2007-08-24 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/usb-2.6
2007-08-24 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/driver-2.6
2007-08-24 Greg Ungererm68knommu: include linux/fs.h for do_pipe()
2007-08-24 Greg Ungererm68knommu: include asm-generic/pgtable.h
2007-08-24 Greg Ungererm68knommu: include linux/fs.h for getname()
2007-08-24 Alan Coxpata_it821x: Fix regression/corruptor
2007-08-24 Alexey Dobriyanlguest should depend on CONFIG_FUTEX
2007-08-23 Mel GormanApply memory policies to top two highest zones when...
2007-08-23 Yoichi Yuasaau1100fb: move au1100fb_fb_blank() beforce au1100fb_set...
2007-08-23 Andrew Mortonnewport_con warning fix
2007-08-23 Andrew Mortonselection.h: add tty_struct forward declaration
2007-08-23 Stephen RothwellCheck for PPC32 in imsttfb
2007-08-23 Mathieu DesnoyersXen i386 xen-head.S fix sections mixup
2007-08-23 Oleg Nesterovexec: kill unsafe BUG_ON(sig->count) checks
2007-08-23 David Brownellrtc-max6902 minor fixes
2007-08-23 Christoph LameterSLUB: do not fail on broken memory configurations
2007-08-23 Christoph LameterSLUB: use atomic_long_read for atomic_long variables
2007-08-23 Miguel Ojedacfag12864b fix
2007-08-23 Olof Johanssonserial: add pci ids for PA Semi PWRficient onchip uarts
2007-08-23 Ian Kentautofs4: deadlock during create
2007-08-23 Jeff Dikeuml: fix previous request size limit fix
2007-08-23 NeilBrownmd: correctly update sysfs when a raid1 is reshaped
2007-08-23 NeilBrownmd: make sure a re-add after a restart honours bitmap...
2007-08-23 Evgeniy Polyakovw1: fix w1_remove_master_device() searching
2007-08-23 Adam LitkeFix VM_FAULT flags conversion for hugetlb
2007-08-23 Paul Fulghumsynclink_gt fix module reference
2007-08-23 Siddha, Suresh Bslab: skip calling cache_free_alien() when the platform...
2007-08-23 Mijo SafradinIPMI: fix warning in ipmi_si_intf.c
2007-08-23 Oleg Nesterovsignalfd: make it group-wide, fix posix-timers scheduling
2007-08-23 Oleg Nesterovsignalfd: fix interaction with posix-timers
2007-08-23 Oleg Nesterovposix-timers: fix creation race
2007-08-23 Thomas Gleixnerposix-timers: fix deletion race
2007-08-23 Geert UytterhoevenIntroduce CONFIG_CHECK_SIGNATURE
2007-08-23 Geert Uytterhoevenm68k/mac: Make mac_hid_mouse_emulate_buttons() declarat...
2007-08-23 Geert Uytterhoevenzorro: Make sysfs config attribute read-only
2007-08-23 Geert Uytterhoevenm68k: Fix a few hickups in drivers/scsi/Kconfig
2007-08-23 Roman Zippelm68k: Dont include RODATA into text segment
2007-08-23 Alan Coxm68k: Enable arbitary speed tty support
2007-08-23 Geert Uytterhoevenm68k: Use _AC() instead of #ifdef __ASSEMBLY__
2007-08-23 Johannes Bergremove dead code in via-pmu68k
2007-08-23 Roman Zippelm68k: Remove unnecessary m68k_memoffset export and...
2007-08-23 Geert Uytterhoevenm68k: Kill superfluous extern
2007-08-23 Geert Uytterhoevenm68k: <asm/page.h> needs <linux/compiler.h>
2007-08-23 Alan Coxfix NULL pointer dereference in __vm_enough_memory()
2007-08-23 David Brownellcorrect name for rtc-m41t80
2007-08-23 Andy Whitcroftsynchronous lumpy reclaim: wait for page writeback...
2007-08-23 Andy Whitcroftsynchronous lumpy reclaim: ensure we count pages transi...
2007-08-23 Yoshinori Satoh8300: missing include
2007-08-23 Michael NeulingDocumentation: fix getdelays.c printf bug
2007-08-23 Andrew Mortonfree_irq(): fix DEBUG_SHIRQ handling
2007-08-23 Christian SchmidtAdd blacklisting capability to serial_pci to avoid...
