2018-07-04 Or GerlitzMAINTAINERS: Moving out...
2018-07-04 Leon RomanovskyRDMA/i40w: Hold read semaphore while looking after VMA
2018-07-04 Tarick BedeirIB/mlx4: Test port number before querying type.
2018-07-03 Neil Hormanvmw_pvrdma: Release netdev when vmxnet3 module is removed
2018-07-03 Maor GottliebIB/mlx5: Fix GRE flow specification
2018-07-03 Michael J.... IB/hfi1: Remove incorrect call to do_interrupt callback
2018-07-03 Michael J.... IB/hfi1: Set in_use_ctxts bits for user ctxts only
2018-07-03 Bart Van Asscheib_srpt: Fix a use-after-free in __srpt_close_all_ch()
2018-07-03 Bart Van Asscheib_srpt: Fix a use-after-free in srpt_close_ch()
2018-07-03 Bart Van AsscheIB/mlx5: Remove set-but-not-used variables
2018-07-03 Bart Van AsscheIB/srp: Remove driver version and release data information
2018-07-03 Bart Van Asscheinclude/rdma/opa_addr.h: Fix an endianness issue
2018-06-29 Yishai HadasIB: Improve uverbs_cleanup_ucontext algorithm
2018-06-29 Bart Van AsscheIB/srpt: Support HCAs with more than two ports
2018-06-29 Sagi GrimbergIB/iser: set can_queue earlier to allow setting higher...
2018-06-29 Vijay ImmanuelIB/rxe: don't clear the tx queue on every transfer
2018-06-29 Jason GunthorpeIB/cm: Remove now useless rcu_lock in dst_fetch_ha
2018-06-29 Leon RomanovskyRDMA/mlx5: Don't leak UARs in case of free fails
2018-06-27 Yuval ShaiaRDMA/vmw_pvrdma: Delete unused function
2018-06-27 Jason GunthorpeIB/core: Check for rdma_protocol_ib only after validati...
2018-06-26 Jason GunthorpeIB/mlx4: Create slave AH's directly
2018-06-26 Leon RomanovskyRDMA/uverbs: Remove redundant check
2018-06-26 Leon RomanovskyRDMA/umem: Don't check for a negative return value...
2018-06-26 Leon RomanovskyRDMA/uverbs: Don't overwrite NULL pointer with ZERO_SIZ...
2018-06-25 Leon RomanovskyRDMA/verbs: Drop kernel variant of destroy_flow
2018-06-25 Leon RomanovskyRDMA/verbs: Drop kernel variant of create_flow
2018-06-25 Jason GunthorpeRDMA/uverbs: Check existence of create_flow callback
2018-06-25 Bart Van AsscheMAINTAINERS: Update SRP entries
2018-06-25 Jason GunthorpeIB/usnic: Update with bug fixes from core code
2018-06-25 Yishai HadasIB/mlx4: Add support for drain SQ & RQ
2018-06-25 Yishai HadasIB/mlx5: Add support for drain SQ & RQ
2018-06-25 Jason GunthorpeRDMA/core: Remove unused ib cache functions
2018-06-25 Parav PanditIB/cm: Use sgid_attr from the AV
2018-06-25 Parav PanditIB/cm: Replace members of sa_path_rec with 'struct...
2018-06-25 Parav PanditIB/cm: Pass the sgid_attr through various events
2018-06-25 Parav PanditIB/cm: Keep track of the sgid_attr that created the...
2018-06-25 Parav PanditIB: Make init_ah_attr_grh_fields set sgid_attr
2018-06-25 Parav PanditIB: Make ib_init_ah_from_mcmember set sgid_attr
2018-06-25 Parav PanditIB: Make ib_init_ah_attr_from_wc set sgid_attr
2018-06-22 Michael J.... IB/hfi1: Remove INTx support and simplify MSIx usage
2018-06-22 Mike MarciniszynIB/hfi1: Reorg ctxtdata and rightsize fields
2018-06-22 Mike MarciniszynIB/hfi1: Remove caches of chip CSRs
2018-06-22 Mike MarciniszynIB/hfi1: Remove unused/writeonly devdata fields
2018-06-22 Mike MarciniszynIB/hfi1: Rightsize ctxt_eager_bufs fields
2018-06-22 Mike MarciniszynIB/hfi1: Remove rcvctrl from ctxtdata
2018-06-22 Mike MarciniszynIB/hfi1: Remove rcvhdrq_size
2018-06-22 Parav PanditIB/core: Free GID table entry during GID deletion
2018-06-22 Parav PanditRDMA/cma: Consider net namespace while leaving multicas...
