2007-10-17 Adrian Bunki386: es7000 minor cleanups
2007-10-17 akpm@linux... i386: Remove local CPU logic in MTRR call to smp_call_f...
2007-10-17 H. Peter Anvinx86: Create clflush() inline, remove hardcoded wbinvd
2007-10-17 Jan Beulichx86: constify stacktrace_ops
2007-10-17 Andi Kleenx86: Some cleanups for pci gart code
2007-10-17 Jan Beulichx86: misc. constifications
2007-10-17 Thomas Gleixnerx86: more struct irqaction initializer cleanups
2007-10-17 Thomas Gleixnerx86: clean up struct irqaction initializers
2007-10-17 Thomas Gleixnerx86: remove reminder of i386 irqstat per cpu conversion
2007-10-17 Andi Kleenx86_64: Remove serialize_cpu() inline
2007-10-17 Satyam Sharmai386: misc cpuinit annotations
2007-10-17 Satyam Sharmai386: Misc cpuinit annotations
2007-10-17 Oliver Pinterx86: add cpu codenames for Kconfig.cpu
2007-10-17 Jesper Juhli386: Clean up duplicate includes in arch/i386/xen/
2007-10-17 Adrian Bunki386: make some variables static
2007-10-17 Mike Frysingerx86: hide cond_syscall behind __KERNEL__
2007-10-17 Adrian Bunki386: make struct apic_probe static
2007-10-17 Yoann Padioleaux86: 0 -> NULL, for arch/x86_64
2007-10-17 Jesper Juhli386: Clean up duplicate includes in arch/i386/kernel/
2007-10-17 Andi Kleenx86: remove rogue default m in drivers/video/Kconfig
2007-10-17 Satyam Sharmax86: intel_cacheinfo misc section annotation fixes
2007-10-17 Yinghai Lux86: use dev_to_node() to get node for device in dma_al...
2007-10-17 Michal Schmidtx86: pci use pci=bfsort for HP DL385 G2 and DL585 G2
2007-10-17 Muli Ben-Yehudax86: Calgary: fix disable busnum for CalIOC2
2007-10-17 Huang, Yingx86: NX bit handling in change_page_attr()
2007-10-17 James Bottomleyx86: voyager don't try to support uniprocessor builds
2007-10-17 Prarit Bhargavax86: stop nmi softlockup warnings in show_mem()
2007-10-17 Ingo Molnarx86: fix CONFIG_PAGEALLOC related boot hangs/OOMs
2007-10-17 Ingo Molnarx86: prepare page allocator for high allocations on...
2007-10-17 Ingo Molnarx86: do not crash on non-Geode PCs in TSC probe
2007-10-17 Ingo Molnarx86: enable NMI watchdog on nosmp
2007-10-17 Andi Kleenx86_64: Fix compat emulation of PTRACE_GET/SET_THREAD_AREA
2007-10-17 Fengguang Wux86: call free_init_pages() with irqs enabled in altern...
2007-10-17 Kirill Korotaevx86: mark read_crX() asm code as volatile
2007-10-17 Andi Kleenx86: initialize 64bit registers for a.out executables
2007-10-17 Andrey Mirkinx86: return correct error code from child_rip in x86_64...
2007-10-17 Jan Beulichi386: avoid temporarily inconsistent pte-s
2007-10-17 Sam Ravnborgi386: fix section mismatch warning in intel.c
2007-10-17 Satyam Sharmai386: Fix section mismatch
2007-10-17 Siddha, Suresh Bi386: fix 4 bit apicid assumption of mach-default
2007-10-17 Andrew Hastingsx86: fix off-by-one in find_next_zero_string
2007-10-17 Laurent Vivieri386: export i386 smp_call_function_mask() to modules
2007-10-17 Roland McGrathx86: Install unstripped copy of 64bit vdso to disk
2007-10-17 Roland McGrathx86_64: install unstripped copies of compat vdso on...
2007-10-17 Adrian Bunki386: setup_trampoline() must be __cpuinit
2007-10-17 Andrew Mortonx86: clean up apicid_to_node declaration
2007-10-17 Stephane Eraniani386: make Oprofile call shutdown() only once per session
2007-10-17 Thomas Gleixnerx86: C1E late detection fix. Really switch off lapic...
