2007-05-08 Roland McGrathRemove unused variable in get_unmapped_area
2007-05-08 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-2.6.22' of git://
2007-05-08 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2007-05-08 Andrew Mortonsm501fb printk warning fixes
2007-05-08 Andrei Konovalovxilinxfb: xilinx framebuffer device driver
2007-05-08 Krzysztof Heltpm2fb: fix of jumps in pm2fb_probe
2007-05-08 Krzysztof Heltskeletonfb: improvements
2007-05-08 Krzysztof Heltpm2fb: removal of pm2fb_par fields
2007-05-08 Krzysztof Heltskeletonfb: more corrections
2007-05-08 Antonino A... vga16fb: actually support widths in multiples of 8
2007-05-08 Antonino A... vgacon: disallow console operations when in KD_GRAPHICS...
2007-05-08 Jan EngelhardtUse menuconfig objects II: video/logo
2007-05-08 Krzysztof Heltpm2fb: accelerated fillrect and copyarea
2007-05-08 Ondrej Zajiceks3fb: updates
2007-05-08 Krzysztof Heltpm2fb: memclock setting corrections
2007-05-08 krzysztof.h1... pm2fb: reset transparency settings
2007-05-08 Antonino A... fbcon: check console-fb mapping in fbcon_get_requirement
2007-05-08 Antonino A... fbdev: clean up exit patch of fb_set_var
2007-05-08 Adrian Bunkdrivers/video/sis/: remove more kernel 2.4 code
2007-05-08 Matthias Kaehlckeuse mutex instead of semaphore in virtual console driver
2007-05-08 Ville Syrjalaatyfb: halve XCLK with Mobility and 32bit memory
2007-05-08 Ville Syrjalaatyfb: reorganize clock init
2007-05-08 Ville Syrjalaatyfb: increase SPLL delay
2007-05-08 Antonino A... nvidiafb: fix return value of nvidiafb_open()
2007-05-08 Ondrej Zajicekvga: vgastate fix
2007-05-08 Antonino A... s3fb: implement fb_get_caps
2007-05-08 Antonino A... fbdev: fbcon: check if mode can handle new screen
2007-05-08 Dave Jonesnvidiafb: prevent triggering of softlockup
2007-05-08 Krzysztof Heltpm2fb: pixclock setting restriction
2007-05-08 Krzysztof Heltpm2fb: Permedia 2V memory clock setting
2007-05-08 Krzysztof Heltpm2fb: 3dlabs Permedia 2V reference board added
2007-05-08 Alan Coxnvidiafb/rivafb: switch to pci_get refcounting
2007-05-08 Alan Hourihanevmlfb: framebuffer driver for Intel Vermilion Range
2007-05-08 Ondrej Zajiceks3fb: driver fixes
2007-05-08 Antonino A... fbdev: save the activate field before calling fb_check_...
2007-05-08 Antonino A... fbcon: check if the character count can be handled
2007-05-08 Antonino A... s3fb: implement fb_get_tilemax()
2007-05-08 Antonino A... fbdev: add tile operation to get the maximum length...
2007-05-08 Antonino A... s3fb: limit 8x16 rectangles when tileblitting is enabled
2007-05-08 Antonino A... vga16fb: restrict to blit rectangles with widths of...
2007-05-08 Antonino A... fbcon: font setting should check limitation of driver
2007-05-08 Antonino A... fbdev: advertise limitation of drawing engine
2007-05-08 Antonino A... fbdev: consolidate common drawing functions into a...
2007-05-08 Antonino A... vfb: use fb_sys_read() and fb_sys_write()
2007-05-08 Antonino A... hecubafb: use fb_sys_read()
2007-05-08 Antonino A... arcfb: use fb_sys_read()
2007-05-08 Antonino A... fbdev: add fb_read/fb_write functions for framebuffers...
