2015-12-10 Stefan Schmidt6lowpan: clarify Kconfig entries for upcoming GHC support
2015-12-09 Loic PoulainBluetooth: btintel: Create common Intel Version Read...
2015-12-09 Yichen ZhaoBluetooth: Fix locking in bt_accept_dequeue after disco...
2015-12-09 Johan HedbergBluetooth: Don't treat connection timeout as a failure
2015-12-09 Johan HedbergBluetooth: Use continuous scanning when creating LE...
2015-12-09 Loic PoulainBluetooth: btintel: Add manufacturing enter/exit helpers
2015-12-09 Dmitry TuninBluetooth: Add support of Toshiba Broadcom based devices
2015-12-09 Loic PoulainBluetooth: hci_intel: Use shorter timeout for HCI commands
2015-12-09 Peter HurleyBluetooth: hci_ldisc: Remove dead code
2015-12-09 Johan HedbergBluetooth: Clean up current advertising instance tracking
2015-12-09 Johan HedbergBluetooth: Clean up advertising initialization in power...
2015-12-09 Johan HedbergBluetooth: Remove redundant check for req.cmd_q
2015-12-09 Johan HedbergBluetooth: Fix updating wrong instance's scan_rsp data
2015-12-09 Andrei EmeltchenkoBluetooth: Simplify setting Configuration Field
2015-12-09 Andrei EmeltchenkoBluetooth: Use hexadecimal notation for mask
2015-12-09 Johan HedbergBluetooth: Remove unnecessary HCI_ADVERTISING_INSTANCE...
2015-12-09 Johan HedbergBluetooth: Simplify read_adv_features code
2015-12-09 Johan HedbergBluetooth: Perform HCI update for power on synchronously
2015-12-09 Johan HedbergBluetooth: Move fast connectable code to hci_request.c
2015-12-09 Johan HedbergBluetooth: Move EIR update to hci_request.c
2015-12-09 Johan HedbergBluetooth: HCI name update to hci_request.c
2015-12-09 Johan HedbergBluetooth: Move discoverable timeout behind hdev->req_w...
2015-12-09 Johan HedbergBluetooth: Move discoverable changes to hdev->req_workqueue
2015-12-09 Johan HedbergBluetooth: Perform Class of Device changes through...
2015-12-09 Johan HedbergBluetooth: Move connectable changes to hdev->req_workqueue
2015-12-09 Johan HedbergBluetooth: Move advertising instance management to...
2015-12-09 Johan HedbergBluetooth: Move __hci_update_background_scan up in...
2015-12-09 Johan HedbergBluetooth: Run page scan updates through hdev->req_work...
2015-12-09 Tejun Heocgroup: fix sock_cgroup_data initialization on earlier...
2015-12-09 Julia Lawallchelsio: constify cmac_ops structures
2015-12-09 Eric Dumazetbnx2x: remove rx_pkt/rx_calls
2015-12-09 Eric Dumazetbnx2x: avoid soft lockup in bnx2x_poll()
2015-12-09 Herbert Xurhashtable: Remove unnecessary wmb for future_tbl
2015-12-09 David S. MillerMerge branch 'cxgb4-update-kconfig-and-fixes'
2015-12-09 Hariprasad... cxgb4: Adds PCI device id for new T5 adapters
2015-12-09 Hariprasad... cxgb4: Add FL DMA mapping error and low counter
2015-12-09 Hariprasad... cxgb4: Deal with wrap-around of queue for Work request
2015-12-09 Hariprasad... cxgb4: prevent simultaneous execution of service_ofldq()
2015-12-09 Hariprasad... cxgb4: Use ACCES_ONCE macro to read queue's consumer...
2015-12-09 Hariprasad... cxgb4/cxgb4vf: update Kconfig file to include T6 adapter
2015-12-09 Hariprasad... cxgb4: Align rest of the ethtool get stats
2015-12-09 yankejiannet: hns: optimize XGE capability by reducing cpu usage
2015-12-09 Tejun Heosock, cgroup: add sock->sk_cgroup
2015-12-09 Tejun Heonet: wrap sock->sk_cgrp_prioidx and ->sk_classid inside...
2015-12-09 Tejun Heonetprio_cgroup: limit the maximum css->id to USHRT_MAX
2015-12-09 David S. MillerMerge branch 'for-4.5-ancestor-test' of git://git....
2015-12-09 Stefan HajnocziRevert "Merge branch 'vsock-virtio'"
2015-12-09 David S. MillerMerge branch 'sh_eth-optimize-mdio'
2015-12-09 Sergei Shtylyovsh_eth: get rid of bb_{set|clr|read}()
2015-12-09 Sergei Shtylyovsh_eth: factor out common code from MDIO bitbang methods
2015-12-09 Sergei Shtylyovsh_eth: remove mask fields from 'struct bb_info'
2015-12-09 Julia Lawalldrivers: net: xgene: constify xgene_mac_ops and xgene_p...
