2017-11-16 Michal Hockomm, sparse: do not swamp log with huge vmemmap allocati...
2017-11-16 Colin Ian Kingmm/hmm: remove redundant variable align_end
2017-11-16 Gustavo A.... mm/list_lru.c: mark expected switch fall-through
2017-11-16 Gustavo A.... mm/shmem.c: mark expected switch fall-through
2017-11-16 Pavel Tatashinmm/page_alloc.c: broken deferred calculation
2017-11-16 Tetsuo Handamm: don't warn about allocations which stall for too...
2017-11-16 Johannes Weinerfs: fuse: account fuse_inode slab memory as reclaimable
2017-11-16 Vlastimil Babkamm, page_alloc: fix potential false positive in __zone_...
2017-11-16 Shakeel Buttmm: mlock: remove lru_add_drain_all()
2017-11-16 Kemi Wangmm, sysctl: make NUMA stats configurable
2017-11-16 weiping zhangshmem: convert shmem_init_inodecache() to void
2017-11-16 Otto EbelingUnify migrate_pages and move_pages access checks
2017-11-16 Mel Gormanmm, pagevec: rename pagevec drained field
2017-11-16 Vlastimil Babkamm, page_alloc: simplify list handling in rmqueue_bulk()
2017-11-16 Mel Gormanmm: remove __GFP_COLD
2017-11-16 Mel Gormanmm: remove cold parameter from free_hot_cold_page*
2017-11-16 Mel Gormanmm: remove cold parameter for release_pages
2017-11-16 Mel Gormanmm, pagevec: remove cold parameter for pagevecs
2017-11-16 Mel Gormanmm: only drain per-cpu pagevecs once per pagevec usage
2017-11-16 Mel Gormanmm, truncate: remove all exceptional entries from pagev...
2017-11-16 Mel Gormanmm, truncate: do not check mapping for every page being...
2017-11-16 Mel Gormanmm, page_alloc: enable/disable IRQs once when freeing...
2017-11-16 Jan Karamm: batch radix tree operations when truncating pages
2017-11-16 Jan Karamm: factor out checks and accounting from __delete_from...
2017-11-16 Jan Karamm: move clearing of page->mapping to page_cache_tree_d...
2017-11-16 Jan Karamm: move accounting updates before page_cache_tree_delete()
2017-11-16 Jan Karamm: factor out page cache page freeing into a separate...
2017-11-16 Jan Karamm: refactor truncate_complete_page()
2017-11-16 Jan Karamm: speed up cancel_dirty_page() for clean pages
2017-11-16 Colin Ian Kingdrivers/block/zram/zram_drv.c: make zram_page_end_io...
2017-11-16 Kees Cookmm/page-writeback.c: convert timers to use timer_setup()
2017-11-16 Laszlo Tothmm, soft_offline: improve hugepage soft offlining error log
2017-11-16 Mike Rapoportuserfaultfd: use mmgrab instead of open-coded increment...
2017-11-16 Aaron Lumm/page_alloc: make sure __rmqueue() etc are always...
2017-11-16 Pavel Tatashinsparc64: optimize struct page zeroing
2017-11-16 Pavel Tatashinmm: stop zeroing memory during allocation in vmemmap
2017-11-16 Will Deaconarm64/mm/kasan: don't use vmemmap_populate() to initial...
2017-11-16 Andrey Ryabininx86/mm/kasan: don't use vmemmap_populate() to initializ...
2017-11-16 Pavel Tatashinmm: zero reserved and unavailable struct pages
2017-11-16 Pavel Tatashinmm: define memblock_virt_alloc_try_nid_raw
2017-11-16 Pavel Tatashinsparc64: simplify vmemmap_populate
2017-11-16 Pavel Tatashinsparc64/mm: set fields in deferred pages
2017-11-16 Pavel Tatashinx86/mm: set fields in deferred pages
2017-11-16 Pavel Tatashinmm: deferred_init_memmap improvements
2017-11-16 Changbin Dumm/swap_state.c: declare a few variables as __read_mostly
2017-11-16 Levin, Alexander... kmemcheck: rip it out
2017-11-16 Levin, Alexander... kmemcheck: remove whats left of NOTRACK flags
2017-11-16 Levin, Alexander... kmemcheck: stop using GFP_NOTRACK and SLAB_NOTRACK
2017-11-16 Levin, Alexander... kmemcheck: remove annotations
2017-11-16 Colin Ian Kingmm/rmap.c: remove redundant variable cend
2017-11-16 Shakeel Buttfs, mm: account filp cache to kmemcg
2017-11-16 Kirill A. Shutemovmm: consolidate page table accounting
2017-11-16 Kirill A. Shutemovmm: introduce wrappers to access mm->nr_ptes
2017-11-16 Kirill A. Shutemovmm: account pud page tables
2017-11-16 Konstantin... kmemleak: change /sys/kernel/debug/kmemleak permissions...