2007-05-08 Antonino A... fbdev: pass struct fb_info to fb_read and fb_write
2007-05-08 Antonino A... vfb: use sys instead of cfb drawing functions
2007-05-08 Antonino A... hecubafb: use sys instead of cfb drawing functions
2007-05-08 Antonino A... arcfb: use sys instead of cfb drawing functions
2007-05-08 Antonino A... fbdev: add drawing functions for framebuffers in system RAM
2007-05-08 Antonino A... skeletonfb: documentation error fixes
2007-05-08 Antonino A... vt: add documentation for new boot/sysfs options
2007-05-08 Antonino A... i810fb: fix incorrect frequency mask
2007-05-08 Antonino A... hecubafb: kill sparse warnings
2007-05-08 Antonino A... s3fb: add sparse annotations
2007-05-08 Antonino A... arcfb: kill sparse warning
2007-05-08 Antonino A... fbdev: add sparse annotations in svgalib.c
2007-05-08 Antonino A... fbdev: kill sparse warning in deferred IO
2007-05-08 Antonino A... rivafb: fix IO access
2007-05-08 Antonino A... nvidiafb: fix sparse warning
2007-05-08 Antonino A... fbcon: delay screen update when setting the mode of...
2007-05-08 Antonino A... fbdev: link vgastate.o using Kconfig
2007-05-08 Antonino A... savagefb: VGA state save and restore
2007-05-08 Antonino A... savagefb: rework i2c bit access
2007-05-08 Antonino A... nvidiafb: VGA state save and restore
2007-05-08 Roland Stiggeepson1355fb.c: fix error handling code
2007-05-08 Richard Knutssoncirrusfb: convert to generic boolean
2007-05-08 Robert P. J... VIDEO: add spaces on either side of the case "..."...
2007-05-08 Krzysztof Heltskeletonfb: various corrections
2007-05-08 Antonino A... nvidiafb: access CRT registers safely
2007-05-08 Antonino A... nvidiafb: ensure that CRTC registers are accessible
2007-05-08 Antonino A... rivafb: fixed reversed DDC ports
2007-05-08 Jean Delvarerivafb/nvidiafb: Various cleanups
2007-05-08 Jean Delvarerivafb: handle I2C bus creation failure
2007-05-08 Jean Delvarerivafb/nvidiafb: Enable hardware monitoring
2007-05-08 Antonino A... fbdev: don't show logo if driver or fbcon are modular
2007-05-08 Randy Dunlaps3fb: fix PCI must_checks
2007-05-08 Antonino A... vt: expose system-wide UTF-8 default setting via sysfs
2007-05-08 Michal Januszewskifbcon: don't draw cursor when it's disabled
2007-05-08 WANG CongSIS USB2VGA Warning fix
2007-05-08 Andrew Mortonvt-add-color-support-to-the-underline-and-italic-attrib...
2007-05-08 Jan Engelhardtvt: add color support to the "underline" and "italic...
2007-05-08 Jan Engelhardtvt: allow for the palette to be exposed and changed...
2007-05-08 Petr Vandrovecnvidiafb: Fix reversed DDC port
2007-05-08 johan henrikssonradeonfb: Add support for Radeon xpress 200m
2007-05-08 Geert Uytterhoevenfbdev: correct image offsets when rotating logo
2007-05-08 Geert Uytterhoevenfbdev: fb_do_show_logo() updates
2007-05-08 Geert Uytterhoevenfbdev: avoid vertical overflow when making space for...
2007-05-08 Robert P. J... remove unused header file: drivers/video/riva/nv4ref.h
2007-05-08 James Simmonstgafb accelerated code
2007-05-08 Maciej W. Rozyckitgafb: TURBOchannel support
2007-05-08 Adrian Bunkdrivers/video/hecubafb.c: make 4 functions static
2007-05-08 Jaya Kumarfbdev: hecuba Framebuffer Driver
2007-05-08 Paul Mundtfb: fsync() method for deferred I/O flush.
2007-05-08 Adrian Bunkmake fb_deferred_io_mkwrite() static
2007-05-08 Jaya Kumarfbdev: mm: Deferred IO support
2007-05-08 Antonino A... atyfb: kill dead code
2007-05-08 Antonino A... neofb: fill transp->msb_right with the correct value