: docs: Add documentation for posix_whoami command...
2016-05-20 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "s3:rpcclient add -m option"
2016-05-12 Christian Ambachs3:rpcclient add -m option
2016-05-06 Garming Sammanpages: Markup led to missing space