2016-08-04 Huang Shijiesamples/kretprobe: fix the wrong type
2016-08-04 Huang Shijiesamples/kretprobe: convert the printk to pr_info/pr_err
2016-08-04 Huang Shijiesamples/jprobe: convert the printk to pr_info/pr_err
2016-08-04 Huang Shijiesamples/kprobe: convert the printk to pr_info/pr_err
2016-08-04 Krzysztof Kozlowskidma-mapping: use unsigned long for dma_attrs
2016-08-04 Krzysztof Kozlowskimedia: mtk-vcodec: remove unused dma_attrs
2016-08-04 Andrew Mortoninclude/linux/bitmap.h: cleanup
2016-08-04 Masahiro Yamadatree-wide: replace config_enabled() with IS_ENABLED()
2016-08-04 Sudip Mukherjeedrivers/fpga/Kconfig: fix build failure
2016-08-03 Linus TorvaldsMerge tag 'trace-v4.8-1' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2016-08-03 Geert Uytterhoevenfs/proc: Add compiler check for -Wno-override-init...
2016-08-03 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/net
2016-08-03 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'akpm' (patches from Andrew)
2016-08-02 Linus TorvaldsMerge tag 'for-linus-v4.8' of git://
2016-08-02 Linus TorvaldsMerge tag 'ceph-for-4.8-rc1' of git://
2016-08-02 Alexey Dobriyanipc: delete "nr_ipc_ns"
2016-08-02 Vegard Nossumkcov: allow more fine-grained coverage instrumentation
2016-08-02 Valdis Kletnieksinit/Kconfig: add clarification for out-of-tree modules
2016-08-02 Rob Herringconfig: add android config fragments
2016-08-02 Alexey Dobriyaninit/Kconfig: ban CONFIG_LOCALVERSION_AUTO with allmodc...
2016-08-02 Akash Goelrelay: add global mode support for buffer-only channels
2016-08-02 Prarit Bhargavainit: allow blacklisting of module_init functions
2016-08-02 H. Nikolaus... w1:omap_hdq: fix regression
2016-08-02 Andrew F. Davisw1: add helper macro module_w1_family
2016-08-02 Andrew F. Davisw1: remove need for ida and use PLATFORM_DEVID_AUTO
2016-08-02 Alexandre Bouninerapidio/switches: add driver for IDT gen3 switches
2016-08-02 Alexandre Bouninepowerpc/fsl_rio: apply changes for RIO spec rev 3
2016-08-02 Alexandre Bouninerapidio: modify for rev.3 specification changes
2016-08-02 Alexandre Bouninerapidio: change inbound window size type to u64
2016-08-02 Alexandre Bouninerapidio/idt_gen2: fix locking warning
2016-08-02 Alexandre Bouninerapidio: fix error handling in mbox request/release...
2016-08-02 Alexandre Bouninerapidio/tsi721_dma: advance queue processing from trans...
2016-08-02 Alexandre Bouninerapidio/tsi721: add messaging mbox selector parameter
2016-08-02 Alexandre Bouninerapidio/tsi721: add PCIe MRRS override parameter
2016-08-02 Alexandre Bouninerapidio/tsi721_dma: add channel mask and queue size...
2016-08-02 Alexandre Bouninerapidio: fix return value description for dma_prep...
2016-08-02 Alexandre Bouninerapidio/documentation: fix mangled paragraph in mport_cdev
2016-08-02 Joe Perchesrapidio: remove unnecessary 0x prefixes before %pa...
2016-08-02 Alexandre Bouninerapidio: add RapidIO channelized messaging driver
2016-08-02 zhong jiangkexec: add restriction on kexec_load() segment sizes
2016-08-02 Petr Tesarikkexec: allow kdump with crash_kexec_post_notifiers
2016-08-02 Petr Tesarikkexec: add a kexec_crash_loaded() function
2016-08-02 Hidehiro Kawaikexec: use core_param for crash_kexec_post_notifiers...
2016-08-02 Russell KingARM: kexec: fix kexec for Keystone 2
2016-08-02 Vitaly AndrianovARM: keystone: dts: add psci command definition
2016-08-02 Russell Kingkexec: allow architectures to override boot mapping
2016-08-02 Russell Kingkdump: arrange for paddr_vmcoreinfo_note() to return...