2018-06-22 Jason GunthorpeIB/uverbs: Delete type and id from uverbs_obj_attr
2018-06-22 Jason GunthorpeMerge branch 'icrc-counter' into rdma.git for-next
2018-06-22 Talat BatheeshIB/mlx5: Support RoCE ICRC encapsulated error counter
2018-06-21 Talat Batheeshnet/mlx5: Add RoCE RX ICRC encapsulated counter
2018-06-19 Leon RomanovskyRDMA/mlx5: Refactor transport domain checks
2018-06-19 Mike MarciniszynIB/rdmavt, IB/hfi1: Create device dependent s_flags
2018-06-19 Mike MarciniszynIB/hfi1: Remove rcvhdrsize
2018-06-19 Mike MarciniszynIB/hfi1: Move rhf_offset from devdata to ctxtdata
2018-06-19 Mike MarciniszynIB/hfi1: Move normal functions from hfi1_devdata to...
2018-06-19 Yishai HadasIB/mlx5: Expose DEVX tree
2018-06-19 Yishai HadasIB/mlx5: Add DEVX query EQN support
2018-06-19 Yishai HadasIB/mlx5: Add DEVX support for memory registration
2018-06-19 Yishai HadasIB/mlx5: Add support for DEVX query UAR
2018-06-19 Yishai HadasIB/mlx5: Add DEVX support for modify and query commands
2018-06-19 Yishai HadasIB/mlx5: Add obj create and destroy functionality
2018-06-19 Yishai HadasIB/mlx5: Add support for DEVX general command
2018-06-19 Yishai HadasIB/mlx5: Introduce DEVX
2018-06-19 Yishai HadasIB/core: Expose ib_ucontext from a given ib_uverbs_file
2018-06-19 Yishai HadasIB/core: Introduce DECLARE_UVERBS_GLOBAL_METHODS
2018-06-19 Matan BarakIB/uverbs: Allow an empty namespace in ioctl() framework
2018-06-19 Matan BarakIB/uverbs: Add a macro to define a type with no kernel...
2018-06-19 Matan BarakIB/uverbs: Add PTR_IN attributes that are allocated...
2018-06-19 Matan BarakIB/uverbs: Refactor uverbs_finalize_objects
2018-06-19 Matan BarakIB/uverbs: Export uverbs idr and fd types
2018-06-19 Jason GunthorpeMerge branch 'mellanox/mlx5-next' into RDMA for-next
2018-06-19 Yishai Hadasnet/mlx5: Expose DEVX specification
2018-06-19 Yishai Hadasnet/mlx5: Prevent warns in dmesg upon firmware commands
2018-06-18 Bharat Potnuriiw_cxgb4: remove duplicate memcpy() in c4iw_create_listen()
2018-06-18 Steve WiseIB/core: add max_send_sge and max_recv_sge attributes
2018-06-18 Zhu YanjunIB/rxe: avoid unnecessary NULL check
2018-06-18 Vijay ImmanuelIB/rxe: support for 802.1q VLAN on the listener
2018-06-18 Vijay ImmanuelIB/rxe: increase max MR limit
2018-06-18 willy@infradead.orgIB/mad: Use IDR for agent IDs
2018-06-18 willy@infradead.orgIDR: Expose the XArray lock
2018-06-18 Parav PanditRDMA: Convert drivers to use the AH's sgid_attr in...
2018-06-18 Jason GunthorpeRDMA: Hold the sgid_attr inside the struct ib_ah/qp
2018-06-18 Parav PanditIB/mlx4: Use GID attribute from ah attribute
2018-06-18 Parav PanditRDMA: Convert drivers to use sgid_attr instead of sgid_...
2018-06-18 Jason GunthorpeIB{cm, core}: Introduce and use ah_attr copy, move...
2018-06-18 Parav PanditIB/core: Tidy ib_resolve_eth_dmac
2018-06-18 Jason GunthorpeIB/core: Add a sgid_attr pointer to struct rdma_ah_attr
2018-06-18 Parav PanditIB: Ensure that all rdma_ah_attr's are zero initialized
2018-06-18 Matthew WilcoxIB/mad: Agent registration is process context only
2018-06-18 Jason GunthorpeIB/rxe: Do not hide uABI stuff in memcpy
2018-06-18 Shiraz Saleemi40iw: Reorganize acquire/release of locks in i40iw_man...
2018-06-18 Leon RomanovskyRDMA/uverbs: Refactor flow_resources_alloc() function
2018-06-18 Leon RomanovskyRDMA/nldev: Return port capability flag for IB only
2018-06-18 Parav PanditIB/rxe: Use rdma GID API
2018-06-18 Parav PanditIB: Replace ib_query_gid/ib_get_cached_gid with rdma_qu...
2018-06-18 Jason GunthorpeIB/core: Make rdma_find_gid_by_filter support all protocols
2018-06-18 Jason GunthorpeIB/core: Provide rdma_ versions of the gid cache API
2018-06-18 Parav Panditnet/smc: Replace ib_query_gid with rdma_get_gid_attr