2007-08-23 Corey MinyardSerial 8250: handle saving the clear-on-read bits from...
2007-08-23 Atsushi Nemotoserial_txx9: Fix modem control line handling
2007-08-23 Niels de Vosserial: add support for ITE 887x chips
2007-08-23 David Woodhouseserial: don't optimise away baud rate changes when...
2007-08-23 john stultzfutex_unlock_pi() hurts my brain and may cause applicat...
2007-08-23 Lee SchermerhornDocument Linux Memory Policy
2007-08-23 Adrian Bunkkernel/auditsc.c: fix an off-by-one
2007-08-23 Kent Yodertpmdd maintainers
2007-08-23 Andy Whitcroftsparsemem: ensure we initialise the node mapping for...
2007-08-23 Ryusuke KonishieCryptfs: fix lookup error for special files
2007-08-22 Alan Sternsysfs: don't warn on removal of a nonexistent binary...
2007-08-22 Qi YongHOWTO: latest lxr url address changed
2007-08-22 Minchan KimHOWTO: korean translation of Documentation/HOWTO
2007-08-22 Alexey DobriyanFix Off-by-one in /sys/module/*/refcnt
2007-08-22 Tejun Heosysfs: fix locking in sysfs_lookup() and sysfs_rename_dir()
2007-08-22 Kay Sieversusb: add PRODUCT, TYPE to usb-interface events
2007-08-22 Mike PaganoUSB: resubmission unusual_devs modification for Nikon D80
2007-08-22 Paul Walmsleyusb quirks: Add Canon EOS 5D (PC Connection mode) to...
2007-08-22 Mike NussUSB: make EHCI initialize properly on PPC SOCs
2007-08-22 Stanislaw GruszkaUEAGLE: Remove sysfs files on error case
2007-08-22 Li YangUSB: fsl_usb2_udc: fix bug in processing setup requests
2007-08-22 Alan SternUSB: g_file_storage: fix bug in DMA buffer handling
2007-08-22 Alan SternUSB: update last_busy field correctly
2007-08-22 Oliver NeukumUSB: fix DoS in pwc USB video driver
2007-08-22 Alan SternUSB: allow retry on descriptor fetch errors
2007-08-22 Oliver NeukumUSB: unkill cxacru atm driver
2007-08-22 Christian HeimUSB: Adding support for HTC Smartphones to ipaq
2007-08-22 Oliver NeukumUSB: another quirky device
2007-08-22 Oliver NeukumUSB: quirky mass storage device
2007-08-22 David BrownellUSB: ohci, fix oddball gcc warning
2007-08-22 Alan Sternusb-storage: fix bugs in the disconnect pathway
2007-08-22 M4rkusXXLusb: typo in usb R8A66597 HCD config
2007-08-22 Alan SternUSB: accept 1-byte Device Status replies, fixing some...
2007-08-22 Oliver NeukumUSB: blacklist Samsung ML-2010 printer
2007-08-22 Thomas Viehmannusb-serial: fix oti6858.c segfault in termios handling
2007-08-22 Alan SternUSB: remove DEBUG definition from dummy_hcd
2007-08-22 Jesper JuhlUSB: Fix a memory leak in em28xx_usb_probe()
2007-08-22 Andy GreenUSB: belkin_sa: avoid divide by zero error
2007-08-22 Søren HaubergUSB: Support for the Evolution Scorpion robots
2007-08-22 David BrownellUSB: quirks: multicard reader doesn't like autosuspend
2007-08-22 Paul Mundtusb: r8a66597-hcd: fix up error path.
2007-08-22 Paul Mundtusb: Enable hcd support on SH unconditionally.
2007-08-22 Faidon LiambotisUSB: fix support for Dell Wireless Broadband (aka WWAN)
2007-08-22 Gabriel CUSB: u132-hcd.c - Fix a warning when CONFIG_PM=n
2007-08-22 Robert P. J... USB: Typo: "USB_SAFE_PADDED" -> "USB_SERIAL_SAFE_PADDED".
2007-08-22 Luis LloretUSB: Stall control endpoint when file storage class...
2007-08-22 Hermann KneisselUSB: serial: garmin_gps: fixes package loss if used...
2007-08-22 Maximilian... USB: visor add ACER S10 palm device id
2007-08-22 Alan SternUSB: cdc-acm: fix sysfs attribute registration bug