2016-08-02 Russell Kingkexec: ensure user memory sizes do not wrap
2016-08-02 Russell Kingkexec: don't invoke OOM-killer for control page allocation
2016-08-02 Russell KingARM: kexec: advertise location of bootable RAM
2016-08-02 Russell KingARM: kdump: advertise boot aliased crash kernel resource
2016-08-02 Minfei Huangkexec: return error number directly
2016-08-02 Geliang Tangcpumask: fix code comment
2016-08-02 Anton Blanchardkernel/exit.c: quieten greatest stack depth printk
2016-08-02 Andy Lutomirskisignal: consolidate {TS,TLF}_RESTORE_SIGMASK code
2016-08-02 Jeff Mahoneyreiserfs: fix "new_insert_key may be used uninitialized...
2016-08-02 Ryusuke Konishinilfs2: move ioctl interface and disk layout to uapi...
2016-08-02 Ryusuke Konishinilfs2: use BIT() macro
2016-08-02 Ryusuke Konishinilfs2: fix misuse of a semaphore in sysfs code
2016-08-02 Ryusuke Konishinilfs2: refactor parser of snapshot mount option
2016-08-02 Ryusuke Konishinilfs2: do not use yield()
2016-08-02 Ryusuke Konishinilfs2: emit error message when I/O error is detected
2016-08-02 Ryusuke Konishinilfs2: replace nilfs_warning() with nilfs_msg()
2016-08-02 Ryusuke Konishinilfs2: reduce bare use of printk() with nilfs_msg()
2016-08-02 Ryusuke Konishinilfs2: embed a back pointer to super block instance...
2016-08-02 Ryusuke Konishinilfs2: add nilfs_msg() message interface
2016-08-02 Ryusuke Konishinilfs2: hide function name argument from nilfs_error()
2016-08-02 Daniel Wagnerfs/binfmt_em86.c: fix incompatible pointer type
2016-08-02 Kees Cookmm: refuse wrapped vm_brk requests
2016-08-02 Kees Cookbinfmt_elf: fix calculations for bss padding
2016-08-02 Allen Hubbecheckpatch: if no filenames then read stdin
2016-08-02 Allen Hubbecheckpatch: check signoff when reading stdin
2016-08-02 Joe Perchescheckpatch: improve 'bare use of' signed/unsigned types...
2016-08-02 Tomas Winklercheckpatch: don't complain about BIT macro in uapi
2016-08-02 Joe Perchescheckpatch: yet another commit id improvement
2016-08-02 Joe Perchescheckpatch: allow c99 style // comments
2016-08-02 Joe Perchescheckpatch: skip long lines that use an EFI_GUID macro
2016-08-02 Stephen Boydfirmware: support loading into a pre-allocated buffer
2016-08-02 Vikram Mulukutlafirmware: provide infrastructure to make fw caching...
2016-08-02 Stephen Boydfirmware: consolidate kmap/read/write logic
2016-08-02 Ross Zwislerradix-tree: fix comment about "exceptional" bits
2016-08-02 Arnd Bergmanncrc32: use ktime_get_ns() for measurement
2016-08-02 Sebastian Ottlib/iommu-helper: skip to next segment
2016-08-02 Joe reduce need for command-line option -f
2016-08-02 Borislav Petkovprintk: add kernel parameter to control writes to ...
2016-08-02 Borislav Petkovratelimit: extend to print suppressed messages on release
2016-08-02 Borislav Petkovfbdev/bfin_adv7393fb: move DRIVER_NAME before its first use
2016-08-02 Christoph Hellwigprintk: include <asm/sections.h> instead of <asm-generi...
2016-08-02 Sergey Senozhatskyprintk: introduce suppress_message_printing()
2016-08-02 Joe Perchesprintk: create pr_<level> functions
2016-08-02 Sergey Senozhatskyprintk: do not include interrupt.h
2016-08-02 Luis de Bethencourtdynamic_debug: only add header when used
2016-08-02 Oleg Nesterovtask_work: use READ_ONCE/lockless_dereference, avoid...
2016-08-02 Chen Ganginclude: mman: use bool instead of int for the return...
2016-08-02 Linus Lüssingmailmap: add Linus Lüssing
2016-08-02 Linus TorvaldsMerge tag 'drm-psr-fixes-for-v4.8' of git://people...
2016-08-02 Alexey Dobriyanuapi: move forward declarations of internal structures
2016-08-02 Fabian Fredericktreewide: replace obsolete _refok by __ref
2016-08-02 NeilBrownmemstick: don't allocate unused major for ms_block
2016-08-02 Richard Weinbergerinit/Kconfig: make COMPILE_TEST depend on !UML