2010-05-06 Eric W. Biedermanx86, acpi/irq: Define gsi_end when X86_IO_APIC is undefined
2010-05-04 Eric W. Biedermanx86, irq: Kill io_apic_renumber_irq
2010-05-04 Eric W. Biedermanx86, acpi/irq: Handle isa irqs that are not identity...
2010-05-04 Eric W. Biedermanx86, ioapic: Simplify probe_nr_irqs_gsi.
2010-05-04 Eric W. Biedermanx86, ioapic: Optimize pin_2_irq
2010-05-04 Eric W. Biedermanx86, ioapic: Move nr_ioapic_registers calculation to...
2010-05-04 Eric W. Biedermanx86, ioapic: In mpparse use mp_register_ioapic
2010-05-04 Eric W. Biedermanx86, ioapic: Teach mp_register_ioapic to compute a...
2010-05-04 Eric W. Biedermanx86, ioapic: Fix the types of gsi values
2010-05-04 Eric W. Biedermanx86, ioapic: Fix io_apic_redir_entries to return the...
2010-05-04 Eric W. Biedermanx86, ioapic: Only export mp_find_ioapic and mp_find_ioa...
2010-05-04 Eric W. Biedermanx86, acpi/irq: Generalize mp_config_acpi_legacy_irqs
2010-05-04 Eric W. Biedermanx86, acpi/irq: Fix acpi_sci_ioapic_setup so it has...
2010-05-04 Eric W. Biedermanx86, acpi/irq: pci device dev->irq is an isa irq not...
2010-05-04 Eric W. Biedermanx86, acpi/irq: Teach acpi_get_override_irq to take...
2010-05-04 Eric W. Biedermanx86, acpi/irq: Introduce apci_isa_irq_to_gsi
2010-05-03 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2010-05-03 Sage Weilceph: remove bad auth_x kmem_cache
2010-05-03 Sage Weilceph: fix lockless caps check
2010-05-03 Sage Weilceph: clear dir complete, invalidate dentry on replayed...
2010-05-03 Sage Weilceph: fix direct io truncate offset
2010-05-03 Sage Weilceph: discard incoming messages with bad seq #
2010-05-03 Sage Weilceph: fix seq counting for skipped messages
2010-05-03 Sage Weilceph: add missing #includes
2010-05-03 Sage Weilceph: fix leaked spinlock during mds reconnect
2010-05-03 Sage Weilceph: print more useful version info on module load
2010-05-03 Sage Weilceph: fix snap realm splits
2010-05-03 Sage Weilceph: clear dir complete on d_move
2010-05-03 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/wim/linux-2.6-watchdog
2010-05-03 Ryusuke Konishinilfs2: fix sync silent failure
2010-05-03 Wim Van Sebroeckwatchdog: ep93xx_wdt.c fix default timout value in...
2010-04-30 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'upstream' of git://
2010-04-30 Wu ZhangjinMIPS: Loongson 2F: Fix of problems introduced by -mfix...
2010-04-30 Wu ZhangjinMIPS: Loongson-2F: Use CONFIG_CPU_JUMP_WORKAROUNDS...
2010-04-30 Wu ZhangjinMIPS: Loongson 2F: Enable fixups of the latest binutils
2010-04-30 Wu ZhangjinMIPS: Loongson: Add CPU_LOONGSON2F_WORKAROUNDS
2010-04-30 Florian FainelliMIPS: Kconfig: Make Broadcom SoC support naming consistent
2010-04-30 Florian FainelliMIPS: BCM63xx: Update defconfig
2010-04-30 Wu ZhangjinMIPS: oprofile: Fix breakage when CONFIG_OPROFILE=m
2010-04-30 David DaneySTAGING: octeon-ethernet: Use proper phy addresses...
2010-04-30 David DaneyNET: mdio-octeon: Enable the hardware before using it.
2010-04-30 David DaneyI2C: Fix section mismatch errors in i2c-octeon.c
2010-04-30 Arnaud PatardMIPS: Loongson: Fix LOONGSON_ADDRWIN_CFG macro.
2010-04-30 Arnaud PatardMIPS: Loongson: Fix phys_mem_access_prot() check
2010-04-30 Richard LIUMIPS: Loongson: Fix find_vga_mem_init()
2010-04-30 Arnaud PatardMIPS: Loongson: Fix typo in gdium mach type string.
2010-04-30 Sebastian Andrzej... MIPS: Use CKSEG1ADDR for uncached handler
2010-04-30 David DaneyMIPS: Check for accesses beyond the end of the PGD.
2010-04-30 David DaneyMIPS: Use uasm_i_ds{r,l}l_safe() instead of uasm_i_ds...
