2009-12-16 Daisuke Nishimuramemcg: cleanup mem_cgroup_move_parent()
2009-12-16 Daisuke Nishimuramemcg: add mem_cgroup_cancel_charge()
2009-12-16 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukimemcg: make memcg's file mapped consistent with global VM
2009-12-16 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukimemcg: coalesce charging via percpu storage
2009-12-16 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukimemcg: coalesce uncharge during unmap/truncate
2009-12-16 Kirill A. Shutemovmemcg: fix memory.memsw.usage_in_bytes for root cgroup
2009-12-16 Alexey Dobriyanseq_file: use proc_create() in documentation
2009-12-16 Alexey Dobriyanproc: remove docbook and example
2009-12-16 Randy Dunlapdoc: SubmitChecklist, add ioctls, remove OSDL reference
2009-12-16 Zhaoleifatfs: use common time_to_tm in fat_time_unix2fat()
2009-12-16 Akinobu Mitahpfs: use bitmap_weight()
2009-12-16 Akinobu Mitahpfs: use hweight32
2009-12-16 Alexey Dobriyanreiserfs: don't compile procfs.o at all if no support
2009-12-16 Alexey Dobriyanreiserfs: remove /proc/fs/reiserfs/version
2009-12-16 Alexey Dobriyanufs: NFS support
2009-12-16 Alexey Dobriyanufs: pass qstr instead of dentry where necessary for NFS
2009-12-16 Jan Karaext2: report metadata errors during fsync
2009-12-16 Theodore Ts'oext2: avoid WARN() messages when failing to write to...
2009-12-16 Alexey Dobriyanconst: constify remaining pipe_buf_operations
2009-12-16 Alexey Dobriyanpnpbios: convert to seq_file
2009-12-16 Chaithrika U Sda850/omap-l138: add callback to control LCD panel...
2009-12-16 Krzysztof Heltintelfb: fix setting of active pipe with LVDS displays
2009-12-16 Harald Welteviafb: cosmetic cleanup of function integrated_lvds_ena...
2009-12-16 Harald Welteviafb: documentation update
2009-12-16 Alan Coxmatroxfb: fix problems with display stability
2009-12-16 Chaithrika U Sdavinci: fb: add framebuffer blank operation
2009-12-16 Chaithrika U Sdavinci: fb : add suspend/resume suuport for DA8xx...
2009-12-16 Chaithrika U Sdavinci: fb: update the driver in preparation for addit...
2009-12-16 Alexey Dobriyanclps711xfb: convert to proc_fops
2009-12-16 Dan Carpenterdrivers/video/via/viafbdev.c: fix oops with no /proc
2009-12-16 Vincent Sanderssm501: implement acceleration features
2009-12-16 Ben Dookssm501: fix use of old <asm/io.h> instead of <linux...
2009-12-16 Ben Dookssm501: fix missing uses of resource_size()
2009-12-16 Krzysztof Helti810fb: fix stack exploding
2009-12-16 Andres Salomonlxfb: add copyright/license info
2009-12-16 Chaithrika U Sdavinci: fb: add cpufreq support
2009-12-16 Chaithrika U Sdavinci: fb: calculate the clock divider from pixel...
2009-12-16 Valentin Sitdikovmb862xxfb: add acceleration support for Coral-P/Coral...
2009-12-16 Julia Lawalldrivers/video: Move dereference after NULL test
2009-12-16 Krzysztof Heltfbdev: add palette register check to several drivers
2009-12-16 Andy Shevchenkofbdev: drop custom atoi from drivers/video/modedb.c
2009-12-16 Roel Kluinfbdev: TV_PALN bit set twice in sisfb_detect_VB_connect()
2009-12-16 Michael Hennerichfbdev: bfin-t350mcqb-fb: fix LCD dimensions
2009-12-16 Michael Hennerichfbdev: bfin-t350mcqb-fb: handle all resources in suspen...
2009-12-16 Michael Hennerichfbdev: bfin-lq035q1-fb: new Blackfin Landscape LCD...
2009-12-16 Jani Nikulagpiolib: add support for changing value polarity in...
