2006-09-23 Josef 'Jeff... NFS: Use SEEK_END instead of hardcoded value
2006-09-23 Trond MyklebustNFSv4: When mounting with a port=0 argument, substitute...
2006-09-23 Trond MyklebustNFSv4: Poll more aggressively when handling NFS4ERR_DELAY
2006-09-23 Trond MyklebustNFSv4: Handle the condition NFS4ERR_FILE_OPEN
2006-09-23 Trond MyklebustNFSv4: Retry lease recovery if it failed during a synch...
2006-09-23 Trond MyklebustNFS: Don't invalidate the symlink we just stuffed into...
2006-09-23 Trond MyklebustNFS: Make read() return an ESTALE if the file has been...
2006-09-23 J. Bruce FieldsNFSv4: It's perfectly legal for clp to be NULL here....
2006-09-23 Trond MyklebustNFS: nfs_lookup - don't hash dentry when optimising...
2006-09-23 Trond MyklebustSUNRPC: Fix Oops in pmap_getport_done
2006-09-23 Trond MyklebustSUNRPC: Add refcounting to the struct rpc_xprt
2006-09-23 Trond MyklebustSUNRPC: Clean up soft task error handling
2006-09-23 Trond MyklebustSUNRPC: Handle ENETUNREACH, EHOSTUNREACH and EHOSTDOWN...
2006-09-23 Trond MyklebustSUNRPC: rpc_delay() should not clobber the rpc_task...
2006-09-23 andros@citi... Fix a referral error Oops
2006-09-23 Chuck LeverNFS: NFS_ROOT should use the new rpc_create API
2006-09-23 David HowellsNFS: Fix up compiler warnings on 64-bit platforms in...
2006-09-23 Trond MyklebustSUNRPC: Make rpc_mkpipe() take the parent dentry as...
2006-09-23 Trond MyklebustNFSv4: Fix a use-after-free issue with the nfs server.
2006-09-23 Trond MyklebustAdd a real API for dealing with blk_congestion_wait()
2006-09-23 Chuck LeverNFS: Use cached page as buffer for NFS symlink requests
2006-09-23 Chuck LeverNFS: copy symlinks into page cache before sending NFS...
2006-09-23 Chuck LeverNFS: Fix double d_drop in nfs_instantiate() error path
2006-09-23 Chuck LeverNFS: remove a no-longer-needed error check in nfs_symlink()
2006-09-23 Chuck LeverSUNRPC: export new RPC client functions with _GPL
2006-09-23 Chuck LeverSUNRPC: Eliminate xprt_create_proto and rpc_create_client
2006-09-23 Chuck LeverSUNRPC: Convert RPC portmapper to use new rpc_create...
2006-09-23 Chuck LeverNFSD: Convert NFS server callback logic to use new...
2006-09-23 Chuck LeverNFS: Convert NFS client to use new rpc_create() API
2006-09-23 Chuck LeverLOCKD: Convert to use new rpc_create() API
2006-09-23 Chuck LeverSUNRPC: use sockaddr + size when creating remote transp...
2006-09-23 Chuck LeverSUNRPC: Clean-up after previous patches.
2006-09-23 Chuck LeverSUNRPC: Use "sockaddr_storage" for storing RPC client...
2006-09-23 Chuck LeverSUNRPC: Teach rpc_pipe.c to use new rpc_peeraddr() API
2006-09-23 Chuck LeverSUNRPC: Create API for displaying remote peer address
2006-09-23 Chuck LeverSUNRPC: add xprt switch API for printing formatted...
2006-09-23 Chuck LeverSUNRPC: remove extraneous header inclusions
2006-09-23 Chuck LeverSUNRPC: Teach the RPC portmapper to use the new rpc_pee...
2006-09-23 Chuck LeverLOCKD: Teach lockd to use the new rpc_peeraddr() API
2006-09-23 Chuck LeverSUNRPC: create API for getting remote peer address
2006-09-23 Chuck LeverSUNRPC: Introduce transport switch callout for pluggabl...
2006-09-23 Chuck LeverSUNRPC: Support for RPC child tasks no longer needed
2006-09-23 Chuck LeverSUNRPC: Clean-up after recent changes to sunrpc/pmap_clnt.c
2006-09-23 Chuck LeverSUNRPC: Make RPC portmapper use per-transport storage
2006-09-23 Chuck LeverSUNRPC: Create a helper to tell whether a transport...