2010-04-30 David DaneyMIPS: Add uasm_i_dsrl_safe() and uasm_i_dsll_safe(...
2010-04-30 Yury PolyanskiyMIPS: die() does not call die notifier chain
2010-04-30 Sebastian Andrzej... MIPS: Swarm, Littlesur: Enable PATA platform driver.
2010-04-30 Manuel LaussMIPS: DB1200: PCMCIA card detection must not be auto...
2010-04-30 Sebastian Andrzej... MIPS: SB1250: Include correct header and fix a warning
2010-04-30 Sebastian Andrzej... MIPS: Fixup screen_info struct initializations
2010-04-30 Ralf BaechleMIPS: cmpxchg.h: Fix excessive indentation.
2010-04-30 David DaneyMIPS: Don't vmap things at address zero.
2010-04-30 Geert UytterhoevenMIPS: TXx9: Add missing MODULE_ALIAS definitions for...
2010-04-30 Ralf BaechleMIPS: PNX8550: Fix build error, broken by:
2010-04-30 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/gregkh/staging-2.6
2010-04-30 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/gregkh/tty-2.6
2010-04-30 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/gregkh/usb-2.6
2010-04-30 Borislav Petkovedac, mce: Fix wrong mask and macro usage
2010-04-30 Ralf BaechleInotify: Fix build failure in inotify user support
2010-04-30 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'merge' of git://
2010-04-30 Martyn WelchStaging: vme: Re-introduce necessary brackets
2010-04-30 Andrew MortonStaging: iio: fix up the iio_get_new_idr_val comment
2010-04-30 Rodrigo LinfatiStaging: add Add Sitecom WL-349 to rtl8192su
2010-04-30 Chris LargretStaging: rt2860: add Belkin F5D8055 Wireless-N USB...
2010-04-30 Richard Airliestaging: rtl8192su: add Support for Belkin F5D8053 v6
2010-04-30 H Hartley SweetenStaging: dt3155: fix 50Hz configuration
2010-04-30 Eric Lescouetstaging: usbip: Fix deadlock
2010-04-30 Pavel RoskinStaging: rtl8192su: add USB ID for 0bda:8171
2010-04-30 Stephen HemmingerStaging: hv: name network device ethX rather than sethX
2010-04-30 Cyrill GorcunovStaging: hv: Fix up memory leak on HvCleanup
2010-04-30 Haiyang ZhangStaging: hv: Fix a bug affecting IPv6
2010-04-30 Jonathan Cameronstaging: iio: ring_sw: Fix incorrect test on successful...
2010-04-30 Sonic Zhangstaging: iio: Function iio_get_new_idr_val() return...
2010-04-30 Wolfram SangStaging: iio: adc: fix dangling pointers
2010-04-30 Wolfram SangStaging: iio: light: fix dangling pointers
2010-04-30 Dan CarpenterStaging: iio: test for failed allocation
2010-04-30 Jonathan Cameronstaging: iio: lis3l02dq - incorrect ws used in containe...
2010-04-30 Michael HennerichUSB: sl811-hcd: Fix device disconnect
2010-04-30 Patrice VilchezUSB: ohci-at91: fix power management hanging
2010-04-30 Daniel MackUSB: rename usb_buffer_alloc() and usb_buffer_free()
2010-04-30 Randy DunlapUSB: ti_usb: fix printk format warning
2010-04-30 Julia LawallUSB: gadget: s3c-hsotg: Add missing unlock
2010-04-30 Anand GadiyarUSB: fix build on OMAPs if CONFIG_PM_RUNTIME is not set
2010-04-30 Dan CarpenterUSB: oxu210hp: release spinlock on error path
2010-04-30 Greg Kroah... USB: serial: option: add cinterion device id
2010-04-30 Mahesh KurugantiUSB: serial: option: ZTEAC8710 Support with Device...
2010-04-30 Simone ContiniUSB: serial: pl2303: Hybrid reader Uniform HCR331
2010-04-30 Dominik BrodowskiUSB: option: add ID for ZTE MF 330
2010-04-30 Sarah SharpUSB: xhci: properly set endpoint context fields for...
2010-04-30 Sarah SharpUSB: xhci: properly set the "Mult" field of the endpoin...
2010-04-30 Alan SternUSB: OHCI: don't look at the root hub to get the number...
2010-04-30 Alan SternUSB: don't choose configs with no interfaces
2010-04-30 Russ NelsonUSB: cdc-acm: add another device quirk
2010-04-30 Dan CarpenterUSB: fix testing the wrong variable in fs_create_by_name()
2010-04-30 Tony Lindgrenusb: Fix tusb6010 for DMA API