2014-04-03 Markos Chandrassamples/seccomp/Makefile: do not build tests if cross...
2014-04-03 Joe Percheserr.h: use bool for IS_ERR and IS_ERR_OR_NULL
2014-04-03 Josh TriplettSubmittingPatches: document the use of git
2014-04-03 Josh TriplettSubmittingPatches: add recommendation for mailing list...
2014-04-03 Josh TriplettSubmittingPatches: add style recommendation to use...
2014-04-03 Josh Triplettfs, kernel: permit disabling the uselib syscall
2014-04-03 Wang YanQingkernel/groups.c: remove return value of set_groups
2014-04-03 Fabian Fredericksys_sysfs: Add CONFIG_SYSFS_SYSCALL
2014-04-03 Rashika Kheriainclude/linux/syscalls.h: add sys32_quotactl() prototype
2014-04-03 Raghavendra K Tmm/readahead.c: fix readahead failure for memoryless...
2014-04-03 Vladimir Davydovslub: do not drop slab_mutex for sysfs_slab_add
2014-04-03 Vladimir Davydovkobject: don't block for each kobject_uevent
2014-04-03 Dave Hansendrop_caches: add some documentation and info message
2014-04-03 Sasha Levinmm: remove read_cache_page_async()
2014-04-03 Kirill A. Shutemovmm, thp: drop do_huge_pmd_wp_zero_page_fallback()
2014-04-03 Kirill A. Shutemovmm: consolidate code to setup pte
2014-04-03 Kirill A. Shutemovmm: consolidate code to call vm_ops->page_mkwrite()
2014-04-03 Kirill A. Shutemovmm: introduce do_shared_fault() and drop do_fault()
2014-04-03 Kirill A. Shutemovmm: introduce do_cow_fault()
2014-04-03 Kirill A. Shutemovmm: introduce do_read_fault()
2014-04-03 Kirill A. Shutemovmm: do_fault(): extract to call vm_ops->do_fault()...
2014-04-03 Kirill A. Shutemovmm: rename __do_fault() -> do_fault()
2014-04-03 Rashika Kheriainclude/linux/mm.h: remove ifdef condition
2014-04-03 Rashika Kheriamm/nobootmem.c: mark function as static
2014-04-03 Rashika Kheriamm/page_cgroup.c: mark functions as static
2014-04-03 Rashika Kheriamm/process_vm_access.c: mark function as static
2014-04-03 Rashika Kheriamm/mmap.c: mark function as static
2014-04-03 Rashika Kheriamm/memory.c: mark functions as static
2014-04-03 Rashika Kheriamm/compaction.c: mark function as static
2014-04-03 David Rientjesmm, compaction: avoid isolating pinned pages
2014-04-03 David Rientjesmm, hugetlb: mark some bootstrap functions as __init
2014-04-03 Johannes Weinermm: keep page cache radix tree nodes in check
2014-04-03 Johannes Weinerlib: radix_tree: tree node interface
2014-04-03 Johannes Weinermm: thrash detection-based file cache sizing
2014-04-03 Johannes Weinermm + fs: store shadow entries in page cache
2014-04-03 Johannes Weinermm + fs: prepare for non-page entries in page cache...
2014-04-03 Johannes Weinermm: filemap: move radix tree hole searching here
2014-04-03 Johannes Weinermm: shmem: save one radix tree lookup when truncating...
2014-04-03 Johannes Weinerlib: radix-tree: add radix_tree_delete_item()
2014-04-03 Johannes Weinerfs: cachefiles: use add_to_page_cache_lru()
2014-04-03 Johannes Weinermm: vmstat: fix UP zone state accounting
2014-04-03 Vladimir Davydovmm: vmscan: shrink_slab: rename max_pass -> freeable
2014-04-03 Davidlohr Buesomm, hugetlb: improve page-fault scalability
2014-04-03 Joonsoo Kimmm, hugetlb: use vma_resv_map() map types
2014-04-03 Joonsoo Kimmm, hugetlb: remove resv_map_put
2014-04-03 Davidlohr Buesomm, hugetlb: fix race in region tracking
2014-04-03 Joonsoo Kimmm, hugetlb: improve, cleanup resv_map parameters
2014-04-03 Joonsoo Kimmm, hugetlb: unify region structure handling
2014-04-03 Mel Gormanmm: optimize put_mems_allowed() usage
2014-04-03 David Rientjesmm, compaction: ignore pageblock skip when manually...
2014-04-03 Vladimir Davydovmm: vmscan: remove shrink_control arg from do_try_to_fr...