2015-12-08 David S. MillerMerge tag 'wireless-drivers-next-for-davem-2015-12...
2015-12-08 Rainer Weikusatnet: Fix inverted test in __skb_recv_datagram
2015-12-07 LABBE Corentincxgb3: Convert simple_strtoul to kstrtox
2015-12-07 David S. MillerMerge branch 'more-dsa-unbinding-fixes'
2015-12-07 Neil Armstrongnet: dsa: move dsa slave destroy code to slave.c
2015-12-07 Neil Armstrongnet: dsa: Add missing master netdev dev_put() calls
2015-12-07 Neil Armstrongnet: dsa: cleanup resources upon module removal
2015-12-07 Neil Armstrongnet: dsa: remove DSA link polling
2015-12-07 David S. MillerMerge tag 'mac80211-next-for-davem-2015-12-07' of git...
2015-12-07 David S. MillerMerge branch 'thunderx-cleanups'
2015-12-07 Sunil Gouthamnet, thunderx: Remove unnecessary rcv buffer start...
2015-12-07 Yury Norovnet: thunderx: nicvf_queues: nivc_*_intr: remove duplic...
2015-12-07 Ilan Peermac80211: handle HW ROC expired properly
2015-12-07 Rainer Weikusataf_unix: fix unix_dgram_recvmsg entry locking
2015-12-07 Rainer Weikusatcore: enable more fine-grained datagram reception control
2015-12-07 Andrew LunnPHY: DP83867: Remove looking in parent device for OF...
2015-12-07 Bjørn Morknet: cdc_ncm: add "ndp_to_end" sysfs attribute
2015-12-07 David S. MillerMerge branch 'mlx4-HA-LAG-SRIOV-VF'
2015-12-07 Moni Shouanet/mlx4_core: Support the HA mode for SRIOV VFs too
2015-12-07 Or GerlitzIB/mlx4: Use the VF base-port when demuxing mad from...
2015-12-07 Moni Shouanet/mlx4_core: Keep VLAN/MAC tables mirrored in multifu...
2015-12-07 Moni Shouanet/mlx4_core: Support mirroring VF DMFS rules on both...
2015-12-07 Moni Shouanet/mlx4_core: Use both physical ports to dispatch...
2015-12-07 Or Gerlitznet/mlx4_core: Use both physical ports to set the VF...
2015-12-07 Julia LawallVSOCK: fix returnvar.cocci warnings
2015-12-07 Bjørn Morknet: qmi_wwan: should hold RTNL while changing netdev...
2015-12-06 Singhai, AnjaliRevert "i40e: remove CONFIG_I40E_VXLAN"
2015-12-06 David S. MillerMerge branch '100GbE' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2015-12-06 Jacob Kellerfm10k: TRIVIAL cleanup order at top of fm10k_xmit_frame
2015-12-06 Jacob Kellerfm10k: TRIVIAL fix typo of hardware
2015-12-06 Jacob Kellerfm10k: change default Tx ITR to 25usec
2015-12-06 Jacob Kellerfm10k: use macro for default Tx and Rx ITR values
2015-12-06 Jacob Kellerfm10k: Update adaptive ITR algorithm
2015-12-06 Jacob Kellerfm10k: introduce ITR_IS_ADAPTIVE macro
2015-12-06 Jacob Kellerfm10k: Add support for ITR scaling based on PCIe link...
2015-12-06 Jacob Kellerfm10k: rename mbx_tx_oversized statistic to mbx_tx_dropped
2015-12-06 Jacob Kellerfm10k: add statistics for actual DWORD count of mbmem...
2015-12-06 Jacob Kellerfm10k: explicitly typecast vlan values to u16
2015-12-06 Jacob Kellerfm10k: Correct typecast in fm10k_update_xc_addr_pf
2015-12-06 Jacob Kellerfm10k: reinitialize queuing scheme after calling init_hw
2015-12-06 Jacob Kellerfm10k: always check init_hw for errors
2015-12-06 Jacob Kellerfm10k: reset max_queues on init_hw_vf failure
2015-12-06 Jacob Kellerfm10k: set netdev features in one location
2015-12-06 David S. MillerMerge branch 'renesas-read-mac'
2015-12-06 Sergei Shtylyovsh_eth: read MAC address registers only once
2015-12-06 Sergei Shtylyovravb: read MAC address registers only once
2015-12-06 David S. MillerMerge branch 'bnx2x'
2015-12-06 Michal Schmidtbnx2x: simplify distinction between port and func stats