2009-12-16 Richard Röjforsgpio: add GPIO driver for the Timberdale FPGA
2009-12-16 Roel Kluingpio: fix test on unsigned in lnw_irq_type()
2009-12-16 Wan ZongShunARM: NUC900: add RTC driver support for nuc910 and...
2009-12-16 Johannes Weinerrtc-x1205: unconditionally set date when setting clock
2009-12-16 Yoichi Yuasartc-vr41xx: use resource_size()
2009-12-16 Dmitry Eremin... rtc: ds1307 make it possible to share an irq
2009-12-16 Linus Walleijrtc: remove __raw_* accessors from PL031 RTC
2009-12-16 Piotr Ziecikrtc: add driver for BQ32000 I2C RTC
2009-12-16 Mark A. Greerrtc: make rtc-omap driver ioremap its register space
2009-12-16 Uwe Kleine... rtc: add Freescale MC13783 RTC driver
2009-12-16 Mark Brownrtc: convert WM8350 RTC driver to dev_pm_ops
2009-12-16 Saeed Bisharartc-mv: add support for Alarm
2009-12-16 Werner Almesbergerrtc: pcf50633: manage RTC alarm "pending" flag
2009-12-16 John Kacurefirtc: explicitly set llseek to no_llseek
2009-12-16 Atsushi Nemotortc: do not use container_of macro as an argument for...
2009-12-16 Atsushi Nemotortc-stk17ta8: fix races around device registration
2009-12-16 Atsushi Nemotortc-ds1742: fix races around device registration
2009-12-16 Atsushi Nemotortc-ds1553: fix races around device registration
2009-12-16 Atsushi Nemotortc-tx4939: fix races around device registration
2009-12-16 Atsushi Nemotortc-ds1511: fix races around device registration
2009-12-16 Herton Ronaldo... rtc-cmos: convert RTC_AIE/RTC_UIE to rtc irq API
2009-12-16 Alessandro... rtc: fix driver data issues in several rtc drivers
2009-12-16 Maxim Levitskyrtc: disable hpet emulation on suspend
2009-12-16 Ian Kentautofs4: always use lookup for lookup
2009-12-16 Ian Kentautofs4: rename dentry to expiring in autofs4_lookup_ex...
2009-12-16 Ian Kentautofs4: rename dentry to active in autofs4_lookup_active()
2009-12-16 Ian Kentautofs4: eliminate d_unhashed in path walk checks
2009-12-16 Ian Kentautofs4: cleanup active and expire lookup
2009-12-16 Ian Kentautofs4: renamer unhashed to active in autofs4_lookup()
2009-12-16 Ian Kentautofs4: use autofs_info for pending flag
2009-12-16 Ian Kentautofs4: use helper function for need mount check
2009-12-16 Ian Kentautofs4: use helper functions for expiring list
2009-12-16 Ian Kentautofs4: use helper functions for active list handling
2009-12-16 Clemens Ladischvt: make the default cursor shape configurable
2009-12-16 Alexey Dobriyanproc: rename de_get() to pde_get() and inline it
2009-12-16 Barry Songtimecompare: fix half-Y2K38 problem in timecompare_upda...
2009-12-16 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukioom-kill: fix NUMA constraint check with nodemask
2009-12-16 KOSAKI Motohirooom-kill: show virtual size and rss information of...
2009-12-15 Stephen Rothwellmfd: compile fix for twl4030 renaming
2009-12-15 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://
2009-12-15 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/agk/linux-2.6-dm
2009-12-15 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-2.6.33' of git://
2009-12-15 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2009-12-15 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'core-locking-for-linus' of git://git...
2009-12-15 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/hskinnemoen/avr32-2.6
2009-12-15 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/sparc-2.6
2009-12-15 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://
2009-12-15 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/gregkh/usb-2.6
2009-12-15 Samu Onkalolis3: update documentation to match latest changes
2009-12-15 Samu Onkalolis3: scale output values to mg
2009-12-15 Samu Onkalolis3: sysfs entry for setting chip measurement rate
2009-12-15 Samu Onkalolis3lv02d: remove calibaration functionality
2009-12-15 Samu Onkalolis3: selftest support
2009-12-15 Samu Onkalolis3lv02d: proper power on sequence