2014-04-03 Vladimir Davydovmm: vmscan: move call to shrink_slab() to shrink_zones()
2014-04-03 Vladimir Davydovmm: vmscan: respect NUMA policy mask when shrinking...
2014-04-03 Ben Zhangkernel/watchdog.c: touch_nmi_watchdog should only touch...
2014-04-03 Dan Carpenterfs/direct-io.c: remove some left over checks
2014-04-03 Gu Zhengfs/direct-io.c: remove redundant comparison
2014-04-03 Wengang Wangocfs2: pass "new" parameter to ocfs2_init_xattr_bucket
2014-04-03 jiangyiwenocfs2: avoid system inode ref confusion by adding mutex...
2014-04-03 jiangyiwenocfs2: iput inode alloc when failed locally
2014-04-03 Tariq Saeedocfs2/o2net: o2net_listen_data_ready should do nothing...
2014-04-03 Younger Liuocfs2: rollback alloc_dinode counts when ocfs2_block_gr...
2014-04-03 Wengang Wangocfs2: flock: drop cross-node lock when failed locally
2014-04-03 Darrick J.... ocfs2: call ocfs2_update_inode_fsync_trans when updatin...
2014-04-03 Tetsuo Handaocfs2: fix panic on kfree(xattr->name)
2014-04-03 alex chenocfs2: do not put bh when buffer_uptodate failed
2014-04-03 Xue jiufeiocfs2: __ocfs2_mknod_locked should return error when...
2014-04-03 Tariq Saeedocfs2: allow for more than one data extent when creatin...
2014-04-03 Zhonghua Guoocfs2: fix deadlock risk when kmalloc failed in dlm_que...
2014-04-03 Jensenocfs2: llseek requires ocfs2 inode lock for the file...
2014-04-03 Joseph Qiocfs2: fix type conversion risk when get cluster attributes
2014-04-03 Goldwyn Rodriguesocfs2: revert iput deferring code in ocfs2_drop_dentry_lock
2014-04-03 Jan Karaocfs2: avoid blocking in ocfs2_mark_lockres_freeing...
2014-04-03 Jan Karaocfs2: implement delayed dropping of last dquot reference
2014-04-03 Jan Karaquota: provide function to grab quota structure reference
2014-04-03 Jan Karaocfs2: move dquot_initialize() in ocfs2_delete_inode...
2014-04-03 Jan Karaocfs2: remove OCFS2_INODE_SKIP_DELETE flag
2014-04-03 Goldwyn Rodriguesocfs2: add dlm_recover_callback_support in sysfs
2014-04-03 Junxiao Biocfs2: dlm: fix recovery hung
2014-04-03 Junxiao Biocfs2: dlm: fix lock migration crash
2014-04-03 Darrick J.... ocfs2: improve fsync efficiency and fix deadlock betwee...
2014-04-03 joyce.xueocfs2: remove unused variable uuid_net_key in ocfs2_ini...
2014-04-03 Wengang Wangocfs2: change ip_unaligned_aio to of type mutex from...
2014-04-03 Zongxun Wangocfs2: fix null pointer dereference when access dlm_sta...
2014-04-03 Geert Uytterhoevenarch/sh/drivers/pci/pcie-sh7786.h: remove duplicate...
2014-04-03 Geert Uytterhoevensh: sh7757: switch RSPI clock to dev ID match
2014-04-03 Kuninori Morimotoarch/sh/boards/board-sh7757lcr.c: fixup SDHI register...
2014-04-03 Bobby Binghamsh: don't pass saved userspace state to exception handlers
2014-04-03 Bobby Binghamsh: remove unused do_fpu_error
2014-04-03 Bobby Binghamsh: push extra copy of r0-r2 for syscall parameters
2014-04-03 Michael Opdenackerscore: remove unused CPU_SCORE7 Kconfig parameter
2014-04-03 Jan Beulichgenksyms: fix typeof() handling
2014-04-03 Jan Karafanotify: move unrelated handling from copy_event_to_user()
2014-04-03 Jan Karafanotify: reorganize loop in fanotify_read()
2014-04-03 Jan Karafanotify: convert access_mutex to spinlock
2014-04-03 Jan Karafanotify: use fanotify event structure for permission...
2014-04-03 Jan Karafanotify: remove useless bypass_perm check
2014-04-03 Fabian Frederickfs/freevxfs/vxfs_lookup.c: update function comment
2014-04-03 Fabian Frederickfs/cifs/cifsfs.c: add __init to cifs_init_inodecache()
2014-04-03 Li Zefankmemleak: change some global variables to int
2014-04-03 Li Zefankmemleak: remove redundant code