2006-09-23 Trond MyklebustNFS: Fix nfs_alloc_client()
2006-09-23 Trond MyklebustNFS: Ensure NFSv2/v3 mounts respect the NFS_MOUNT_SECFL...
2006-09-23 David HowellsNFS: Secure the roots of the NFS subtrees in a shared...
2006-09-23 David HowellsNFS: Fix error handling
2006-09-23 David HowellsNFS: Add server and volume lists to /proc
2006-09-23 David HowellsNFS: Share NFS superblocks per-protocol per-server...
2006-09-23 David HowellsNFS: Start rpciod in server common management
2006-09-23 David HowellsNFS: Eliminate client_sys in favour of cl_rpcclient
2006-09-23 David HowellsNFS: Move rpc_ops from nfs_server to nfs_client
2006-09-23 David HowellsNFS: Make better use of inode* dereferencing macros
2006-09-23 David HowellsNFS: Maintain a common server record for NFS2/3 as...
2006-09-23 David HowellsNFS: Add extra const qualifiers
2006-09-23 David HowellsNFS: Use the dentry superblock directly in nfs_statfs()
2006-09-23 David HowellsNFS: Generalise the nfs_client structure
2006-09-23 David HowellsNFS: Add a server capabilities NFS RPC op
2006-09-23 David HowellsNFS: Add a lookupfh NFS RPC op
2006-09-23 David HowellsNFS: Return an error when starting the idmapping pipe
2006-09-23 David HowellsNFS: Rename nfs_server::nfs4_state
2006-09-23 David HowellsNFS: Rename struct nfs4_client to struct nfs_client
2006-09-23 David HowellsNFS: Fix NFS4 callback up/down prototypes
2006-09-23 David HowellsNFS: Disambiguate nfs_stat_to_errno()
2006-09-23 David HowellsNFS: Fix up split of fs/nfs/inode.c
2006-09-23 David HowellsNFS: Add dentry materialisation op
2006-09-23 Trond MyklebustNFS: Add an ACCESS cache memory shrinker
2006-09-23 Trond MyklebustNFS: Add a global LRU list for the ACCESS cache
2006-09-23 Trond MyklebustNFS: Add a new ACCESS rpc call cache to the linux nfs...
2006-09-23 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/sfrench/cifs-2.6
2006-09-23 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davej/agpgart
2006-09-23 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davej/cpufreq
2006-09-23 Al Viro[PATCH] fallout from hcd-core patch
2006-09-23 Al Viro[PATCH] fix the survivors of fbcon_vbl_handler() renaming
2006-09-23 Al Viro[PATCH] sun4: fix sbus_setup_iommu()
2006-09-23 Al Viro[PATCH] asm/backlight.h is ppc-only
2006-09-23 Al Viro[PATCH] sanitize frv archclean
2006-09-23 Al Viro[PATCH] aoa is pmac-only
2006-09-23 Al Viro[PATCH] memcpy_fromio() missing in istallion
2006-09-23 Al Viro[PATCH] fix ancient breakage in ebus_init()
2006-09-23 Al Viro[PATCH] fix missing ifdefs in syscall classes hookup...
2006-09-22 Jeremy Fitzhardinge[CPUFREQ] sw_any_bug_dmi_table can be used on resume...
2006-09-22 Dave Jones[CPUFREQ] Fix some more CPU hotplug locking.
2006-09-22 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of /linux/kernel/git/roland...
2006-09-22 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'upstream-linus' of /linux/kernel/git...
2006-09-22 Krishna KumarIB: Fix typo in kerneldoc for ib_set_client_data()
2006-09-22 Eli CohenIPoIB: Add some likely/unlikely annotations in hot...
2006-09-22 Dotan BarakIPoIB: Remove unused include of vmalloc.h
2006-09-22 Eli CohenIPoIB: Rejoin all multicast groups after a port event
2006-09-22 Roland DreierIPoIB: Create MCGs with all attributes required by RFC
2006-09-22 Michael S.... IB/sa: fix ib_sa_selector names
2006-09-22 Roland DreierIB/iser: INFINIBAND_ISER depends on INET
2006-09-22 Roland DreierIB/mthca: Simplify calls to mthca_cq_clean()
2006-09-22 Or GerlitzRDMA/cma: Document rdma_accept() error handling
2006-09-22 Jack MorgensteinIB/mthca: Recover from catastrophic errors
2006-09-22 Or GerlitzRDMA/cma: Document rdma_destroy_id() function
2006-09-22 Michael S.... IB/cm: Do not track remote QPN in timewait state
2006-09-22 Michael S.... IB/sa: Require SA registration