2017-11-16 Jan Karacifs: use find_get_pages_range_tag()
2017-11-16 Jan Karaafs: use find_get_pages_range_tag()
2017-11-16 Jan Karamm: remove nr_pages argument from pagevec_lookup_{...
2017-11-16 Jan Karaceph: use pagevec_lookup_range_nr_tag()
2017-11-16 Jan Karamm: add variant of pagevec_lookup_range_tag() taking...
2017-11-16 Jan Karamm: use pagevec_lookup_range_tag() in write_cache_pages()
2017-11-16 Jan Karamm: use pagevec_lookup_range_tag() in __filemap_fdatawa...
2017-11-16 Jan Karanilfs2: use pagevec_lookup_range_tag()
2017-11-16 Jan Karagfs2: use pagevec_lookup_range_tag()
2017-11-16 Jan Karaf2fs: use find_get_pages_tag() for looking up single...
2017-11-16 Jan Karaf2fs: simplify page iteration loops
2017-11-16 Jan Karaf2fs: use pagevec_lookup_range_tag()
2017-11-16 Jan Karaext4: use pagevec_lookup_range_tag()
2017-11-16 Jan Karaceph: use pagevec_lookup_range_tag()
2017-11-16 Jan Karabtrfs: use pagevec_lookup_range_tag()
2017-11-16 Jan Karamm: implement find_get_pages_range_tag()
2017-11-16 Ayush Mittalmm/page_owner.c: reduce page_owner structure size
2017-11-16 Pintu Agarwalmm/cma.c: change pr_info to pr_err for cma_alloc fail log
2017-11-16 Michal Hockomm, arch: remove empty_bad_page*
2017-11-16 Tim Chenmm/swap_slots.c: fix race conditions in swap_slots...
2017-11-16 Andrey Ryabininmm: remove unused pgdat->inactive_ratio
2017-11-16 Jérôme Glissemm/mmu_notifier: avoid call to invalidate_range() in...
2017-11-16 Jérôme Glissemm/mmu_notifier: avoid double notification when it...
2017-11-16 Sergey Senozhatskyzsmalloc: calling zs_map_object() from irq is a bug
2017-11-16 Ralph Campbellmm/hmm: constify hmm_devmem_page_get_drvdata() parameter
2017-11-16 Anshuman Khandualfs/hugetlbfs/inode.c: remove redundant -ENIVAL return...
2017-11-16 Sergey Senozhatskyzram: remove zlib from the list of recommended algorithms
2017-11-16 Sergey Senozhatskyzram: add zstd to the supported algorithms list
2017-11-16 Yafang Shaomm/page-writeback.c: print a warning if the vm dirtines...
2017-11-16 Gioh Kimmm/memblock.c: make the index explicit argument of...
2017-11-16 Michal Hockomm, memory_hotplug: remove timeout from __offline_memory
2017-11-16 Michal Hockomm, memory_hotplug: do not fail offlining too early
2017-11-16 Michal Hockomm, page_alloc: fail has_unmovable_pages when seeing...
2017-11-16 Michal Hockomm: distinguish CMA and MOVABLE isolation in has_unmova...
2017-11-16 Michal Hockomm: drop migrate type checks from has_unmovable_pages
2017-11-16 Tahsin Erdoganmm/page-writeback.c: remove unused parameter from balan...
2017-11-16 Huang Yingmm, swap: fix false error message in __swp_swapcount()
2017-11-16 Minchan Kimmm: swap: SWP_SYNCHRONOUS_IO: skip swapcache only if...
2017-11-16 Minchan Kimmm, swap: skip swapcache for swapin of synchronous...
2017-11-16 Minchan Kimmm, swap: introduce SWP_SYNCHRONOUS_IO
2017-11-16 Minchan Kimbdi: introduce BDI_CAP_SYNCHRONOUS_IO
2017-11-16 Minchan Kimzram: set BDI_CAP_STABLE_WRITES once
2017-11-16 Changbin Dumm: update comments for struct page.mapping
2017-11-16 Johannes Thumshirnnet/rds/ib_fmr.c: use kmalloc_array_node()
2017-11-16 Johannes Thumshirnmm/mempool.c: use kmalloc_array_node()