2007-10-17 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/mingo/linux-2.6-sched
2007-10-17 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://
2007-10-17 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'merge' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2007-10-17 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://
2007-10-17 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2007-10-17 Adrian Bunksecurity/ cleanups
2007-10-17 Serge E. HallynImplement file posix capabilities
2007-10-17 Alexey Dobriyanifdef struct task_struct::security
2007-10-17 James Morrissecurity: Convert LSM into a static interface
2007-10-17 Rob LandleyAdd section IDs to Documentation/DocBook/filesystems...
2007-10-17 Rob LandleyFix "make htmldocs" build break.
2007-10-17 Rob LandleyAdd Documentation/RCU/00-Index
2007-10-17 Rob LandleyAdd recommended section IDs to deviceiobook.tmpl
2007-10-17 Randy Dunlapremap_file_pages: kernel-doc corrections
2007-10-17 WANG CongDocumentation/vm/slabinfo.c: clean up this code
2007-10-17 Pavel Machekvm.txt: document min_free_pages as critical for correctness
2007-10-17 Pavel Machekkdump: documentation cleanups
2007-10-17 Matthew WilcoxUpdate DMA-mapping documentation
2007-10-17 Rob LandleyAdd Documentation/power/00-INDEX
2007-10-17 Rob LandleyAdd entries to Documentation/powerpc
2007-10-17 Rob LandleyAdd Documentation/{w1,w1/masters}/00-INDEX
2007-10-17 Rob LandleyAdd missing entries to top level Documentation/00-INDEX
2007-10-17 Rob LandleyTweak Documentation/SM501.txt
2007-10-17 Bernhard WalleAdd reset_devices to the recommended parameters
2007-10-17 Bernhard WalleExpress new ELF32 mechanisms in documentation
2007-10-17 Randy DunlapUpdate help text for CONFIG_CRASH_DUMP
2007-10-17 Bernhard WalleExpress relocatability of kernel on x86_64 in documentation
2007-10-17 Robert P. J... Documentation: delete unreferenced xterm-linux.xpm...
2007-10-17 Randy Dunlapkernel-doc: fix doc blocks and html
2007-10-17 Jesper JuhlAdd a 00-INDEX file to Documentation/telephony/
2007-10-17 Jesper JuhlAdd a 00-INDEX file to Documentation/sysctl/
2007-10-17 Jesper JuhlAdd a 00-INDEX file to Documentation/mips/
2007-10-17 David Rientjesdoc: move vm/00-INDEX to Documentation/vm
2007-10-17 Jesper JuhlAdd a missing 00-INDEX file for Documentation/vm/
2007-10-17 Denis ChengDocumentation: add entries to filesystems/00-INDEX...
2007-10-17 Rob LandleyDocumentation/make/headers_install.txt
2007-10-17 Jesper JuhlClean up duplicate includes in Documentation/
2007-10-17 Dave Hansenr/o bind mounts: create cleanup helper svc_msnfs()
2007-10-17 Dave Hansenr/o bind mounts: give permission() a local 'mnt' variable
2007-10-17 Dave Hansenr/o bind mounts: rearrange may_open() to be r/o friendly
2007-10-17 Dave Hansenr/o bind mounts: filesystem helpers for custom 'struct...
2007-10-17 Bjorn HelgaasPNP: add debug message for adding new device
2007-10-17 Bjorn HelgaasPNP: simplify PNPBIOS insert_device
2007-10-17 Bjorn HelgaasPNP: use dev_info() in system driver
2007-10-17 Bjorn HelgaasPNP: use dev_info(), dev_err(), etc in core
2007-10-17 Bjorn HelgaasPNP: simplify PNP card error handling
2007-10-17 Bjorn HelgaasPNP: remove null pointer checks
2007-10-17 Krzysztof OledzkiFix very high interrupt rate for IRQ8 (rtc) unless...
2007-10-17 Jan BeulichPNP: don't fail device init if no DMA channel available
2007-10-17 Rafael J. WysockiPNP: make pnpacpi_suspend handle errors
2007-10-17 Miklos Szeredifuse: clean up execute permission checking
2007-10-17 Miklos Szeredifuse: no ENOENT from fuse device read